ET Premath 2021

It is time for our “Premath” contest! Every year we share our views on the acts from The Eurovision Song Contest! The idea is simple, we vote before rehearsals and after the contest and then compare the two to check the differences!

We’ve got plenty of systems to discuss songs as the dull season (before rehearsals kick in) keeps us langering: TEKO for instance, but wee really didn’t have a platform to share our combined personal views on the matter, and now we do, thanks to our “Premath/Aftermath” contest!

Gregor, one of our regular readers is here yet again to bring you this amazing experience, that basically is a pre-chart for all us ESC fans in the ET community and is based on the contest’s infamous 1-8, 10 & 12 system. This poll combines the ranking of all the participating users’ top 10 songs in this year’s contest and will be revealed in a dramatic finish from the country that got the least amount of votes to the winner of this year’s Premath. This is the first part of two polls that will be held this season. The second one being the ET Aftermath, which will resume later this year after Eurovision has been held!

Premath isn’t really a word, but its meaning is obvious in comparison to the upcoming ET Aftermath. There are a lot of pre rankings and tops out there and for us here on ET the closest thing we have to that is TEKO. However all of us usually have a top 10 of our favorite acts every season, but that top 10 usually gets unjustified in the knockout rounds and the random draw of TEKO. So as an alternative the ET Premath was born, where everyone who wants to participate can share their views of the ESC season and together create an official ET pre-chart. It will then be very interesting to compare the Pre-/Aftermath rankings to see which act failed/succeeded according to our views.

Now it’s all up to you how you wanna rank your top 10 songs, but with many live performances still at an early stage, we really have almost no idea of how it’s gonna sound or look on the ESC stage atm. So it would be best to try and only rate the studio versions of the songs as it also creates a slight difference from the ET Aftermath, where everything from the song to the live performance in the contest is ranked. Remember this is not a criteria, just a reminder, cause in the end it’s your personal top 10 that counts!

The rules are simple: Send your personal top 10 songs from the ESC 2021 (from 1-8, 10, 12) and your alias to this email-address:

Deadline: 2 of May 23:59 CET!

Reveal date: 3 of May, 18:30 CET (Time may vary)


May the best song win!

247 thoughts on “ET Premath 2021

  1. Running Order Thoughts:

    SF1: Surprised with LTU 1st…for one of the “contenders” to be placed 1st is interesting, even if it is a very suitable show opener. Russia looks good televote-wise coming after the drab Slovenia and before the slick Sweden. Since this is a 16-song semi, it looks like breaks will be after 5/12…Australia might have a better chance now if the live works. Ireland’s Q chances may be over now that they are before 3 potential hits in Cyprus-Norway-Croatia and a potential jury fav in Belgium. Norway will look good in between the two female up-tempos. Romania after the potential ad break may hurt it’s televote potential but I think juries will like this given what’s after it. Huge warning to Ukraine here…Azerbaijan is the more televote-friendly ethnic song and juries will be all over Malta after it. Malta last is classic EBU pushing the supposed favourite, likely jury winner there but I don’t see it winning the televote in this SF.

    SF2: Estonia likely done given it’s around 3 up-tempos and a likely stronger jury fav in Austria. Poland before the ad-break at 6 is an interesting choice…I would have thought Moldova or Serbia would be there…I think with the stream of heavy hitters after that ad-break it may get forgotten. Moldova and Serbia so close to each other may hurt one of their chances, while Iceland could look real good (especially jury-wise) in between them. The run from Georgia to Bulgaria gives people a very nice break opportunity…Albania may squeak through being in between Georgia and Portugal. If Bulgaria does have a “magical” stage plan up their sleeves, coming before the break will be huge for their chances. Same with Finland right after (potential televote winner in the night). Latvia is hurt in between two of the top countries in the contest. Suprising they ended with Denmark…silly end to the night (especially after the serious nature of SUI) could really help them.

  2. After my last ESC review I have several new winners and I wonder what my changing scores and rankings over the years would tell to a psychologist. ;)
    One of the newcomers is Georgia 2016. :)

  3. Ι sent my bf both recaps. Without knowing about favourites or anything, he said he was very bored by it all but Malta was the only thing that got him excited. He also asked me what the heck is Russia is sending this year, lol.

      • It seems so! About AZE he said that even though he he doesn’t like it, it felt like such a relief where it was in the draw. I am positive they are in now, while both Romania and Ukraine look very shaky.

        About Serbia he said they are worse than Mysitique (Foureira’s former band ) :-P

        • AZE wins the UKR/AZE battle, I agree. ROU is pretty much safe imo. Hardcore esc fans voting in semis love it and juries will have it top 10 too. (unless her live is disastrous)

    • I soured on MLT rapidly – of course most people will only hear it that Saturday night so shouldn’t matter. SMR keeps growing on me though the rap part does not fit at all and brings the song to a standstill. Naturally, I still love MOL though I’m not sure how much Kir-Kon magic will be needed to cover an undoizbtedly disastrous live. The live on the other hand might finally give Italy victory… still love LIT but more and more think it’s just too dark. Then again I’ve probably listened to it 100 times and the usal ESC viewer will find it new and brilliant without thinking about the lyrics.

      • For me, it is the rap part that lifts it up ahead of the final chorus, without that it would be another predictable shake-shake. Italy is probably the bookies overcompensating for having them 12th in 2018 and 6th in 2019 while they ended up in the top5 both times. They are a great live act but people always forget there is a niche for aggressiveness in ESC. Hatari were 2nd with the bookies and ended up 10th, not even top5 in the televote. Meanwhile Europe was voting for Keiino like crazy.

        • Really? I find the rap part totally alien; it’s not organic. And just a total clash in style between Senhit and has-been FloRida. She should have gone with an Italian rapper, 24 points guaranteed and likely better chemistry. I think this year especially people want predictable shake-shakes (which I don’t mean as a derogatory term unlike many on this site). I also don’t find Italy aggressive but find the Bulgarian “I’m a suicidal girlie” marketing both irritating and offensive.

  4. Had two of my friends listen to some of the entries (mainly the big favorites + my favorites) and their favorites were Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Norway, Croatia, Finland, and Italy. One of my friends said Bulgaria was their top pick because of the Billie Eilish comparisons, while the other said Bulgaria for Billie Eilish and then Finland and Italy for being rock entries, while all six were liked by both. They thought Lithuania was “weird” and didn’t find Malta very interesting despite it being the bookies’ favorite. They didn’t hate anything and thought the others I showed them were just okay.

    Overall, the ones I showed them were Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Russia, Sweden, and Switzerland.

  5. Semi 2 :
    Fair to say goodbye to EST, POL and GEO already (weak songs, unfotunate slots).
    Portugal coming before Bulgaria means no big jury support (as quite a few expected) either.
    Latvia after Finland = Nail in the coffin (juries would mark it down anyway).
    Albania and especially Denmark have very beneficial slots imo.
    Austria depends on jury vote only and I’m afraid Iceland will get the juries’ lion’s share in first half. I don’t see any ballad proceeding from first half (BGR, CHE and ALB ! will already be more than enough in the Final) and with AUT and EST out, that means good news for the only male act coming from first half (CZE). Moldova and Serbia will proceed no matter what juries think. (they can’t be bottom 5 with juries anyway when there’s GEO, POL, LVA, PRT and DNK)

    Given my thoughts above, I’d predict :

    1. CHE
    2. BGR
    3. FIN
    4. GRC
    5. SMR
    6. ISL
    7. MDA
    8. ALB
    9. SRB
    10. CZE
    11. DNK
    12. AUT
    13. EST
    14. LVA
    15. POL
    16. PRT
    17. GEO

  6. Basically a month out from when rehearsals start…stab in the dark overall prediction (sometimes my pre-rehearsal picks are much better lol)

    Jury Top 5:

    1. Malta
    2. Sweden
    3. Switzerland
    4. Italy
    5. Iceland

    Televote Top 5:

    1. Lithuania
    2. Finland
    3. Italy
    4. Iceland
    5. Bulgaria

    Overall Top 5:

    1. Italy
    2. Iceland
    3. Malta
    4. Lithuania
    5. Finland

        • It’s a great video I agree and I see the potential in the staging. Eventually we’ll see more hype build up I imagine like last year, although it may not be as instant as “Think About Things”

          • If people are after happy song, sound and attitude after this miserable year, they will choose Iceland easily. I’m also sure the hype will come.
            However, there are two excellent choices for other current trending mood – frustrated and angry, slightly so can go for Italy and very much so for Finland.
            All three will be very good live. I hope our boys do classy hard rock trick and come in all white to enhance the power pop element in the song. . Have seen some very good pics of them, so it wouldn’t be the first time.

            • Yup! I think those 3 and Lithuania are likely to be popular, and maybe one of the female uptempos may be in the mix gets in there with Bulgaria likely getting the most love of the slower tempo songs.

  7. Guessed as much that those would be the closers, but I guessed Sweden and Moldova would open.

    For opening, you’d want a wide-appealing entry with an exciting or impactful sound to catch the attention for what’s to come and get a party mood, usually not a big favorite but it can happen. I was guessing Ireland, but they got #2, last time so to soon. Settled on Sweden as it was inoffensive enough to be well-liked and a good opener, but they went with Roop. It can help them up tbh. Strong visuals to open wnd be memorable across the 16.

    For Semi 2 I guessed Moldova, since they likely would wanna keep #FloRida as a “stay tuned” surprise, but guess they want guns blazing from step one lol.

    Closers need to have final notes ending with a BANG, and could be big favorites most likely than not. Malta in the end is a blessing for everyone else, everyone who could follow her would look like the worst vocalist ever.

    Denmark I guessed cuz it had those final banging notes and big finale for a fun night feel. Finland was too “wakeup” for the end of the run (and used effectively after 4 slower entries before them lol)

  8. Very interesting article in OGAE Greece about each slot’s qualification stats.

    -Unlike what people think, #2 is not the death slot (46% success rate) but actually slots #3 and #4 (only 33%). Slot #3 (RUS/CZE) is actually the worst of the two as it counts no semi winner ever while slot #4 counts two (interestingly they are both Kontopoulos songs, UKR in 2008 and AZE in 2013, like GRC in slot #4 this year, along with SWE).
    -From the first half the most succesful is slot #6 (NMK/POL) with 67% success rate.
    -The worst in the second half is slot #11 (BEL/ALB) with only 35% success rate!
    -The most advantageous slot overall is #14 (75% success rate and two semi winners)

    Slots with more Q than NQ


    Slots with more NQ than Q




    • It looks kind of a shaky affair for 5 first slots, but understandaby so. People have very short memory span and later entries can easily knock the early comers out from the table especially in producer draw that highlights songs with instant gratification. #11 is is a bit of mystery why it’s there. Toilet break perhaps, the show has been dragging on some time at that point 😃

      If you ask me Kontopoulos semi winners shouid have been final winners too!

      • I can’t believe what an advantageous spot they gave to Vasil despite his slim chances. Azerbaijan (also wildly favoured in this draw) and Finland look like a done deal from slot #14!

        • Who knows, maybe North Macedonia is the new EBU pet in making. After all know one predicted the crazy jury wanking over Tamara and theyvare fishing in the same pond of sseriously stale water again and as loudly.
          Azerbaijan is a bit surprising, I do like the song, but this looks a bit overwhelming to me.
          Our tabloids are actually already celebrating the great slot and they don’t even know how good it is. Maybe I shouid tell them and also what happened to Sweden in this draw 😃

          • Ahem, I predicted the jury support for Tamara the second her video clip came out. I don’t see the same support for Vasil, and I hope that I am right once again because I can’t stand his 2021 proposal.
            And just to make sure that people don’t confuse prediction and personal taste here: I am no fan of ‘Proud’ either. It is a well-crafted generic ballad with a massage (aka jury material) and a 7/12 on my list which means that the song is not in my playlist.

          • Btw, Dami Im, Cesár Sampson and John Lundvik stand at 7/12 on my list too. I suggest to keep an eye on my 7/12 songs when it comes to predicting the jury winner. ;)

  9. An explanation for Azerbaijan’s great “luck” in the draw: The names of the songwriters of the azeri song sound dutch even though I could find no further info on them (Amy Van Der Wal, Josh Earl, Luuk Van Beers, Tony Cornelissen). Mata Hari herself was also dutch ;)

    The more I look at the draw, the more it looks like Cyprus got screwed. Not only her diablo goes right before Norway’s devils but earlier than all female uptempos in the second half (Croatia, Israel, Azerbaijan, Malta).

  10. Off -topic: Malta has been talked about a lot about recently, and thus I have just watched the video clip for ‘Je me casse’ for the first time. I wonder … where has the frolic, authentic and spontaneous girl we knew from JESC gone? Destiny is only 19 years old, but I can’t find a young lady in this video clip. Everything looks rather matonly in the clip imo because everything has been styled to perfection. The result is lifeless gloss. Add all the zeitgeist slogans we are being constantly fed and I fear that poor destiny has been transformed into some sort of political correctness commodity. It is a shame. :(
    And don’t get me wrong, I am all in favour of political correctness, but the attitude needs to come from the heart (or better: brain). It shouldn’t be abused as a (these days not so) unique selling point.

    • Well, she’s the epitome of PC – her grotesque obesity, especially at her age, should be condemned. Hardly a role model IMO.

      • I don’t mind her obesity because I don’t know anything about Destiny, her biography or the circumstances of her life. Plus, obesity bashing is a terrible thing to do imo. I have a very good friend who only has two options in life because of her biography: obesity or anorexia. She tried everything to fox it, but nothing worked. :( On the other hand, it is hard to imagine that Destiny’s father was a professional football player from Nigeria. He probably wasn’t that talented because he ended up playing in the Maltese Premier League …

        • The vast majority of people who are obese are sp because they have no self-control – and there seemed to be a disproportionate amount of obese people whenever I visited Malta (which I know we disagree on as a destination lol). Her obesity is a huge part of what you correctly call her matronly appearance. IMO just like we shouldn’t enthuse about superslim/anorexic girls, we also shouldn’t deny that obesity is a problem. The whole “I’m proud to be fat” thing is PC gone crazy. And she is really grotesque. I remember when we grew up, people who were 10 kg overweight (usually “old” women) were considered “fat” – now this would be the norm and it’s not healthy.

          • We do not disagree on obesity on Malta (it is a fact and well documented by EU statistics … but man, did I meet hot men that weren’t obese when living on Malta), but I strongly object to calling people grotesque for whatever reason. I count myself among the very lucky because I can eat whatever I want without putting on too much weight. It has changed a bit since I turned 45, but it still isn’t a problem. If you grew up without problems, well-protected and loved by everyone around you, it is easy to talk about self-discipline, but then there are people with horrific biographies that might result in eating disorders. Who are we to judge?
            And btw, the UNESCO has named Valletta the place most densly packed with buildings and artefacts of global importance, beating places like Paris or Rome. :) There are no 2 opinions on Valletta. <3

            • Well, you can’t deny that compared to our generation (very recent!!) the amount of obese people under 25 has dramatically risen – in line with the number of McDonalds outlets and groteque(again!)ly mislabelled “energy” drinks.

            • Of course it has. You and me would probably be obese too if we were part of said generation. It is a systemic problem rooted in 21st century lifestyle (digitalization doesn’t help. Nowadays we do everything online, while 20 years ago we were walking to wherever we had to do business). Whenever I tell my nieces (who aren’t obese btw) that I walk for at least an hour every day, they look at me as if I came from the moon. They think that being physically active is only possible in a gym. The compartmentalization of life. :( People have lost every connection to a natural way of living, like walking downtown f. e.

            • Yeah much as I am looking forward to getting out of this Corona nightmare, the downtowns we know will not come back. UK has been leading the way on this but after this mess a lot of people will still continue to shop online (which I’ll do for some things but would never for other stuff). And agree on the obsessive compartmentalizing of people – of course it’s what’s required in today’s job market. I had a job interview a couple of years back where they asked “What’s your experience in brand to consumer marketing for diabetes type 2?” The whole thing was so inane I just said “Well, people like you wouldn’t have to worry about it if you ate less.” Needless to say there was no second interview – but the HR person sitting along got a good laugh out of it.

      • ” her grotesque obesity, especially at her age, should be condemned. Hardly a role model IMO.”
        ?? she is a role model for plenty of young singers like her especially in Malta as I understand, is why here I give up commenting, not worth the effort …in the end, website got taken over by comments above…:-(

        • tbh summaring ·the end” here, I realized I still have my friends forever!, and thus prefer to leave comments here for the moment, ,,,with others about dicks, cocks, pretty boys , eurovision pretty boys etc
          good luck to you! it is not my idea regarding a ESC website ;:-(

          • my thoughts are with Hulluna, who set up this website initially, and epecially sure her original idea wasn’t above; I’ll ask her via East Midlands dialect!
            worra bi yer sen wen ya ed idea fa site o worra ya en idea bi yer sen?
            fa mi, i wa bi me sen, tha, now, ah am giing up the gost, but watcha re Leicester , fa ‘w’n! fa lig!! :-)!

          • I know, but in the end, it’s not worth the effort , so much negative stuff here, I prefer to spend my time elsewhere tbh

            • as much as I love this website, let’s be honest, nobody gives a shit/ cares about anyone here, so good luck to those commenting here, among yourselves in a circle round and around within the ESC sphere,, and you’ll love yourselves! :-)

      • I agree on Netta. I really enjoyed ‘Toy’ for a week or two, but once the novelty factor had worn off, the whole affair became rather tiresome. It was an act designed to have its moment, and that is perfectly legitimate in ESC. In hindsight I wish that Italy (PC done the right way … plus a fantastic song), AWS (LOL) or Cláudia Pascoal (LOLLOLLOL) had won.

  11. Luca Tommassini the creative director for San Marino staging. Senhit descibes it as colorful. She says they’re preparing a choreography she hopes will go viral and that they have fun and she wants people to have fun while watching it.

    • I really hope it works – for me it has winner written all over it until the rap-part is bulldozed in. Stll think SMR may get top 10 with it. Do you have any idea where the video is shot btw? There are parts of the park that seem like Milan (where I assume the got the crew from) but the small “ruins” early on aren’t in Milan but now that I re-watch it again, it could be CGId?

      • I don;t really know where it was shot.
        You think it could win esc? I think it could do really well in televoting with a great performance. But the word “colorful” in the description worries me a bit. I hope she means colorful like the cover of her single which i like:

        • I think it could win without the rap, which counterproductively seems to be forced in to get a formerly big name in. I do believe whatever wins will be uptempo; people are tired of depressing whining like SUI and BUL. If Sugar was sent by Russia with a dofferent singer it’s be a shoo-in IMO. What are your thoughts on likely winners?

          • My first thought is that there’s not a runaway favorite. Malta if she convines televoters the way she will do with juries, France if she manages to sell the modern Piaf theme, Iceland if-and it’s a big if- he manages to create the same social media fenzy,Lithuania ifthe juries don’t kill it, Switzerland not because it sounds like a song that could win esc but he’ll get the diaspora televoting boost,Sweden as a compromise winner if televoters don’t kill it, Italy- that’s a long shot.

            • It’s a very intriguing year, especially as I doubt we’ll get the usual rehearsals insight with half the continent at least likely locked down at ESC time. I don’t see LIT being killed by juries, I’m more worried about televote – but then by now I’ve heard it so many times I think it may be too dark and radical (I’m always amazed people throw it in with AZE or CYP as fun songs). So maybe it will be Malta – it works on first listening and juries will support it; I see that as the likely compomise winner rather than SWE

            • We may get a compromise winner just like 2019. Whether it is one of the big favourites just like 2019 remains to be seen. I still think it is Switzerland.

  12. The running order is out. I almost missed that piece of news entirely. I am not really interested anyway. Bring back the draw. :)

    The skies are yellowish with dust coming from North Africa; if it rains, mud will cover everything. It’s quite warm as well. Masks are being twice as much useful as before.

    • Dust and mud seems like the perfcct metaphor for this past year. More used to red skies with desert sand in the air – Arizona state flag includes both yellow and red, interestingly.

    • Horrible :-(( I can’t stand it, we have it very often here in the Canaries, but this time thankfully we were spared.

      La calima… The worst one that I remember in 4 years was last year in February, just before the Covid outbreak. Everything was covered with sand, and the air was yellow for days.

      I thought it was the end of the world! (little did I know that the Covid was just around the door…)

      • We had Sahara sand some weeks ago. The sky was yellow. It looked surreal. Today we enjoyed 26 degrees and perfect blue skies. :)

    • The points spreading out in all different directions was to be expected considering that 2021 is a very open contest. We have a few good ones, a few terrible ones and then 80 % dull and irrelevant stuff (5/12 to 7/12).

      I will probably vote next weekend. :)

      • to me it is a pretty average contest overall, hopefully the acts on the stage will elevate certain entries!

        Great! ^^

  13. Votes are in! It’s not a vintage year, by any stretch, but it was frustrating as hell to want to recognize 11 songs and to only have 10 opportunities to do so. But I did it.

  14. Voted… I have to say that this year feels a lot better than I initially thought. I could befriend myself with a whole bunch of songs and the really annoying songs were only about a handful…

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