1,426 thoughts on “Eurovision 2021: Running Order of the Semi-Finals Revealed

  1. First points for FIN and HRV <3
    Bulgaria still at 0p ! Serves them right as they should have sent Imaginary Friend imo

  2. OAGE Leaderboard!
    1. Switzerland — 44 points
    2. Lithuania — 34 points
    3. Malta — 33 points
    4. France — 21 points
    5. San Marino — 19 points
    6. Sweden — 18 points
    (=) Cyprus — 18 points
    8. Ukraine — 8 points
    9. Azerbaijan — 7 points
    10. Italy — 6 points
    (=) Finland — 6 points
    12. Iceland — 5 points
    13. Estonia — 4 points
    14. Croatia — 3 points
    15. Romania — 2 points
    (=) Greece — 2 points
    (=) Israel — 2 points

  3. One month away from the 1st SF jury presentation and before the Spain Online Party, EuroJury, and OGAE full-steam ahead, here’s how I see the SF’s playing out right now:

    Predicted Rank for SF1 (Televote Rank, Jury Rank):

    1. Malta (3, 1)
    2. Lithuania (1, 3)
    3. Sweden (4, 2)
    4. Norway (2, 11)
    5. Croatia (6, 8)
    6. Cyprus (7, 7)
    7. Romania (8, 5)
    8. Belgium (12, 4)
    9. Russia (5, 14)
    10. Azerbaijan (9, 10)
    11. Australia (15, 6)
    12. Ukraine (10, 12)
    13. Slovenia (16, 9)
    14. Israel (11, 15)
    15. Ireland (13, 13)
    16. North Macedonia (14, 16)

    Predicted Rank for SF2 (TV Rank, Jury Rank):

    1. Iceland (2, 2)
    2. Switzerland (4, 1)
    3. Finland (1, 5)
    4. Bulgaria (3, 3)
    5. Greece (6, 6)
    6. Austria (13, 4)
    7. San Marino (5, 10)
    8. Denmark (7, 13)
    9. Serbia (8, 12)
    10. Czech Republic (9, 9)
    11. Moldova (11, 8)
    12. Albania (10, 14)
    13. Georgia (16, 7)
    14. Latvia (12, 17)
    15. Portugal (17, 11)
    16. Poland (14, 16)
    17. Estonia (15, 15)

      • Bulgaria is interesting…I think it’s certainly been forgotten among the bubble and it’s obviously not as strong as last year. I do get the feeling though this has the potential to be special live, and Victoria is a more accessible artist than Gjon is live.

        I think there’s some momentum around Norway right now and being the middle of a wave of females is going to really help it stand out.

  4. Symphonic version of the maltese entry :

    For anyone still doubting Destiny’s live singing abilities.
    I really wish Malta does it this year. They put a lot of heart and soul in it and definitely deserve it.

    • They did not put a lot of heart and soul instead a lot of calculation and strategies :)
      I wouldn’t mind them winning but among the countries that have never won before there are better options

      • Well then we definately disagree on both accounts. Heart and soul are the words I’d use to describe any musical project involving a talent such as Destiny.
        And then I don’t see any other country that has never won before having a song worthy of a victory this year. Definately not Iceland and Lithuania if we talk about bet favourites.

        • I was joking in my first sentence🙂this is a contest so each country can/should do whatever they need to do to win as long as they don’t break the rules.Obviously Malta wants to win maybe a little bit more from the others so if they are leading the polls I am OK with it but that does not change the fact there are more worthy winners
          Iceland 2020 could have won but this year it is not even in my top25
          Lithuania on the other hand is the best of both last and this year😉

    • She definitely has the winner’s charisma. Such a strong presence on stage. You can’t take your eyes off of her. Plus, the symphonic version and Valletta make this iconic.

      • She’s very old fashioned and way too young for those diva antics or that middle aged styling. It’s quality screaming alright, but it actually isn’t anything special. The voice is just strong and that’s it. There could be winner vibes, but this while thing must be filed under ”only in ESC”.

        • Some girls are born divas.I don’t think the cute teen style suits Destiny. She wasn’t like that even when she won Junior esc.

          • No ones born a diva. It’s a role and wonderful role but you can’t be taken seriously or even and act like when your 18 and your only merits are JESC victory and being front runner in ESC. You need miles. You need lots of miles. Two or three husbands, racy love life, couple of great disasters on your career and even greater comebacks . You need substance, both in artistry – record sales, Grammys, Tonys, Oscar, and you need substance in life. Think of young Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Patti LuPone, Elaine Page etc. They had stars in their eyes, unbelievable talent but also fresheness and charisma to woo people and their industries. They all grew up to be great divas, but when they reached that fabled status they were over 30 and career and life to back their claim for divahood.

            • I think you took it a tad too seriously. What i meant is Destiny has a solid stage presence and looks like a diva on stage. She doesn’t go unnoticed.

            • I take and love my divas very seriously! :-)
              Selfacclaimed ESC Bubble divas don’t do it for me, quite opposite they give a bit a of a head as being diva is a fine art. Bubble divas divas just dilutes the meaning of diva. Destiny find a bit comical, like young playing ladies with ma’s wardrobe, Hera made me nauseous.
              In ESC Ani Lorak, Kaliopi, Jamala (though she was a it in making back then), Sanja Vučić, Salvador Sobral, Iveta, Helena Papirizou, Sertab Anna Vissi, Katja Epstein, Betty Mislego etc, (This list is from the top of mind so not full!). I’ll give full diva credits. They ticked all the boxes and the came with songs to match. On that list, Destiny may come back after ten years and I’ll do new verdiction!
              And sorry Barbra and Liza, the greatest divas of them all, I forgot you from my first list! <3

      • She is truly amazing. In my opinion she has world class quality as an artist and her presence has become imposing as she got older.

        • They are but usually body doubles are like, very close to the person they imitate, yet you can tell something off (a nose, distance in the eyes, etc.) here they’re like VERY off, you can look and say “it’s not them” right away, and the more you look, the more hyponotic it is, as if “they’re so far off… it could be them after all” lol

      • Yeah, and banter is simply fantastic. Little did we know. Must have been the last good days in Europe. It’s just so strange to think about Europe in 00’s. No one would have thought what a mess it turned into and west loosing all it’s clout. We really aren’t in Kansas anymore, and hard to think that we ever get back there again. But it was a glorious ride!

  5. Backstage video of Rafal’s show in Poland with Senhit. If he dances his entry like that he’ll become the meme of the year:

    • Happy birthday, Doris! #

      I like both her ESC songs. :)
      This one is a nostalgic Yugo schlager imo. Nothing outstanding but lovely to listen to.

  6. Lithuania is again gaining momentum in betting odds. Up to 7th. Iceland is loosing ground (and deservingly, I like Dadi but he doesn’t seem to evolve as an artist at all. All his esc efforts sound like the same song lol)

  7. At least Poland is going to get televotes from 3 groups of people this year:
    a) The few diaspora members loyal to the country/government
    b) Fans who will love the dad memes that this live is going to bring
    c) Irish viewers who will go laugh at song called “The Ride”

      • NMac and Germany are my bottom 2 and even though this could be disastrous live in Rotterdam, in good faith I couldn’t put it below those two awful songs.

        • NM is hands down my last, but the live could be corny/cute à la Iceland 2018 no? Anyway Poland is AWFUL as a song, it has no soul, no life, to the point the UK sounds ten times better and it’s Newman! But the live is heading towards one of the biggest disasters and I’m all for having it last if he’s poor vocally too

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