182 thoughts on “Poland: Song Released!

  1. I like this more than Greece or Denmark (even though Denmark is not trying to be another Weeknd or Dua Lipa but more a throwback to scandinavian Eurovision entries of the ’80s), especially in the later part of the chorus (“it doesn’t matter if I stumble and fall”). As an ’80s entry it sounds more “realistic” as if you have really fell through a hole back in time and right in the middle of an ’80s video arcade. On the other hand too many fake ’80s entries really do cheapen each other and none of them is nearly as good as the Roop. Will he really be as douchey as polish fans insist he will be? We will have to wait and see, those dark glasses in the video are a bad idea.

    1) France
    2) Lithuania
    3) Switzerland
    4) Bulgaria
    5) Ireland
    6) Ukraine
    7) Finland
    8) Belgium
    9) San Marino
    10) Ιtaly
    » 11) Poland
    12) Albania
    13) Greece
    14) Australia
    15) Croatia
    16) Cyprus
    17) Denmark
    18) Romania
    19) Moldova
    20) Norway
    21) Estonia
    22) Αustria
    23) Slovenia
    24) UK
    25) Germany
    26) Spain
    27) Portugal
    28) Netherlands
    29) Russia
    30) Serbia
    31) Czechia
    32) Ιsrael

    • Israel #32?!
      I mean, I dislike it as well but there are many other entries far worse than that.

      • Every once in a while I wonder if it is really the worst of the worst and Belarus did provide a solution to that for a while… And then I listen it and what can I say. It’s like disco for your uncool uncle. Especially those three lines “set me free, feel my beating harmony, don’t let me down” that feel totally forced and alien to the rest, like they come from a different song. And then there is the line “life has been so easy, used to call us cheesy” that kind of seals the deal :-D

        It’s like the Omaga/ohmygowd guy that really is “club” music for all the uncool kids. There really is no other way to describe it!

      • It’s not as if there are many worthy songs… Year after year people gravitate more and more towards the same handful of entries. Perhaps it has to do with more exposure, the constant feedback of betting odds etc.

            • I was thinking of the points in the final – they mostly went to the same 6 or so songs.
              I agree that 2015 was much better than 2021, the result of too many coutries re-hashing their 2020 artists who then try to re-hash last year’s song.

            • I agee with Penguin: I genuinely like 2015 because of the many amazing entries and true esc classics (including one I personally hate, but do think it’s one of the “recent classics” for what it means to esc fans) but the entire top 9 got everything in televote and no one else got any points whatsoever. Could be the same in 2021? Or people will completely split through many songs?

  2. On Poland 21 – I prefer listening to the British, Greek and Danish songs. His vocals sound already weak now; the song has a very thin melody, because he probably cannot hit two notes in a row. I am sure they will throw everything (including the proverbial kitchen sink) at the stage presentation. Good luck!

    • I think I agree. Just listened to UK again cause I didn’t know if POL should be ranked higher. James Newman comes across as a more natural performer (who would’ve thought?!). Also the brass addition makes UK 21 sound more warm :)

  3. Semi 2 (so far)
    1. CHE <3
    2. FIN
    3. SRB
    4. GRC
    5. ALB
    6. MDA
    7. DNK
    8. POL
    9. BGR :o
    10. PRT :\ (what a missed opportunity)
    11. EST
    12. SMR
    13. CZE
    14. AUT

    Poland enters at my #19/34

  4. MF final poll on ESC United:

    Who is your favorite to win Melodifestivalen?

    Danny Saucedo 3 2.8%
    Klara Hammarström 2 1.8%
    Anton Ewald 2 1.8%
    The Mamas 13 11.9%
    Paul Rey 1 0.9%
    Charlotte Perelli 6 5.5%
    Tusse 6 5.5%
    Alvaro Estrella 2 1.8%
    Clara Klingenström 26 23.9%
    Eric Saade 18 16.5%
    Dotter 27 24.8%
    Arvingarna 3 2.8%
    Total voters 109

  5. It kind of feels like they put no effort into this? It’s lame, poor and boring. An obvious last place?

  6. I upgraded Greece. It is in the YES category with Lithuania and Ukraine closely followed by France and Cyprus. I hope Stefania is strong live because this song requires strong vocals and a lot of energy.

  7. Stefania revealed she is going to bring one “element” of the clip to Rotterdam. Your bet? The flying horse (Pegasus) or the hunk (Atlas)? Or maybe none and she is referring to the flooding :P

  8. I didn’t like this, like, at all? It’s very very very lazy song writing, it’s boring, fails to make me want to dance. I barely liked one or two dancers, he looks incredibly irritating, and not a great dancers. If the Poles are right and he can’t sing either…

    1. Lithuania* (2021>2020)
    2. France* (2021>2020)
    3. Switzerland* (2020>2021)
    4. Finland (2021>2020)
    5. Bulgaria (2020>2021)

    6. Ukraine* (2021>2020)
    7. Italy (2021>2020)
    8. Australia* (2021>2020)
    9. San Marino* (2021>2020)
    10. Denmark (2021>2020)
    11. Romania* (2020>2021)
    12. Belgium* (2021>2020)

    13. Portugal (2021>2020)
    14. Greece (2020>2021)
    15. Moldova* (2021>2020)
    16. Cyprus* (2021>2020)
    17. Russia (2020>2021)
    18. Norway (2020>2021)
    19. Croatia (2021>2020)

    20. Germany* (2020>2021)
    21. Spain (2020>2021)
    22. Ireland* (2021>2020)
    23. Austria (2020>2021)
    24. Albania (2020>2021)
    25. United-Kingdom (2021>2020)
    26. Netherlands (2020>2021)

    27. Serbia* (2020>2021)
    28. Israel (2020>2021)
    29. Czech Republic* (2021>2020)
    30. Poland (2020>2021)
    31. Slovenia (2020>2021)
    32. Estonia (2021>2020)
    33. North Macedonia (2020>2021)
    ??. Belarus (2020>2021)

  9. Somebody from Poland wrote this:

    “He is very hard to be liked. I’ve just watched interview with him for eurowizja.org and, omg, what a vain dude is he! “International level of the video”, “the best quality of the song”, “Alicja? Sanah? They are young, they can wait”… he is simply the best. :sick: ”

    :O :(

  10. Well, it’s really catchy but he looks like a meme in a cringey way and his vocal range seem so small even in the studio version :o
    PS: A big boo to TVP for the way they treated Alicja. She won a NF and they have at least contacted her to tell her the news. Plus, i’m sure she could have carried an 80’s-tinged tune better than Rafal.

    • Poor Alicja. I hope that she has a bright future ahead, and that the guy chosen will be lost and forgotten.

  11. This sounds kind of cheap to me and it is surprisingly boring for an up tempo song. Plus he sounds weak vocally already in studio version, so it’s not a good sign for his live.

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