Azerbaijan: Song Released

Azerbaijan – The national broadcaster İctimai has released “Tell Me More”, the song that TuralTuranX will song to represent them in Liverpool!

Twins Tural and Turan, 22, will sing their self-penned song “Tell Me More” in Liverpool. The song’s producer will be 2011 winner and 2012 presenter Eldar Qasimov. The brothers are street performers from Zaqatala – a picturesque mountainous town in the very north-west of the country. They became one of the five short-listed candidates and since the day their candidate postcard was shared in social media and on Youtube, their popularity skyrocketed.

What do you think of this entry? What are its chances in Liverpool?

271 thoughts on “Azerbaijan: Song Released

  1. SEMI 2 :

    1. EST :o
    2. SVN
    3. AUT
    4. ARM
    5. AUS
    6. LTU
    7. GRC
    8. ISL
    9. CYP
    10. ALB
    11. DNK
    12. ROU
    13. BEL
    14. SMR
    15. POL

    Which feels pretty satisfying as I wouldn’t like any of my bottom 5 to proceed
    especially THE HORROR Poland 23

  2. Armenia : We definitely have a good production here. It’s not what I expected it to be, I thought they would deliver something more uptempo. This feels quite disjointed and the chorus while interesting lacks memorability imo. The second verse with the rapping feels quite out of place for what was building up to that point.

    I expected more tbh, this feels a bit underwhelming.

  3. Armenia: It seems they have mixed all past Armenian successes in one semicoherent package. Sexy, confident, bombastic.

    I feel it takes a bit too long to get to the frankly great verse two. I wished it kept that intensity thoughout. It’s also a song that doesn’t let itself for a ton of replays, and it’d be hard to get all at once.

  4. Australia, Austria and Slovenia would be the only ones I would vote for in semi 2!!!
    Oh man, I can’t even gather 5 to vote for as I usually do! :o
    Fingers crossed for Georgia!

  5. Song-wise ARM 23 is definitely in my Armenian pantheon together with Sirusho and Aram MP3.
    The “do good, be good, look good” part sounds so addictive ! I’m upgrading the Armenian entry.

  6. I don’t know what to think of Armenia 2023. The chorus is a let down. The song has some interesting moments but overall it sounds disjointed and written for Eurovision. I don’t like when I can tell the songwriters tried to write a song that will stand out in esc but it ends up sounding disjointed and weird. However,I need to listen to it again on my headphones to form a better opinion.

  7. UPD
    1. Spain
    2. Czechia
    3. Serbia
    4. Finland
    5. Malta
    6. Portugal
    7. France
    8. Slovenia
    9. Australia
    10. Azerbaijan
    11. Italy
    12. Germany
    13. Denmark
    14. Latvia
    15. Austria
    16. Sweden
    17. Switzerland
    18. Greece
    19. Armenia

  8. Armenia:
    It’s a really pretty song, I think I really like it? It’s kind of refreshing to not hear electro or disco sound. I also actually really love the rap part. I think what keeps it from being competitive is the ending feels abrupt and incomplete. Also it doesn’t follow typical song composition and feels a bit like 3 different songs in 1, kinda like Israel but I think Armenia’s works a bit better. I wish more of it was in Armenian, especially the chorus but I am glad they at least included some. This will be very divisive, but I am pretty sure she will be able to deliver it live at least. I’m expecting a similar result to last year but who knows.

    5)Czech Republic
    12)The UK
    26)The Netherlands
    34)San Marino

  9. Future lover is fantastic until Brunette decides to be good, do good, look good. She obviously has very unique view how those things are achieved. . Mid air self destruction that just keeps growing and growing left me very annoyed in the end.

  10. On Armenia: I like it more than I expected to. It’s a bit on the pompous side, but at least it kept my interest for 3 minutes … and that is enough for 3rd place on my list of that dreadful SF 2. Good luck!

  11. Armenia has dropped. Still thinking about it. I loved the the first part of the sof and then I was hot with all those bells and whistles al of a sudden. I am pondering.

    Latest local Spotify news: 1 – Portugal 23; 13 – Finland 23; 22 – Norway 23; 29 – France 23; 31 – Czechia 23. Mimicat has 2 songs on the chart, people are starting to look for her other songs.

  12. On Armenia – I quite like it, but I really want to listen to this one live. It would have been better, had they chosen to go with the Armenain language for the whiole song. This piece of music tries desperately to sound current and radio-friendly. There are too many songs that have a generic sound. This is not the way to go. Waiting for a live rendition. I have no idea if it will reach the final. Good luck!

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