4 Eurovision Songs Hit UK Top 10

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The UK continues its new found love of Eurovision with 4 of this year’s songs becoming new entries in the UK charts top 10 this week.

It is the first time 4 songs from the Eurovision Song Contest have charted in the UK top 10 at the same time. The highest chart position was taken by Loreen‘s ‘Tattoo‘.

Finland’s ‘Cha Cha Cha‘ by Käärijä, which finished 2nd second at ESC, was a new entry on the UK chart at number 6, becoming the first fully-Finnish language song to chart.

I Wrote a Song‘ by the UK’s Mae Muller and ‘Queen of the Kings‘ by Norway’s Alessandra reached number 9 and 10.

The Official Charts Company said the last and only other time two or more Eurovision songs have been in the top 10 at the same time was in 1982. German entrant Nicole topped the chart that year with ‘A Little Peace‘, while the UK’s Bardo reached number two with ‘One Step Further‘.

UK viewing figures for the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest were the highest ever recorded with a peak viewing on TV of 11million. More will have watched on catch-up and online.

11 thoughts on “4 Eurovision Songs Hit UK Top 10

  1. I read that Spotify listens are different and favor Finland. We could have a big sociological gap like in actual elections netween people who would buy a single (those go to Loreen) and those who want to listen to a song (who went to Käärijã)

  2. This is all fantastic to read.

    Vindication for the UK that took a lot of crap for absolutely no reason at all.

    Vindication for the winner of the contest, that shows that it’s a worthwhile event to be entering.

    Vindication for 2 smaller countries that don’t have the reach or clout or connections in the music industry but can use ESC to make a splash.

    So happy for Norway and Finland, just like I was for Snap last year.

    Sing your song and don’t worry about what the critics or jury or anyone thinks about it. It gives you a reason to dream even if you don’t finish 1st.

    So go out there on stage and be you. Don’t be what someone else wants you to be.

    That holds true for the fandom as well. A lot of people just hop on the bandwagon because it’s popular, or are afraid to admit they like something for fear of backlash or belittling. I have no such fears and I won’t like something because everyone else does.

    That’s why I never use the term “guilty pleasure.” Because I don’t feel guilty for waking to work while playing “The Balkan Girls” which I did just last week. Haha

  3. The last big time we had this chart success in the UK charts from a Eurovision year was 1974 when ABBA made number 1, Italy number 8, Netherlands number 8, UK number 11, ok not in the same week but successful year

  4. Loreen proves again to be the rightful winner she deserved to. Nothing more, nothing less. Tattoo is rapidly becoming as successful as “Euphoria” and may overcome it as well as time passes.

    3 (up from 45) LOREEN – TATTOO (Sweden)
    Then a string of new entries.
    7 CHA CHA CHA – KAARIJA (first ever Irish hit in Finnish)
    37 UNICORN – NOA KIREL (Israel)
    84 EUPHORIA – LOREEN (Sweden 2012)
    85 SOLO – BLANKA (Poland)
    95 EVIDEMMENT – LA ZARRA (France)

    1 (Holding) 2023 Compilation
    9 (up from 23) 2022 Compilation
    20 (from 19) Now That’s What I Call Eurovision
    21 (from 42) 2021 Compilation

    For those wondering, “Euphoria” was a two week #1 hit in Ireland back in 2012

  6. I know I mentioned this before, but I am watching the game tonight so I got to hear Cha Cha Cha played during a 2nd period stoppage.

    It’s still surreal. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever think I would be watching an NHL playoff game and hear a ESC song blasting during a break.

    Wouldn’t have taken that bet wagering someone else’s money since it seemed so far fetched.

  7. 3 songs in the Billboard top-200 Global chart:
    #15 Tattoo
    #27 Cha Cha Cha
    #58 Queen Of Kings

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