ET Premath 2021: The Results

It is time for the “Premath” results! After a month of voting, it’s time to reveal the results later today! Stay tune: who will win our rankings before the contest? Can it win after the live performances too?

We’ve got plenty of systems to discuss songs as the dull season (before rehearsals kick in) keeps us langering: TEKO for instance, but wee really didn’t have a platform to share our combined personal views on the matter, and now we do, thanks to our “Premath/Aftermath” contest!

Gregor, one of our regular readers is here yet again to bring you this amazing experience, that basically is a pre-chart for all us ESC fans in the ET community and is based on the contest’s infamous 1-8, 10 & 12 system. This poll combines the ranking of all the participating users’ top 10 songs in this year’s contest and will be revealed in a dramatic finish from the country that got the least amount of votes to the winner of this year’s Premath. This is the first part of two polls that will be held this season. The second one being the ET Aftermath, which will resume later this year after Eurovision has been held!

Premath isn’t really a word, but its meaning is obvious in comparison to the upcoming ET Aftermath. There are a lot of pre rankings and tops out there and for us here on ET the closest thing we have to that is TEKO. However all of us usually have a top 10 of our favorite acts every season, but that top 10 usually gets unjustified in the knockout rounds and the random draw of TEKO. So as an alternative the ET Premath was born, where everyone who wants to participate can share their views of the ESC season and together create an official ET pre-chart. It will then be very interesting to compare the Pre-/Aftermath rankings to see which act failed/succeeded according to our views.

Now it’s all up to you how you wanna rank your top 10 songs, but with many live performances still at an early stage, we really have almost no idea of how it’s gonna sound or look on the ESC stage atm. So it would be best to try and only rate the studio versions of the songs as it also creates a slight difference from the ET Aftermath, where everything from the song to the live performance in the contest is ranked. Remember this is not a criteria, just a reminder, cause in the end it’s your personal top 10 that counts!

Here are the full results:

959 thoughts on “ET Premath 2021: The Results

  1. Ok the “trolling” gets better day by day…
    This video is from last night. A boar strolling in Aristotelous square. The most down down spot of the city. Just for a comparison, it is as if a wild life species (a boar in this case) was strolling in Champs-Élysées or Trafalgar square!!!
    I wonder how much more dystopian can things get! :D

      • Australia’s 2018 entry was equally embarassing, still Sweden gave it 8p with juries. It’a all about alliances… Who would have thought juries would make voting patterns worse than televoting?

      • Hello my dear friend!, yes kind of embarassing! btw, I was thinking of you the other when I watched the famous British TV drama “Abigail’s Party” for the umpteenth time! (that is like a classic in UK and reference for future films/TV, everyone from my generation knows the lines/scenes from it!) a famous scene is typical 1970s Uk suburban party where the (horrible!) hostess asks to listen to Demis Roussos, he was very popular in the UK at the time, curiously I was looking to find any songs in Greek of his, but wasn’t very successful! only one with the other famous Greek singer in UK, Nana Miskouri!, well, here is the famous clip!, Espero que estés bien!

        • Good morning Paul!
          All fine here, thank you.
          I don’t think that Demis Roussos has any discography in Greek (at least from what I know of).

  2. Btw, does anyone know why some Scottish constituencies will only start counting their votes tomorrow? That seems to be a surreal approach from a German perspecitve. Here in Germany we get the final results at least 6 hours after the polling stations close.

    • In France we have them 2h later (most polls close at 6pm and we get results at 8pm, right after the last polling places close in the big cities) and we get results for big cities around 10-11pm. But then wr still vote by ballot in an enveloppe ans it’s mandatory that random citizens open the enveloppes ans help count so it’s 100% fair and without any suspicion of frauds, hence we never (or almost never, bar small villages or infamous tries to actually steal an election) have any problems with our results, who come out asap and France is always WTF at places waiting for days even weeks! But then we have a polling place for about 1000 citizens so it goes quick and there are always enough citizens around to volounteer

      • It is pretty much the same here. Normal people are in charge of voting and counting, and normally the first exit polls, which are revealed the minute the poll stations close (6 pm), are very accurate. We rarely see differences of more than 2 % compared to the final results. Counting takes a bit longer here though because everyone has 2 votes in federal elections (1 constituency vote and 1 vote for the party list).

  3. Sweden is losing ground in betting odds, whilst Cyprus is challenging Bulgaria in the top10 betting odds field.

  4. INFE GREECE (20/22)
    12 CYP
    10 FRA
    08 ROU
    07 SMR
    06 AZE
    05 POL
    04 CHE
    03 MLT
    02 ITA
    01 ALB


  5. I have been reviewing the past editions of ESC for a few weeks now and the deeper I go the more I understand why Eurovision have such poor reputation in some countries. :D I’m doing 2002 and it’s pure torture lol. France is way ahead of everyone else and they only got 5th place. :o

    Btw I won’t be around during the rehearsals week. I will *try* to avoid spoilers. :p

    • I guess a lot of early 2000s were pure torture as you say, 2002, yes a lot of mediocre songs, and the default winner won, with her performance, that nobody ever remembers outside eurofans, I can tell you Spain Eurovision that year got highest ratings ever for Eurovision and in top 10 ever for Spanish TV ratings (no 3 after world cup), due to the fact Rosa was representing Spain, the whole of Spain was watching, every town/city/village organised an event!

      • even next day, rival private Spanish channels to TVE had to comment on it I remember, otherwise they would have lost audience! such was the interest at the time

    • You have reached the nadir now. Things will gradually improve until you reach the quality peak of the mid 1990s. :)

      • I know 90s were golden years of Eurovision. Can’t wait to get there. :) I will update my profile as I go through each edition. Next one is 2001 which doesn’t look promising at all lol.

        • 2001 has 3 songs I really like. All three are ahead of my 2002 winner Karolina too. Can’t wait to check your profile. :)

          • N. Macedonia is my second fave for 2002. Even though the song sounded very lovely, the live performance left a lot of questions in my head so I searched for the studio version of it and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s very beautiful but I definitely can see why it left unnoticed in the night. :)

  6. Here’s hoping Tusse has recovered enough in time for the semis at least and is able to perform at his best ♥️

  7. Eurojury final results, 190 juries from 49 countries:

    Malta – 286 Points
    Switzerland – 257 Points
    France – 219 Points
    Israel – 210 Points
    Iceland – 204 Points
    Italy – 163 Points
    Sweden – 127 Points
    Cyprus – 123 Points
    Bulgaria – 107 Points
    Romania – 95 Points
    Finland – 77 Points
    United Kingdom – 76 Points
    Portugal – 74 Points
    Germany – 68 Points
    Lithuania – 60 Points
    Slovenia – 59 Points
    Azerbaijan – 58 Points
    Ukraine – 56 Points
    Austria – 52 Points
    Estonia – 51 Points
    Spain – 49 Points
    Greece – 44 Points
    Norway – 44 Points
    Ireland – 42 Points
    Croatia – 36 Points
    The Netherlands – 31 Points
    San Marino – 29 Points
    Belgium – 24 Points
    Russia – 20 Points
    Georgia – 19 Points
    North Macedonia – 17 Points
    Australia – 16 Points
    Serbia – 13 Points
    Czech Republic – 12 Points
    Latvia – 11 Points
    Moldova – 7 Points
    Albania – 4 Points
    Denmark – 2 Points
    Poland – 0 Points

    Top2 in online voting was Italy and San Marino!

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