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  1. Mata Hari’s live on tape performance will be recorded in Azerbaijan (most likely Crystall Hall). The stage director is Mads Enggaard who staged Azerbaijan 2019, Denmark 2005, 2010 and 2019. According to rumours they are going to use the same stage show that was planned for “Cleopatra”.

    • I was in the Dutch jury from 1992 (back in the days 16 people: 8 Professionals and 8 ordinary people, like me :-). We discussed the year before. 1991 the Netherlands did not participate because esc was held on 4th of may, remembrance day. But we all had seen esc 91. So the question was: would we have chosen Sweden or France as our favorite ? And…..we would have given France our douse points …………. ESC History would have been different
      [and as proof we had good taste…we gave Italy “Rapsodia” our top marks :-)

  2. SEMI 1 :
    Definite Q

    Followed by

    ROU and IRL will depend on the live
    UKR is very borderline (9th-12th)
    And it’s either AZE or ISR for the last ticket

    No chance :

        • meh… are they big in many countries? they’re not known in France for instance, and we usually love Belgian stars (Brel, Stromae, even Sandra Kim was a bit known in the 86-88 era)! if they go for the 2018-2019 staging director, they’re doomed (and I loved both songs and have them in my personal top 10 but my god did they look awkward)

            • The problem with Mad about you is that it’s not automatically associated with Hooverphonic. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve shazamed the song.

            • yeah it didnt turn the band into huge fame overnight either, and I’m pretty sure no one who isnt close to the music world doesn’t know the band’s name even if they know some songs!

              Remember, Boonie Tyler is HUGE and way more famous than Hooverphonic, and look how she did in televote! People can go “oh yeah, them” once the commentators will tell them which songs they had before, but will first go “I can never remember them”, then they’ll hear the song and go “oh that’s why I never remember them” and the vote is lost

            • Totally agree – I love “mad about you” but somehow can never remember the band’s name. Also this year’s entry is not as stromng as last year`s, especially considering that last year had several Bond-like songs with Hooverphonic the standout – this year it’s just sort of there, the kind of song nobody remembers to pick up the phone for.

          • If you ask people on the street here if they know the Hooverphonics, they will give you a blank stare but the sound is very familiar. “The wrong place” is the only Eurovision song that has received radio airplay here so far because radio people are familiar with them. On the other hand, we know how ageist Eurovision is and that will probably work against them.

          • They are one of the biggest names in Belgium but recently it’s mostly due to their past success. Not much influence on the current musical landscape. But name recognition is very high, you won’t find a single person who has not heard of them at least.

    • Ι agree on Belgium, not on name recognition, but their professionalism will save them plus they are among the few acts that have an actual song this year. On the other hand I don’t see Russia at all, I don’t think televoting support will be enough to overcome how much the juries will crucify it. (Finland on the other semi will probably qualify thanks to televote only). And I don’t see Australia and Norway as hopeless as you potray them.

    • I completely disagree with you on Norway. As much as I find the song to be a bore, it does have this familiarity in its sound from radio songs that I suspect will appeal to a similar demographic as Poland 2016 did. Plus, the melody – while quite derivitive – is easy to latch onto. I reckon they have better qualification chances than Belgium and Slovenia do.

  3. SEMI 2 :
    Definite Q

    Followed by ISL, SMR and CZE
    MDA is a tricky one cause it really could turn into an Angelica Agurbash disaster… same as POL
    Last ticket for either ALB or EST

    No chance :
    DNK (unless they improve LIVE)

      • Georgia will be last; unlike last year’s song this one just doesn’t have anything memorable about it.

          • Last year had whatever one may say about the lyrics – a rock edge, which fits the singer’s persona, this year it’s like something that would be played in a commerical. It’s too badf; Georgia usually has interesting stand-out entries, whether one likes them or not – this year it’s just kind of there and doesn’t fit the singer at all. It’s like you and me doing a romantic ballad duet without without any dancers.

    • Semi 2 is weird because basically all the up-tempo songs are in the first half, while all the ballads are in the second half. I suspect this could potentially hurt Albania (due to not having a memorable melody while stuck with a buch of other ballads) and potentially aid Latvia (as its brazen soundscape will stand out among the other more organic-sounding songs)

      The first half is really hard to predict, but like you, I think that Serbia has the potential to really lift their entry live. San Marino will also gain televote sympathy because it’s cute that such a small country is participating, so long as their live isn’t a disaster. Czech Republic could be in danger for not standing out enough and I think Austria will appeal to the juries more than Estonia.

      • I think Estonia is in the same category as Norway in the other semi. Regardless of our personal tastes, history shows that those anonymous “radio-familiar” stuff usually find it much easier to qualify than riskier propositions. Especially “fun” songs that turn into hot messes (a scenario that can not be ruled out for Cyprus / Greece / Moldova / Serbia / San Marino / Azerbaijan).

        • I get what you’re saying, but I still don’t think Estonia has as good of a chance as Norway. Estonia’s melody isn’t nearly as catchy and the arrangement of the instrumentation is very heavy and doesn’t leave any breathing room. Overall, it’s simply more forgettable.

        • I see your point but “Storm” had an immensely lucky draw (Iceland, Australia and Portugal all making it look simple instead of boring) and Victor is hot in a very “naturally hot” way whereas Uku feels plastic with a “forced” staging.

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