Eurovision 2021: Predictions

Eurovision 2021 – It’s that time of the year, when all songs are picked (Belarus excluded) and we have nothing to do but wait for rehearsals. So, a good time to start predicting?

It’s not a game, just an excuse to discuss what we think will happen, as we have nothing but allocation in halves and some lives to construe who will qualify. Here’s a reminder of the allocations:


Draw Country Artist Song
1st half  Australia Montaigne “Technicolour”
 Belarus Galasy ZMesta ???
 Ireland Lesley Roy “Maps”
 Lithuania The Roop “Discoteque”
 North Macedonia Vasil Garvanliev “Here I Stand”
 Russia Manizha “Russian Woman”
 Slovenia Ana Soklič “Amen”
 Sweden Tusse “Voices”
2nd half  Azerbaijan Samira Efendi “Mata Hari”
 Belgium Hooverphonic “The Wrong Place”
 Croatia Albina Grčić “Tick-Tock”
 Cyprus Elena Tsagrinou El Diablo
 Israel Eden Alene “Set Me Free”
 Malta Destiny Chukunyere Je Me Casse
 Norway Tix “Fallen Angel”
 Romania Roxen “Amnesia”
 Ukraine Go_A “Shum”


Draw Country Artist Song
1st half  Austria Vincent Bueno “Amen”
 Czech Republic Benny Cristo “Omaga”
 Estonia Uku Suviste “The Lucky One”
 Greece Stefania Liberakakis “Last Dance”
 Iceland Daði Freyr feat. Gagnamagnið “10 Years”
 Moldova Natalia Gordienko “Sugar”
 Poland Rafał Brzozowski “The Ride”
 San Marino Senhit Adrenalina
 Serbia Hurricane Loco Loco
2nd half  Albania Anxhela Peristeri “Karma”
 Bulgaria Victoria Georgieva “Growing Up Is Getting Old”
 Denmark Fyr & Flamme Øve Os På Hinanden
 Finland Blind Channel “Dark Side”
 Georgia Tornike Kipiani “You”
 Latvia Samanta Tīna “The Moon Is Rising”
 Portugal The Black Mamba “Love Is on My Side”
  Switzerland Gjon’s Tears “Tout L’Univers”

Which 20 songs will join the Big 5 and the hosts in the Eurovision 2021 final?

433 thoughts on “Eurovision 2021: Predictions

  1. SEMI 2

    Iceland (Top 3 jury & televoting)
    Bulgaria (Top 5 jury & televoting)
    Finland (Winner televoting, top 3 jury)
    Switzerland (Winner jury, lower top 10 televoting)

    San Marino (The only thing stopping them is…well…being San Marino)

    Albania (Lower top 10 televoting, 10th – 13th jury; then 17th in the final)
    Estonia (Alleged death slot two years in a row and you call yourself the lucky one? However, something tells me he could sneak in…)
    Greece (ERT are clueless scrubs when it comes to staging)
    Moldova (Not a jury pet. Remember how awful she sounded in the Romanian NF last year?)
    Serbia (Lots of uptempos in this semi might hurt them)

    Austria (Don’t you dare, juries!)
    Czech Republic (Juries will love how vaguely modern it sounds, but the early draw does not play in their hands)

    Denmark (Not even the pimp slot’s going to save them which would be a bummer. I like them.)
    Georgia (Hot guess for last place in both sets)
    Latvia (Yes, I said Sammy could Q like Lea Sirk did…but nevermind…)
    Poland (Expecting the worst result since “Jestem”)
    Portugal (No bottom 3 case though; tbh sometimes I wonder if Portugal could be the shock qualifier…)

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