Eurovision 2023: Running Order of the Semi-Finals Revealed

Eurovision 2023 – Today, the running order for Eurovision semi-finals was announced. The first semi-final will take place on the 9th of May and the second semi-final on the 11th.

First Semi-Final (9th of May)

  1. 🇳🇴 Norway – Alessandra Mele – “Queen of Kings”
  2. 🇲🇹 Malta – The Busker – “Dance (Our Own Party)”
  3. 🇷🇸 Serbia – Luke Black – “Samo mi se spava”
  4. 🇱🇻 Latvia – Sudden Lights – “Aijā”
  5. 🇵🇹 Portugal – Mimicat – “Ai coração”
  6. 🇮🇪 Ireland – Wild Youth – “We Are One”
  7. 🇭🇷 Croatia – Let 3 – “Mama ŠČ!”
  8. 🇨🇭 Switzerland – Remo Forrer – “Watergun”
  9. 🇮🇱 Israel – Noa Kirel – “Unicorn”
  10. 🇲🇩 Moldova – Pasha Parfeni – “Soarele și luna”
  11. 🇸🇪 Sweden – Loreen – “Tattoo”
  12. 🇦🇿 Azerbaijan – TuralTuranX – “Tell Me More”
  13. 🇨🇿 Czech Republic – Vesna – “My Sister’s Crown”
  14. 🇳🇱 Netherlands – Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper – “Burning Daylight”
  15. 🇫🇮 Finland – Käärijä – “Cha Cha Cha”
  • 🇫🇷 France – La Zarra – “Évidemment”
  • 🇩🇪 Germany – Lord of the Lost – “Blood & Glitter”
  • 🇮🇹 Italy – Marco Mengoni – “Due vite”

Second Semi-Final (11th of May)

  1. 🇩🇰 Denmark – Reiley – “Breaking My Heart”
  2. 🇦🇲 Armenia – Brunette – “Future Lover”
  3. 🇷🇴 Romania – Theodor Andrei – “D.G.T. (Off and On)”
  4. 🇪🇪 Estonia – Alika – “Bridges”
  5. 🇧🇪 Belgium – Gustaph – “Because of You”
  6. 🇨🇾 Cyprus – Andrew Lambrou – “Break a Broken Heart”
  7. 🇮🇸 Iceland – Diljá – “Power”
  8. 🇬🇷 Greece – Victor Vernicos – “What They Say”
  9. 🇵🇱 Poland – Blanka – “Solo”
  10. 🇸🇮 Slovenia – Joker Out – “Carpe Diem”
  11. 🇬🇪 Georgia – Iru Khechanovi “Echo”
  12. 🇸🇲 San Marino – Piqued Jacks – “Like an Animal”
  13. 🇦🇹 Austria – Teya & Salena – “Who the Hell Is Edgar?”
  14. 🇦🇱 Albania – Albina & Familja Kelmendi – “Duje”
  15. 🇱🇹 Lithuania – Monika Linkytė – “Stay”
  16. 🇦🇺 Australia – Voyager – “Promise”
  • 🇪🇸 Spain – Blanca Paloma – “Eaea”
  • 🇺🇦 Ukraine – Tvorchi – “Heart of Steel”
  • 🇬🇧 United Kingdom – Mae Muller – “I Wrote a Song”

What do you think of this draw?

1,454 thoughts on “Eurovision 2023: Running Order of the Semi-Finals Revealed

  1. This is how OGAE Portugal voted:

    França 12 pontos
    Finlândia 10 pontos
    Itália 8 pontos
    Suécia 7 pontos
    Espanha 6 pontos
    Noruega 5 pontos
    Áustria 4 pontos
    Israel 3 pontos
    Reino Unido 2 pontos
    Arménia 1 ponto

  2. If it is between Sweden and Finland, I really have tk stand behind Loreen all the way.. I really do not want Finlamd to be in charge im front of her, with that type of the song and interpretation.. We need more quality, vocals, etc, etc..

    • Finland does actually have good lyrics though. He’s singing/rapping that he can only relax when he’s drinking. This is a problem for a lot of people.

  3. 10 years ago, France legalized gay marriage and adoption! With the time needed to publish the law by president Hollande and then the legal 10 days to wait between a marriage request and thr actual marriage (in order for people to make up their mind and make sure they are going to go through wirh it) the first gay marriage was celebrated exactly on the day of Eurovision 2013 and, to no surprise, France was one of rhe rare countries to actually televote for Finland thar year!

    • I think so. There will be many female solo singers with good singing voices singing in English in the final though. Paloma, La Zarra and Mimicat (if she makes it to the final) will stand out. Loreen will have to face fierce competition from all of them. The juries have some difficult decisions to make. Will they rally around Sweden to fend off Finland? Will Finland win the televote by a landslide? It’s a conundrum.

        • They probably will, but I was alluding to female singers. If Ukraines does very well with the televoters, Finland will get less points. It’s all very hard to predict. What about Italy? If Marco gets huge support from the juries, that may hurt Loreen’s chances. Is there a song that will do very well with both sets of juries? There are so many unanswered questions. :)

    • I want Croatia in the Final. They have to Q for once even if that has to be with psychedelic trash.
      With all televoting friendly entries in the Final, the one to be getting huge jury support will easily achieve top 6 in Final (praying for Spain or Italy)

  4. My dad’s favorites from Eurovision 2023:


    His overall favorite was Azerbaijan.

    It’s funny, every year he goes to particular lengths to express how much he hates the Albanian entry. Besides Albania, his least favorites were Belgium, Croatia, Italy, Portugal, and Spain.

      • Maybe. I think it does stand out genre wise, and my dad being someone who primarily likes rockish music gravitated to it more than most of the other songs. I never found Azerbaijan bad, just amateur, so maybe that wouldn’t matter to someone who specifically gravitates to this kind of music and wants an entry like this. Just not sure if it’d have enough of that audience to really be a Q.

        My dad might have a heart attack hearing himself be called part of an older generation though :P I think he’s younger than a lot of people on ET lol

      • I think it could possibly do a Poland 2016, that was a similar effect with older voters liking 80s powerballads. I think the Azeri song is a bit too basic, Metro musicians though.

      • Mimicat got 14pts from the hardcore fans? That is also surprising! Anyway, I think that Sweden will most probably win, because the juries will most likely make sure that Loreen will be out of reach before the televoters have their say. And we also do not know if the televoters are going to vote overwhelmingly for Finland.

        • I think televoters will vote for both and Finland may be the one in the lead with them and juries won’t kill Finland. Now it all depends on the margins.

        • Checking the official results it says 29/43 clubs voted so it’s not over yet.Damn you Eurovision Fun.😅

        • It has a bit of “Toy”, as soon as it’s revealed, it gained more and more momentum, big appeal at home, fans, both catchy and out of the box, esc friendly and yet not at all, charismatic singer… and the same question, can juries reward it? “Toy” had no competition til rehearsals and it was a big “fan friendly” schlager shaky number, and Loreen has jury victory by 100pts all over it, probably stopping Finland, so that’s where I think the comparison ends

          • Indeed, much will depend on how many points Loreen will get from the juries. I don’t think she will win the televote.

            • She won’t, people are not interested in the Swedish plastic. Finland will completely blow up the televote. It’ll do very well in the Nordics, the Baltics, the Balkans, Germany and the west.

    • I’ve managed to return home despite all the traffic caused by Lula’s official visit. I have to get some rest now. That is a surprising result – not winning OGAE vote?!

      • I’m not surprised because it’s been a week now that the tide turned in favor of Finland. Of course it all comes down to Luxembourg’s 1 pt to Loreen.This is what made the difference and gave the win to Kaarija. Of course it’s not really important.

    • Is it over? I mean it’s only 29 clubs so far. They used to be 37 if I remember correctly…

  5. ERT JURY thought this song didn’t deserve a chance but “Shout Out” did! …

  6. Italy enters bettings’ top 10 (to win it) at the expense of Czechia.

  7. No dancers or guitar for Vernikos on Liverpool’s stage. Just him and “colors of greek summer” according to eurovisionfun.
    In the mranwhile Greece is currently #30-34 in betting odds, which marks country’s lowest ever place (worse than 2016 with Argo)

  8. ETSC is approaching so in case you wanted to claim Greece, keep in mind that Kontopoulos is about to release his next project, a girl group named 3SUM…😇

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