Editorial: Looking Back on 2012

Editorial – I made it an habit to publish a long editorial about the year just passed which features both a personal opinion on the songs and the contest and analysis of the results. After 2010 and 2011, I promised 2012 and never actually got to publish it. As the 2013 post-contest fever comes down, with the after glow turning into disaster because of many accusations, why not take a time out to look back on 2012? Continue reading

Eurovision and Twitter: Research on Most Tweeted About Acts

Twitter – There have been several academic research projects in the past based on Eurovision, but the latest shows some interesting facts about Eurovision and the use of the social networking site Twitter in last year’s contest in Baku. The annual Internet Research conference, which is being held in the UK today, saw a paper presented on this subject. Can you guess who the acts were that were most tweeted about? Continue reading

Voting Oddities: Lithuania + Georgia = Love

  Voting Analysis – The Eurovision voting is infamous for its exchange of 12 points between neighbors. The most well-known example being the couple  Greece-Cyprus. Recently Romania-Moldova and Turkey-Azerbaijan have been added to the harmonious couples. There is one pair however that seems like a misfit: Lithuania and Georgia. Every year the exchange of high points makes me wonder: What do these two countries have in common? Continue reading

Eurovision 2011 Voting Analysis: The Balkan League in the Semi-Finals

EditorialEditorial – As with every year, the cries of “bloc voting” called loudly as the winners Ell & Nikki from Azerbaijan were announced the winner of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. After receiving votes from thirty countries, nineteen at the level of 8-points or higher, it seemed clear to the roaring fans of Sweden, Italy, Denmark, or Ukraine that if bloc voting hadn’t existed, their entry would have easily overcome the first place entry and taken the crown for itself. Continue reading

Editorial: OGAE Votes For Camp! What Else Is New?

OGAE – The traditional annual OGAE vote has started again. OGAEs from every country imaginable will announce their votes in the coming weeks. One thing is clear already: Camp will rule and the actual final result on May 14 will be as close to the OGAE result as Moscow is to Lisbon and as Dana International is to winning Eurovision again. Already in the lead: Sweden. What a surprise! Who would have thought that hundreds of  Eurovision dance-lovers would vote for a handsome guy dancing to campy music and singing about getting popul… oh wait…. Of course they vote for that!, they always do! Last Continue reading

Eurovision 2011: Who will return?

Eurovision 2011 – This year there were more rumors and speculations about possible returns, debuts and withdrawals than in any other year. There were also more (predominantly positive) surprises concerning the list of participating nations. In total 42 countries (nothing official yet) will compete for the ‘Grand Prix’ in Düsseldorf next May. An official list of the participating countries is expected to be released after January 7, when the EBU will resume its work after the Christmas break. Here is what we know so far: Continue reading

How to write a Eurovision winner

In the press -“What’s the main ingredient of a winning Eurovision lyric?” asks BBC journalist Mark Savage in his article, and his answer is “love”.  Savage looked at the lyrics of each of the winning songs since 1956 and analysed the words that are used. “Love” accounts for an impressive 2% (one in 50 words in a Eurovision winner). For the article they took every single winning lyric (including English translations where necessary) and fed them into the Wordle website, which then provided an image of the most popular Eurovision words in 56 years:  Continue reading

Score analysis 6: Semifinal 1

17. Latvia – Aisha – What for?

From 2005 until 2008 Latvia always made it to the final, but last year and this year, they were less fortunate. In 2009 they came last with “Intars Busulis” in the second semifinal and this year they repeat this failure coming last in the first semifinal. Aisha’s singing was just too off-key and her song maybe too serious. Latvia can only hope that Germany 2011 will be more of a success story for them. It can’t get much worst.

16.Slovakia – Kristina – Horehronie Continue reading

Score analysis 5: Places 01-05

05. Azerbaijan – Safura – Drip Drop

Safura was the big favourite this year to win the competition and there is no doubt that the Azeri delegation excepted nothing less than to take home the crown. All the money spent for choreography, video and promotion “only” resulted in a 5th place. 2010 saw Azerbaijan’s 3rd participation and third Top10 position. Safura is only the second most successful (and also second least successful) Azeri artist in a Eurovision Song Contest as last year Ayzel and Arash came 3rd with “Always”. Continue reading

Voting analysis 7: Who voted for France?

France – The World Cup wasn’t even a month away from the Eurovision Song Contest this year and so France3 decided to promote their official World Cup song through the Contest. Jessy Matador’s 12th place is one of the better positions France has achieved in recent years, which apparently didn’t help the French Équipe to play good soccer in South Africa…

But who gave France points this year and almost as interesting: Who didn’t? Continue reading

Score analysis 4: Places 06-10

10. Ukraine – Alyosha – Sweet people

The Ukraine has only participated for 8 years but has already achieved a win and 2 second places. They never failed to qualify for the final, either. Last year Svetlana Loboda only reached 12 th place with her “hell machine”, which for sure was a disappointment for the country. This year Alyosha enters the Top 10 again with her song “Sweet people”. The fact that this is one of the worst results for Ukraine shows how Continue reading

Voting analysis 6: Who voted for Romania?

Romania – Paula Seling and Ovi achieved the best Romanian result ever with “Playing with fire”: a third place!

They were third in 2005 too tough with Luminiţa Anghel & Sistem and “Let me try”.Romania has also never failed to qualify for a Eurovision Final since the introduction of the semifinal(s)

But who helped Romania to achieve such a great result by giving them their points? Continue reading