Eurovision Times Awards 2021

FridaEurovision 2021 – Every year, the summer is the calm after the storm so it’s the perfect time to do more games and contests! This year we resume the “Eurovision Times Awards” to give prizes (the Fridas) for the best in every category! And you get to vote!

2021 will be the eighth year for Eurovision Times to organize the Eurovision Times Awards, after last year’s contest was cancelled, preventing us from hosting this new yearly tradition. The principle of the ET Awards is simple, in each categories, the staff of this website will nominate a few entries per categories and open polls for the public to vote in them so we can reveal afterwards all the winners. The winners recieve an imaginary trophee, entitled the Fridas in hommage to Frida Boccara, the French Eurovision winner in 1969 with “Un jour, un enfant“.

You can check past results if you’re curious, even though past winners will be mentioned in the upcoming articles:

  • 2013’s results here
  • 2014’s results here
  • 2015’s results here
  • 2016’s results here
  • 2017’s results here 
  • 2018’s results here
  • 2019’s results here

Here are the categories for the 2021 “Eurovision Times Awards”:

  • Technical Awards:
    • Best Female Vocals
    • Best Male Vocals
    • Best Lyrics
    • Best Composition
  • Artistic Awards:
    • Best Performance
    • Best Props & Gimmicks
    • Best Female Style
    • Best Male Style
    • Best Backings
  • Delegation Awards:
    • Best Backdrop
    • Best Light Effects
    • Best Promotion Video
    • Best Spokeperson
    • Best National Final
  • Results Awards:
    • Most Improved Entry
    • Best Non-Qualified Semi-Finalist
    • Most Underrated Entry In Final
    • Best Entry
A specific page for each category will be open with a recap video of all the nominees and the poll for you to vote (everyone gets to vote, not just regular voters)! Each page will specifically remind you what the category is about so that there are no confusion. The page will feature a poll opened for an entire week. Every IP gets only one vote, please do not cheat, do take in consideration to watch them all once again before voting and do not vote necessarily for your favorite song! Of course, it’s pointless to vote only for your own country unless you’re really certain it should win. May the best win!

Tell us tonight and through the next few days whom do you want to see nominated in each categories, even though these are only “recommendations” as only the staff of Eurovision Times gets to nominate in the first round (else they wouln’t be able to be called “Eurovision Times Awards”)! However, every year, we’ve nominated at least a couple of whichever was heavily recommended, if not most of them! You can nominate by replying in the comment section of this article!

PS1: there are no “group” vocals category simply because there is often either a male or female singer for the whole group, in case of a duet, because we can’t be sure that there would be enough duets every year to have enough nominees, we decided that either the male, the female or both could be nominated separately if they deserve to be. Same goes for groups with multiple singers, they all get to be nominated individually, so you can nominate all of the group members or single out the best one (for instance for Italy 2015…)

PS2: In 2013, we had “Best Male Looks” and “Best Female Looks” and that got people confused, who often voted for “hottest” person. This felt a tad too shallow for us and we decided to focus mostly on Style (hair, makeup and clothes and how they match with the person’s looks, the overall backdrop and light show and the song itself of course) since 2014. Recommend (and later on vote) accordingly, even though we know how supericial Eurovision can be, and, well, all artists look great!

PS3: There are no “Worst…” categories as these awards are here to salute great efforts that contribute to the contest, its credibility as well as its overall quality. We decided to even drop the “Most Overrated” award. Other categories that got ditched: “Best Top 5 Entry” as this one was always won by whoever won “Best Entry” afterwards (yes, all of our “Best Entry” winners were in the Top 5 in Eurovision!) and “Best Internal Choice” as this one was also redundant as whoever won that one was a popular entry that won many other Fridas. On the other hand, we divided “Most underrated” between Non-Q entries and low finalists and “Best Backdrop & Lights” into two categories: looking at the few entries who went without a backdrop but had a light show, it did not feel like these should compete for the same award as the delegations who create a visually compelling backdrop. Of course it makes sense that some entries could potentially be nominated in both categories!

PS4: Like 2018 and 2019, there wont be an article for each category but at the end of all categories, we’ll do a “Super Reveal Night” for all results one by one. Else it felt like the latest categories, people started voting based on results that were already out ;) Stay tune and start nominating!

1,314 thoughts on “Eurovision Times Awards 2021

  1. I hope I am proven wrong but if he hasn’t recovered all this time then I fear the worse.

  2. I am in shock. I had planned to have dinner watching the 2nd half. My dinner went straight into the fridge … I hope for a miracle.

  3. Oh my God Eriksen and still no news I’m literally hyperventilating

  4. According to the Danish Football Federation citing medical sources in the hospital, Eriksen is conscious and in stable condition. Fingers crossed.

          • I was really scared when I saw his collegues trying to protect him from the cameras…

          • Thus is why I keep saying Michelle Hunziker should host ESC. She was the only one who had the brains to do what the Danish team did for Eriksen when the Sebastian Koch accident happened at Wetten dass…

            • I never watched Wetten dass but of course I know about the Sebastian Koch accident nevertheless.

            • Yeah my point there is always that so many people say La Hunziker is just a “dumb blonde” but the fact is when the (totally predictable) disaster happened, she was the only one who knew what to do. Gottschalk as always babbled like an idiot; the director knew to pan the cameras away but she, like the Danish team today, knew it was crucual the audience didn’t see what was happening so you see her in the background frantically directing backstage crew to put up some sort of shield/cover around Koch like the Danes formed a circle today.

    • I don’t remember a worse team than Finland ever playing at the Euros but they won nevertheless. Congrats!
      My heart goes out to all Danish fans tonight.

      Belgium did what they had to do.

  5. I did not follow today’s games. It seems that Belgium was very effective. I am also very glad to know that the Danish player seems to be getting better. 🙂

  6. How can anyone still think that those fighter jet shows we saw both in Cornwall and Windsor today are appropriate in the time of climate change? I address the same question to France, who seems to be fond of those displays too.

    • It’s not like it’s one or two planes that make the difference. It’s like when we’re asked to do better for the ecology. If like the entire people on Earth did everything to live great by ecology standards it would decrease the problem by 25% only. Blaming and finger pointing is not the way when the problem is considerably bigger and means actual change in capitalism. France only does it for 14th of July and yes for better or worse our army is the only thing (with soldierd from Czech Rep, Sweden and Estonia the only 3 countries that joined France) that’s more or less preventing West Africa from collpasing and being won by Islamists. They get one day to blow some steam off. Not the worst thing in the world and 3 fourth of France doesnt watch or approve. I never watch it and dont care one bit but dont think it’s what’s wrong with my country right now

      • I thought about the symbolic value of those flight shows. Of course, when it comes to action on the ground, we need to reduce business flights. Some of my colleagues in consulting have 10 and more flights every week. One even lives on Mallorca and flew into Central Europe and back every week before corona came along. That would reduce flights considerably. I don’t think that prohibiting one or two holiday flights for normal people should be the way forward.

        And hey, Germany has military in Mali too.

  7. I made my mind up:

    Best female vocals: Malta
    Best male vocals: Switzerland
    Best lyrics: France
    Best composition: Lithuania

    Best performance: France
    Best Props & Gimmicks: Greece
    Best Female Style: France
    Best Male Style: Portugal
    Best Backings: Malta

    Best Backdrop: Ukraine
    Best Light Effects: France
    Best Promotion Video: Czech Republic
    Best Spokeperson: Germany (I love her)
    Best National Final: Norway (except the result)

    Most Improved Entry: Ukraine
    Best Non-Qualified Semi-Finalist: Croatia
    Most Underrated Entry In Final: San Marino (obviously, I would have liked to see France, Lithuania and Ukraine move up place(s), but they all ended up very high in any case and from the bottom places, it’s only San Marino I would have liked to see ending up higher)
    Best Entry: France

    • Do I read this right? Hooverphonic were dead last with the UK televote? Even more, they were dead last with both the Albanian jury AND televote? :o

        • Germany most probably avoided the televote last places due to the wtf factor.
          But that thing about Hooverphonic and the UK televotes is really beyond me. I mean, they were huge in all Europe except UK twenty years ago? :o
          Another thing worth mentioning imho is the fact that while Moldova did well in Greece, at the same time they were dead last in Cyprus :o

          • Being huge all over Europe didn’t get Kate Ryan a ticket to the final.

            The thing with Hooverphonic is they were never popular here in Germany f.e. , either. Their success was limited to a few selected countries, but like you said that was 20 years ago. If they had participated during their trip hop years in the late 90’s/early 2000’s they would’ve done much better with the UK televote – they just can’t resist a UK music tribute act (Georgia 2016).

            • Yes hopefully. In that case, cringeworthy entries like those with Sean Banan wouldn’t do well today either.

              I watched one of the preview shows this year, and when Germany was on I thought, “well there must be people who find it funny…”.

              My mum’s comment: “There’s one good thing about it: You can’t get the chorus out of your head”.

    • Have the actual numbers of votes been posted anywhere? WIth MOL last in German televote, I wonder what percentage of the total my three calls were lol.

  8. Those last places by the juries in Albania (to Belgium!!!), Spain (to Ukraine!!!), North Macedonia (to Lithuania!!!) and Moldova (to Sweden!!!) really suck.

  9. What an emotional rollercoaster yesterday’s match between Finland and Denmark was. I’m beyond relieved Eriksen’s stable. Finland’s victory feels bittersweet, but with Pohjanpalo and most of all Hrádecký being the mvp’s they sure deserved it. Denmark just couldn’t capitalise on their chances which is understandable after such a traumatic experience.

    • Complete horror….real spine-chiller when Finnish and Danish fans took turns shouting “Christian… Erksen.” Also extremely touching when Lukaku dedicated his first goal to Eriksen. Hopefully will put an end to the “all football fans are hooligans and all players are morons” meme. Of course the English will bring that right to the forefront again when some of their fans and the press will go rabid at them taking a knee.

      • I didn’t see what happened ’cause I was outside with my dog. Then I was puzzled that the match was stopped and saw my worst fears realized when I saw the body covered by flags.
        People who create these memes have no idea. I’ve been to the Euro 2012 and saw Spain vs Ireland live in Gdańsk

        A beautiful moment. Nobody loses better than the Irish. Dearly missed in this tournament.
        What do you think are Scotland’s chances? Group D is hard to predict. Scotland’s defense is solid and I think they can stir the group somehow in some way or another.

        • I haven’t been able to watch anything since German TV smartly cut the feed to CPH yesterday… will prob watch ESP-SWE tomorrow night; curious about SCO-CZE but it’s in the afternoon when I’m in the NL for work again.
          I’m just thrilled we/Scotland are finally at a maor tournament again; I wish my dad were still here to see it. CZE game could be decisive; I have the feeling they like CRO are past their prime. Knowing the rivalry, SCO might spring a huge surprise against ENG – a match I’ll def watch! What’s your take on POL? I think they may well turn out to be the dark horse people expected TUR to be.

          • That’s the most important thing that Scotland made it to the cup and I’m glad for you! Their defense is hard to break and recently pulled a draw against the Netherlands.
            My hopes are low after that group stage exit in 2018. The challenge as always will be to supply the front line, particularly Lewandowski. Szczęsny is also a weak link in the goal. He has made some silly mistakes that cost Juventus the season, not to mention CL against Porto.

          • Has your dad passed away? I didn’t know that. Please be assured of my most sincere condolences.

            • Thanks, toggie… yes that was last summer actually, which was probably a time I was mainly on around here late at night. He had had 84 very good years, a shame about the last one. It’s amazing how rapidly they can deteriorate; after one domino falls, the chain gets set in motion at that age. A lot could have been avoided but for their stubborn insistence, like so many old people, to live in a village with no shops, no doctors, etc. and then losing the ability to drive. Going up to see my mom next week- wish me strength.

            • Give a big hug to your mom, penguin.

              Also, had I known I probably wouldn’t have been that harsh in my reaction to some of your comments.

              And that is the precise day I fear when it comes to my parents too: The first domino falling.

            • Will do!
              Don’t worry about it; all of us on here tend to get harsh with each other occasionally – it’s what distinguishes friendships from online banter. I didn’t really talk about it online much because it seemed weird; I’ve just talked with usain and rob about it actually because we’re also in touch offline.
              You can’t really prepare yourself for it; I was lucky to have two friends who had gone through similar situations recently (on different continents, making it all the more absurd) so that’s been really helpful. So if the day should come don’t hesitate to get in toucj.

    • Thanks, Michos! He still sounds and looks great (also always a bit comforting when celebrities try to hide a few Corona pounds as well) – and some nice pics of Athens! Any recommendation on an album by him I should DL?

        • Amazing clip tho, right? Obviously it’s only up for the day.

            • Yes… I really wish they would have gone for a draw but realize that’s not realistic and would also have lead to an outcry with the battle for 2nd likely between DK and FIN in this group.

            • German media now reporting that Eriksen’s close friend, DK captain Simon Kjaer, saved his life by reacting rapidly and preventing him from swallowing hiw own tongue. Explains why he couldn’t go on playing. FWIW it’s worth, Eriksen plays for Internazionale and Kjaer for Milan.

      • He doesn’t really release any albums. Just some songs every now and then. With his voice and his looks he should have had an even bigger career.

        • I’m surprised by that, too – does he do anything else, e.g. modelling, own some bars or similar?

            • Sory to hear that, may explain why he limits his releases. Always sad to hear that but with someone so talented and gorgeous those problems must have deep roots. I’d be happy to console him!

            • He says he couldn’t handle publicity but it is all behind him now. He credits his doctor’s drug regimen and his religious faith for putting him through these issues.

            • Interesting and unusual answer – but good for him to get on track!

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