Eurovision Song Contest 2021 Tonight

Rotterdam 2021 – This is it! Finally! After two long years, and what felt a never-ending Eurovision season, tonight we will finally watch the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

The hosts are Chantal Janzen, Jan Smit, Edsilia Rombley and Nikkie de Jager (NikkieTutorials) and the show will take place in Rotterdam Ahoy in the Netherlands. The voting will use last year’s format: only juries results will be announced first, with only the 12pts revealed by the spokeperson. Then they will reveal how many each song got in televote, starting at whoever is ranked 26th by juries all the way to the juries’ winner!

This is tonight’s running-order:

1,952 thoughts on “Eurovision Song Contest 2021 Tonight

  1. Got out for a walk to vent off. I lost my day 1 raiding and having fun with my fireteam for what? To see each televoting getting its way once again? I regret the time I wasted honestly. This contest sends a clear message to people like me : we don’t want you. I should not have let 2019 fool me. Duncan did not win either set of votes and televoting was won in another landslide by an esc by the numbers mediocre act. I should have skipped the final and go game instead.

  2. Surprisingly, San Marino would have almost been an NQ without its jury support. Unsurprisingly, Denmark was destroyed by its jury vote after being 7th with televoting. Moldova getting 4th with televotes and STILL qualifying at 10th with juries will never make sense to me.

  3. now the big question, with what we know now, would “Répondez-moi”, “On Fire” or more importantly “Think About Things” win esc 2020? Both Italy and France did better with these artists than the 2020 artists would have gotten!

    • I always felt Repondez-Moi was the better song, but Tout L’Univers was the more attractive for votes. At least for me, I’d choose the latter always, it’s just more of my style, that Woodkid epic.

    • They were all much better imo than their 2021 entries.. Especially Iceland and Lithuania. They could have won. I wanted so much to see how Tears Getting Sobber would have scored.. :( We will never know.

      Btw until last minute I was hopping that France will win :( My mother too. Italy was ok, but France was more well deserved imo..

    • I stand by this. Think About Things would have won. On Fire would have done better than Discoteque. Répondez-moi would have gotten top ten but not top five.

    • Almost certain Iceland would’ve won 2020. I think they managed 4th this year based on the hype carried over from 2020 alone. 10 years was not in the same league.

    • I think Iceland would’ve won doing top 3 both in jury and televoting, with Swiss close 2nd ? but it would’ve been close between these 3.

  4. Our jury gave 12 to France.. Only 1 to Switzerland.. :O
    Milan Stanković (SRB 2010) and Tijana BOGIĆEVIĆ (SRB 2017) were in our jury, Milan placed France 1st, Tijana placed it 3rd in the final..
    Tijana placed Italy 1st, Milan placed them 6th..

    How is possible that we gave 12 to Moldova in semi with telvoting and in the final 0? :/

  5. My bf just discovered French televote gave 12 to Ukraine like he did! I KNEW it would: it was THE only song that got MASSIVE reaction on French twitter! Also we gave 1pt to Finland so one of my televotes mattered too :p

  6. I have an official TOP 10 for ESC 2021. 😀

    1 pt – FIN
    2 pts – NLD
    3 pts – BGR
    4 pts – PRT
    5 pts – LTU
    6 pts – ISL
    7 pts – RUS
    8 pts – ITA
    10 pts – UKR
    12 pts – FRA

    Sorry, shake shakes …

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