Italy Wins Eurovision 2021!

Eurovision 2021 – Europe, we have a winner! And it was as exciting as ever! After a long season and a very nerve-breaking vote (25pts difference in the end), Måneskin has won the contest for Italy with Zitti E Buoni!

It’s the third victory for Italy after 1964 and 1990. And just like their last time, when they won in Zagreb, France is their runner-up! It’s France’s best result since 1991 and Amina’s second place. Switzerland, the jury’s favorite, gets 3rd after being 4th last time in 2019. None of the Top 3 are in English language! The rest of the Top 10 is Iceland 4th, Ukraine 5th, Finland 6th (their second best result ever), Malta 7th, Lithuania 8th, Russia 9th and Greece 10th, who beat Bulgaria for being higher in televote.

You can rewatch the winning entry from its final performance here:

  1. Switzerland 267
  2. France 248
  3. Malta 208
  4. Italy 206
  5. Iceland 198
  6. Bulgaria 140
  7. Portugal 126
  8. Russia 104
  9. Ukraine 97
  10. Greece 91
  11. Finland 83
  12. Israel 73
  13. Belgium 71
  14. Lithuania 55
  15. Moldova 53
  16. Cyprus 50
  17. Sweden 46
  18. San Marino 37
  19. Azerbaijan 32
  20. Albania 22
  21. Serbia 20
  22. Norway 15
  23. The Netherlands 11
  24. Spain 6
  25. Germany 3
  26. United Kingdom 0
  1. Italy 318
  2. Ukraine 267
  3. France 251
  4. Finland 218
  5. Iceland 180
  6. Switzerland 165
  7. Lithuania 165
  8. Russia 100
  9. Serbia 82
  10. Greece 79
  11. Sweden 63
  12. Moldova 62
  13. Norway 60
  14. Malta 47
  15. Cyprus 44
  16. Albania 35
  17. Azerbaijan 33
  18. Bulgaria 30
  19. Portugal 27
  20. Israel 20
  21. San Marino 13
  22. Belgium 3
  23. United Kingdom 0
  24. Spain 0
  25. Germany 0
  26. The Netherlands 0

So some interesting facts, as it is the first time ever a song gets 0pt total in the new split system, the first time in televote era that four songs share 0pt from televote. And look at the two ends of the scoreboard: two Big 5 countries on top while the other four finalists al the 0pt from televote!

This is Italy’s third win. The third in Italian! They’ve won in Copenhagen, Zagreb and now Rotterdam! They hosted in Napoli and Rome before.

This is France’s best result since 1991 and its 5th second places (1957, 1976, 1990, 1991) Each time, France either won the following year (1958, 1977) or got another second place (1991). This is Switzerland’s best result since 1993 and their 4th Bronze medal (1961, 1982, 1993). All of them were sung in French, just like their two winning songs (1956, 1988) and two of their second places (1963 and 1986). Only their second place in 1958 was sung in a different language, Italian.

Since the language rule was given up in 1999, it is the first Top 3 without a song in English (Italian, French, French). The last one was even older than that, in 1995 (Norway, Spain, Sweden) on the podium. And with the many Irish wins and United-Kingdom second places, we need to go back to 1991 before that (Sweden, France, Israel) and 1986 before that (Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg).

What an evenly split scoreboard as well: the Top 10 features 5 songs from the first half and 5 songs from the second half. It also features 2 Big 5 and 4 songs from the First Semi-Final and 4 songs from the Second Semi-final!

There were also three honorary awards given tonight, before the show: the Marcel Bezençon awards, given by the press, the commentators and the composers. France won the first two and Switzerland the last one. More details in our article here.

2,803 thoughts on “Italy Wins Eurovision 2021!

  1. Way off-topic: the U21 Portuguese national team has just qualified for the semi-finals of the European Championship. They have beaten Italy. Spain is next. I suppose that most of these young players will be snatched up by the rich clubs.

  2. Next – and so far second to last – stop for me was 2016, and some of my judgements have actually changed since then:

    12/12 Ukraine
    9/12 Latvia, Georgia
    8/12 Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Austria
    7/12 Montenegro, Iceland, Bulgaria, Spain
    6/12 Estonia, North Macedonia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Serbia, Russia, United Kingdom, Armenia
    5/12 Finland, Greece, San Marino, Ireland, Slovenia, Albania, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Sweden, Germany, France, Australia, Lithuania, Malta
    4/12 Bosnia and Herzegovina, Switzerland, Israel
    3/12 Moldova, Belarus, Norway, Poland
    2/12 Denmark, Croatia
    Average: 5,62

    Musically, this was probably the height of conformity, but on the other hand there are few quite solid songs even within the commercial department (f.e. Bulgaria which I really enjoy despite its many clichés and lack of authenticity). Overall I’d say the musical level is considerably better than the following three years.

    Show-wise: I was rather critical about it back then, but watching it now, I think it is one of the better ones. Lots of warmth and humour, especially from Petra Mede who is essentially just being herself. That’s why it works on screen. That being said, it is way too long, and there are too many superfluous and essentially irrelevant interval acts (Justin Timberlake in particular). Thank God we were spared these giants this year.

    • So let’s see what I think:

      10/12 Georgia
      9/12 Latvia, Ukraine
      8/12 Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain
      7/12 Armenia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, France, Montenegro, Serbia
      6/12 Australia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia, Sweden, United Kingdom
      5/12 Albania, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Lithuania, Malta, San Marino, Slovenia
      4/12 Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Switzerland
      3/12 Moldova, Poland
      2/12 Denmark

      2016 was a great year production-wise, and that is mostly to do with Petra Mede’s hosting. Musically, it is rather streamlined but, as you said, even the pop songs are quite well done. I do think with this being the most successful edition ever (204 million viewers) is what probably brought along the slick pop revolution in the following years. In that regard, I think it had a negative impact.

      Clearly, I disagree with who placed last this year (the fact that I predicted it to win speaks volumes). I might even bump it up to a 9/12 later. A few other pointers:
      – I’m more than happy with Ukraine winning despite it not being my favorite. It was indeed a beautiful and sincere song.
      – Again, quite a lot of accomplished pop songs this year – Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain, France, among others. It goes to show that pop doesn’t have to mean complete hollowness. When done right, it can still be an interesting or fun experience, at least.
      – For Australia, I must commend Dami Im, who absolutely elevated the song live, otherwise, it’d be stuck in the 5/12 zone.
      – I find entries like Belarus and Switzerland very charming and sympathetic. They’re clearly trying to stand apart in a pop-dominated year despite being well-aware of how amateur they sound, it makes for a strangely wholesome experience.
      – On the other hand, I can’t stand the Finnish entry for some reason. I do acknowledge that it’s well-produced and well-performed, but something about always enervated me.
      – My guilty pleasure of the year is Lithuania. Normally, I can’t stand those Justin Beiber copycats, but I find this very catchy despite its sleaziness. It also helps that he is a good performer.

    • 2016 is such a strange year for me. For me it was just an okay year and people seem to love it a lot. I have a lot of 7/10s starting from 4th(!!!) place to 17th. It was all about Ukraine, Georgia and Latvia for me.

  3. After listening and re-listening to the performances, this is my ranking after the contest, compared to the one before. Three countries are replaced in the top10.

    1 (1) France
    2 (5) Ukraine
    3 (2) Lithuania
    4 (12) Italy
    5 (3) Switzerland
    6 (6) Belgium
    7 (31) Russia
    8 (11) Azerbaijan
    9 (4) Bulgaria
    10 (9) Finland

    11 (19) Iceland
    12 (10) San Marino
    13 (20) Greece
    14 (24) Israel
    15 (21) Cyprus
    16 (13) Albania
    17 (36) Portugal
    18 (8) Malta
    19 (34) Serbia
    20 (15) Moldova

    21 (18) Sweden
    22 (7) Ireland
    23 (16) Croatia
    24 (23) Norway
    25 (22) Denmark
    26 (26) Slovenia
    27 (17) Australia
    28 (27) Estonia
    29 (33) Netherlands
    30 (32) Spain

    31 (28) Austria
    32 (14) Poland
    33 (25) Romania
    34 (37) Czechia
    35 (29) Georgia
    36 (30) North Macedonia
    37 (39) Latvia
    38 (35) Germany
    39 (38) United Kingdom

    • 8/10!
      Same #13 :P
      So, your biggest growers were: Russia, Serbia and Portugal while your biggest flops: Ireland and Poland?

      • I still like Ireland’s and Poland’s songs (and I think Ireland’s staging was rather interesting) but they both executed them unfortunately. I still find Portugal boring and Serbia embarassing but as a three-minute package they are preferable to the other weak songs behind them. Portugal had an old-school charm and Serbia energy to spare (but un-coordinated and chaotic).

        • I still like the Irish song as well. My dislike regarding Poland is more of Rafal’s “creepy” looks rather than the song itself.

    • Btw, I thought you hated Denmark this year. #25 is quite decent placing for a hateful entry :P ;)

    • Lovely to see some major changes on your list. 👍👏🏆❤

      Few fans allow major changes on their lists depending on how the live performances went. They simply cling to what they liked and disliked from the very beginning and either argue that everything went well (I remember even car crash vocals being called fine … LOL) or that they don’t care about the quality of live performances. That is a very boring approach to eveluating acts participating in a televised contest imo.

        • Well, if you like the song that is a reasonable ranking imo. I would only raise an eyebrow if he had SMR top 5. After all, we are not talking utter shipwrecks like CZE08 or POL11 here.

      • There are always changes to my list every year after the performances. In 2019 Serbia and Norway replaced Hungary and Denmark in my top10 and Australia/North Macedonia entered the top20. In 2018 Cyprus, Germany and Moldova took the place of Norway, Belarus and Ukraine.

        Of course that may mean I am simply influenced by results (but results wouldn’t be good if the act wasn’t so it is a chicken and egg argument). Or that some acts really do need bigger stage and better production values to shine (Italy, Russia and Portugal were clearly such cases this year; in the case of the first two their explosiveness really couldn’t be confined in a smaller space, it made the whole thing cramped). And in cases of internal selection we can’t know whether the act will translate well on the stage (like Ukraine 2020 or Cyprus 2018).

    • Over last few years I have noticed that many people when talking about San Marino in French use “San Marino”, in stead of Saint Marin, which is French name for that country.

      Even Sammarinese spokeperson, who spoke French both in 2019 and 2021, said “….voici les résultats du vote de San Marino…” in stead of Saint Marin. And your colleague above used the “mixture” of two :-))

      Is French language ditching “Saint Marin”? :-(

      • Similar case in Greek. We use the term San Marino instead of the Greek one: Aghios Marinos.

        • It is sad to see this happening in many languages, and not just with names of other countries, but with many other terms as well 😢
          In Croatian, we use our terms for all of the countries named after saints (St. Lucia, St. Vincent & Grenadines, etc…) with the notable exception of San Marino, which we call by its Italian original name.
          It is very strange per se, because Saint Marinus himself was from Croatian island of Rab. He is a patron saint of Rab and is of course called “Sveti Marin”, but the country he founded we call “San Marino”.

    • Im not surprised by Mata Hari it was doing well in YT ever since semi 1 and luch better than most Q from that semi. So maybe it’s only fame at home (Elmar said it was very well recieved at home) but it was there for sure!

      • Mata Hari is the first Azerbaijani esc song that entered Spotify Global top 200 also it was 8th in Spotify Viral top50.. Music video has more than 8 million views and no previous entry of their entries managed that.
        So it is not only success at home.Comments charts from countries proving that. It may not have received the votes it deserved but that does not mean it did not do well in reality. Not everyone liking the song is voting for it.. Same goes with El Diablo… These 2 songs are success no matter how the outcome of the esc is

        • I am fine with ‘Mata Hari’, which is saved by the final minute of the song, but ‘El diablo’ will forever rot in my ESC hell, no matter what the real world says. LOL

        • I think it didn’t help they had it appear straight after France, it came out as silly straight after a “quality” entry. Also there were probably too many female dance entries in the final and it seems the public got tired of them. I think all those who wanted an entry to dance to voted for Lithuania.

    • Mata Hari became very popular in Azerbaijan. You can hear it everywhere in Baku. It’s probably the ethnic elements that created such mainstream appeal in the country. Because I don’t remember when exactly a Eurovision song got this much recognition in Azerbaijan. People suddenly remembered the contest is still alive. :p

      • I haven’t heard AZE21 in Germany since ESC. 🙁

        Perhaps Porsteinn, Dom or the Penguin can provide better news …

        • Yeah that probably shouldn’t be a surprise. I mean it wouldn’t get ranked 20th in the final if it became popular all over Europe. *shrugs*

          • I genuinely liked Cleopatra and felt alone on that one (and the backdrop/live was totally meant for “Cleopatra”, just like the backdrop and gimmick of Greece was meant for “Supergirl”!) I’m not sure I like “Mata Hari” but I’m glad Efendi did ok!

            • I found both songs just ok. But I liked “Mata Hari” a bit more for the ethnic instrumental and that bridge with “Yalli” dance is my fave part. It just makes me smile for no reason. :d But yeah.. I’m not a big fan of the whole thing.

        • Only on very rare occasions I’m listening to music outside of my own playlists. So I can’t provide any information.

  4. Germany is going to “review” their selection process ahead of 2022. They say they don’t understand why they’re doing poorly while Switzerland has done great with the same selection process lol.

    • We have had a very emotional discussion on ESCK since yesterday. Judging on the interview HoD Alexandra Wolfslast gave, not much will change. We did not get anything but hollow PR phrases. They don’t have a single clue at NDR. 🙁

        • Ms Wolfslast had her first season as HoD this year … Things look rather gloomy, but perhaps she will learn.

          • well she did try something different than all the beige (“grey”) entries, and that’s maybe a good lesson to do something better next? esc 2021 has a lot of teaching for whoever is really trying to learn ;)

            • But have you heard of the interview Jendrik gave after the final? Totally sloshed he went in front of the cameras at 1:30 am and told everyone that he knew that IFDH wasn’t his best song (“I have much better stuff out there.” – Where is it, I ask?), but that he knew that stupid NDR would buy the package. He also said that he did not do ESC in order to do well (adding that he knew that he wouldn’t), but only to have fun and generate more followers on instargam etc. All the time Ms. Wolfslast was sitting next to him, making a stupid face instead of stopping him from ruining the small career he might still have had after ESC. In contrast, Babs Schöneberger cut the TV interview short the minute she realised that Jendrik was digging a hole for himself …

            • so? it was her first year and she thought “something fun, something happy” and “insta, tiktok and others are the way to get meme, views, buzz and ultimately do well”… so she got Jendrik this time and it was a mistake, but as I said, she can learn from this

            • Well, you probably still have hope because the interview she gave to ESCK isn’t available in translation …

            • Do you know Heinrich Heine’s famous quote: “Denk ich an Deutschland in der Nacht, bin ich um den Schlaf gebracht.” (If I think of Germany at night, I won’t find sleep.). Fits Germany in ESC perfectly these days …

            • You both sound that if she personally selected Jendrik which isn’t the case. Two juries were involved. I don’t think that she had so much influence.

  5. I have ESC 1996 on while doing some paperwork. I had actually forgotten how much the Norwegian language was used in the introduction. I really miss that. Everything is in English these days, with only two or three Franch sentences thrown in. 🙁

    I hope that Italy will use its own beautiful language in parts of the show next year.

  6. I’m reading an article with some interesting stats on Infegreece.
    Among others:
    -Greece is the country with the most consecutive qualifications: 12 (2004-2015)
    -2021 marks the first time since 2002 (Manuel Ortega) that a male solo singer singing in English doesn’t make it to the top 10 :)

  7. Maneskin will enter the UK singles chart top-40 with a second song this week. This is “I wanna Be Your Slave “.

  8. I don’t know if anyone else who has a Spotify account has received this:

    I received an email from Spotify with the headline: “It’s official. No one listens like you.”

    The content of the mail: “You are totally unique; we can see that in your music taste – and we support you 100%. Welcome to Only You [some smart concept with no real content they are trying to launch I suppose]”.

    I’m not gonna fall for it…

    • I had a closer look. Terrible concept really. They want to tailor-make a playlist to me based on what I listen to. That’s really scary if people actually fall for that.

      I want to decide myself what music I want to listen to, I really don’t want Spotify to do that.

      • I like it. I’ve discovered a lot of new artists this way. I love the early 80s new wave era but I didn’t live through it so I don’t know a lot of artists besides the big ones. I started listening to the ones I knew and through things like this on Spotify I’ve been really able to discover a lot of new artists I would have never found otherwise.

        • I am with The Anders on this one. I can’t stand the idea of algorithms structuring and dictating my life. I also want to drive me car f. e. because I want to be in charge of my llfe.

          • I’m not a big proponent of all the algorithms and statistics companies like using nowadays either I just think that there are positives to music recommendations especially when you’re in a situation like mine where you’re trying to learn more.

            • Late 70s to early/mid 80s new wave and post punk is my main thing

              My collection is mainly British so I don’t know if there are any good German artists that fit that but I’m open to anything you think I might like lol

            • Germany: Nina Hagen and the artists of Neue Deutsche Welle (New German Wave = German punk and new wave) like Ideal, Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft, Extrabreit, Trio, Foyer des Arts).
              And I guess that you know Austrian singer Falco.

              And of course I have to talk lyrics now: I adore Foyer des Art’s ‘Wissenwertes über Erlangen’ (Things You Need to Know about Erlangen). Erlangen is a boring town in Franconia.

            • I know Nina Hagen. My grandpa had an old compilation from the 80s that she did a song for. I’ve also heard Smack Jack and like it a bit. I’ve wanted to look into her more but never knew where to get started, any song recommendations?

              I’ve heard of Neue Deutsche Welle but never got much into it. Definitely will check it out. And yes I know Falco haha.

            • Another Austrian act that was huge in German speaking countries was Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung. EAV sparked several scandals and controversies because their lyrics broke taboos on a regular basis, Nazi ideology lingering in mainstream society and the role of the Catholic Church in Austrian society f. e. This will also help you understand why “Weil der Mensch zählt” (2003) is probably the most Austrian entry in the history of ESC. (Have you checked the lyrics of AUT03 btw? They are among the best in ESC ever. Unfortunately, the excellent and witty rhyming is lost in the English translation.)
              EAV’s first lead singer represented Austria in ESC 1988 and came last with 0 points. Alas, his ESC song was way below what EAV did.

            • Polish band Maanam would be right up your alley, at least their material from 1980 – 1984.

              Some German NDW songs I’d recommend:

              Grauzone – Eisbär
              Ideal – Monotonie (the German “The Tide Is High” as I like to call it)
              Ina Deter – Neue Männer braucht das Land

              NDW was highly creative and quirky, something that’s missing in the current German music scene.

            • My favourite new wave band will have to be Talking Heads. But there’s also Police, Devo, Blondie and Pere Ubu.

              In Denmark Kliché and early Tv-2 were probably the most prominent acts. Gnags was clearly influenced by new wave too in the early 80’s (but not before that).

            • Talking Heads is one of my uncle’s favorite bands, love them. Definitely a huge Blondie fan too. The Police is my grandma’s second band (after the Beatles) and they’re definitely one of my favorites too. I only know Whip It by Devo which is a very weird song but I think they’re still fun and charming. I’ve never heard of Pere Ubu, will have to check them out. Also will have to check out the Danish ones!!

              I never lived through this era so I really have no idea how niche/mainstream my taste is, but some of my favorites are Lene Lovich, XTC, The Psychedelic Furs, Indochine, Gary Numan, The Cure, and a lot more too lol.

            • If you like new wave, you might also like some of David Bowie’s music especially from the second half of the 1970’s. It was very influential on the genre.

        • You might also like some of the German music from the 70’s. It’s too early to be new wave, but I think it influenced some of it. Here f.e. “Hallogallo” by the duo Neu! (they had actually been members of a very early incarnation of Kraftwerk, but then they broke out to create music on their own). It’s instrumental and very minimalist – not much is happening, but it is very beautiful:

  9. Going through this year’s contest for a third time.

    Serbia is almost unintentionally comical with some of the moves – especially towards the end of the number. It looks quite silly.

  10. @ Lina, things you need to know about ESC in the 1980s:

    1. Spain sent an Argentinian tango to Harrogate in the year of the Falkland War (1982)

    2. UKD84 (Belle and the Devotions) were booed after their performance. Reasons given for this audience reaction are that a) English football fans had behaved badly in Luxembourg earlier in the year and b) the backing singers were hidden backstage while two of the ladies onstage had their microphones switched off.

    • 3. Only a few minutes before Mary Ross went onto the stage in 1984 she learned that her partner hat cheated on her. Check the lyrics to understand how this situation perfectly fits the lyrics of the German entry.

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