Eurovision 2016: Thoughts On The New Voting

Eurovision 2016 – The best part of the day after the grand final is going through the results and analyzing the heck out of them. You guys looked into some of the interesting results that happened this year so we want to share them. Plus, the new voting happened, not just in format, the voting […]

Eurovision 2016: The Casualties of the Semi Finals

Eurovision 2016 – Yesterday saw another eight countries leave this years contest after failing to qualify from Semi Final Two. Every year some songs fail to make the cut that we are surprised about. Fan favourites from Selection to the main event. Which songs this year have we lost prematurely?

Eurovision 2016: TV Talent Shows and Eurovision

Eurovision 2016 – Another selection season is over and I will be doing a series of articles summarising the selection shows and the acts chosen. Today I am will write again about how stars of TV Talent Shows, especially the Voice are starting to take over Eurovision Choices

Eurovision 2015: TV Talent Shows and Eurovision

Eurovision – With the ever growing popularity of TV Talent Shows across Europe, we are starting to see a record amount of Eurovision Acts coming from these shows. Artists exposure on these shows help them get selected in the National Finals and this year has the most Alumni’s than ever.

Editorial: Should the EBU Abolish National Juries?

This year saw the 5th anniversary of the return of the National Jury. The subject of the jury has always been one of debate. Are they necessary? Are they useful? Are they just a waste of time? Well the idea of the jury returning was to reduce diaspora and neighbourly voting but is this the […]

Editorial: Looking Back on 2012

Editorial – I made it an habit to publish a long editorial about the year just passed which features both a personal opinion on the songs and the contest and analysis of the results. After 2010 and 2011, I promised 2012 and never actually got to publish it. As the 2013 post-contest fever comes down, […]

Welcome to Eurovision Times: James Mitchell

   James Mitchell TV – The Eurovision Times is proud to announce a new collaboration. Tongue-in-cheek and outspoken video blogger James Mitchell has joined our team and will be entertaining our readers with reviews of Eurovision songs, editorials and more. James Mitchell introduces himself, and tells Eurovision Times readers what he plans to bring to […]