148 thoughts on “Latvia: Watch Song Presentation

  1. I had Latvia my absolute last place last year…so I wasn’t expecting much this year. It’s better than last year – I like the trap beats and production values, and it certainly is engaging and memorable, especially with that dance / move with the crown. However, it can’t be looked past that she is a terrible fit vocally for this song, and it harms the overall value of the entry massively. Can she exert enough genuine charisma to carry through live with this? I have my doubts, but, it certainly is something different in the semi-final, and if they can re-create the dance move, it could work.

  2. I remember enjoying her 2020 entry slightly more due to the fantastic backing vocals who carried the melodic parts, the self-irony of it and the meme factor (you know the hysterical moves during the dubstep part). This year the whole entry comes across as a bit agressive/shouty if not smug and the novelty factor has worn out imo.
    It’s not without fun merits, I will definitely welcome it in the semi night but should it enter the Final?
    SEMI 2 ranking :

    1. CHE <3
    2. FIN
    3. SRB
    4. GRC
    5. ALB
    6. MDA
    7. DNK
    8. POL
    9. BGR
    10. PRT
    11. EST
    12. LVA
    13. SMR
    14. CZE
    15. AUT

    Notes :
    AUT and PRT are competing for the same votes (jury most probably). Can't see them both qualifying.
    MDA, SRB and LVA will all compete for the fun trashy vote. I can see only two proceeding.
    DNK/GRC/POL : The 80s tribute vote. I haven't seen Stefania performing live yet, but the Danish MGP performance was very underwhelming and the Polish guy looks already creepy and not charismatic in the clip. It's definitely in favor of Greece right now.

  3. Top 10 so far

    1 San Marino
    2 Moldova
    3 Serbia
    4 Cyprus
    5 Croatia
    6 United Kingdom
    7 Finland
    8 Ukraine
    9 Lithuania
    10 Slovenia

  4. This one kind of stands out, but probably not in a good way. Personally I don’t really like it, it’s chaotic, noisy and annoying at times (especially the verses). The average and poor songs are kind of piling up this year…

    1. Lithuania
    2. France
    3. Switzerland
    4. Bulgaria
    5. Finland
    6. Belgium
    7. Ukraine
    8. Denmark
    9. Romania
    10. Italy
    11. Cyprus
    12. San Marino
    13. Greece
    14. Moldova
    15. Portugal
    16. Norway
    17. Netherlands
    18. Spain
    19. Croatia
    20. Russia
    21. Albania
    22. Estonia
    23. Ireland
    24. Austria
    25. UK
    26. Australia
    > 27. Latvia
    > 28. Poland
    29. Slovenia
    30. Israel
    31. Germany
    32. Serbia
    33. Czech Republic
    34. North Macedonia

        • You couldn’t tell that from the odds though. The distance between 1st and joint 2nd was about the same as this year.

          I think in the end Hannah Fern (and possibly Anna B.) took enough votes from Dotter to deprive her of her chance. I have no idea where all the televote for the Mamas came from though. You would think the public would not be in favour of somehow repeating the previous year’s act.

          • Are you saying Mamas are doing it again? :o the thing is the age group thing, Mamas were top 4 in all age group, when Dotter was more hit and miss because of Anna B doing great with older people and Hanna with younger people! So your analysis is correct, but will that repeat tonight? And in favor of…?

            • Lol, I am not making any prediction and I certainly don’t think it will be the Mamas again. I am just saying that last year there was also a prohibitive favourite that did not win, largely because of random coincidences, meaning its lead was never that huge after all.

              I mean I may wonder where all the televote for the Mamas came from but is it really a vote where you pick one against the others or rather an app where you can “like” various entries, meaning the one with the most average likeability can prevail? I don’t know because I have never used that app.

          • The Mamas were favorites among kids last year but this year Tusse with his Disney ballad and Danny may do really well with this age group. Mamas may also get some sympathy vote but I know how strong that may be.

  5. It leaves an impression and I think it’s less horrible than last year. There are some interesting parts in it; of course the shouting and live will wreck it. I usually have trouble to find enough songs for a top ten so this may get my pity point this awful year. I do find it more interesting that all the other songs I find totally annoying like GER, ISR, NOR, RUS…

  6. I wonder at what time today the official presentation of Icelandic entry is set for? And will it be just official video premiere on yt, or he will perform it live somewhere?

  7. Yet another shouting-from-the-rooftops feminist “anthem” very short on subtlety (“the blood moon is rising”). Too bad it’s not in the same semi as Russia so they could cancel each other out. Her entry last year had cult value, by dialing this persona up to 11+ while depriving the song of any melodic hook (adopting instead some urban “flavour” of questionable credibility) and imitating the Roop’s and Bilal’s hand-over-the-head gestures, she shoots herself in the foot.

    1) France
    2) Lithuania
    3) Switzerland
    4) Βulgaria
    5) Ireland
    6) Ukraine
    7) Finland
    8) Belgium
    9) San Marino
    10) Ιtaly
    11) Poland
    12) Albania
    13) Greece
    14) Australia
    15) Croatia
    16) Cyprus
    17) Denmark
    18) Romania
    19) Moldova
    20) Norway
    21) Estonia
    22) Αustria
    23) Slovenia
    24) North Macedonia
    25) UK
    26) Germany
    27) Spain
    28) Portugal
    29) Netherlands
    30) Russia
    » 31) Latvia
    32) Serbia
    33) Czechia
    34) Ιsrael

  8. I won’t be around tonight, and as there’s no new thread yet, I’ll post my thoughts on the MF final here.

    Danny – I haven’t had any desire to listen to it since its heat, but he’ll put on a show. Will land top half guaranteed.

    Klara Hammarström – Perhaps the most beige entry of the night. No idea what it’s doing in the final. Contender for last place.

    Anton Ewald – I keep forgetting he’s participating. Will probably score mid-table.

    The Mamas – They’re good at putting on a show, but their song never reaches its potential, unfortunately. Will probably garner a fair deal of sympathy votes and therefore be in contention for the win, though I don’t think they deserve it.

    Paul Rey – Very pleasant, but I’m still not super-fond of his singing style. Should finish around lower mid-table.

    Charlotte Perrelli – A throwback and very enjoyable live, but this is clearly the old-school schlager that qualifies directly from semi 3 only to finish 11th in the final. Perhaps name recognition from the juries will help push her slightly higher than that.

    Tusse – The frontrunner and the one to look out for. However, I would be disappointed if this won. It
    follows the trend of our recent winners of not doing anything wrong, but also not trying anything daring. Its anthemic qualities are its biggest strength along with Tusses charisma.

    Alvador Estrella – His poorest effort. I don’t mind “fake-Latin” music, but the melody in the chorus is so disjointed and the lanugage change is poorly integrated. Will score bottom three.

    Clara Klingenström – My personal favorite. Very laid-back and personal, yet hopeful in its somber story. Its porential for a shock top-three result will depend entirely on how the jury scores it. The Swedish language could unfortunately be to its disadvantage. Still, heja Clara! <3

    Eric Saade – Tusses biggest competition. I like the infectious drumbeats and the melody of the refrain. Unfortunately, Eric's nasal vocals are a drawback and I'm not super into the performance. Still, my favorite of the contenders for the win.

    Dotter – A banger in its studio version. I enjoy the chorus in particular, but the transition to the first post-chorus is jarring. I also think the stage presentation is too dark and Dotter has a on-putting outfit. She's had problems with her neck this week, which may weaken her performance, but still can't be discounted from the win.

    Arvingarna – I enjoyed this in the semi, but I haven't looked back on it since. Hopefully they'll put on a charismatic show as usual – that's the entry's strongest selling point.

    I hope you'll all enjoy your evening. I look forward to knowing our ESC representative :)

  9. It seems it is “Mata Hari” in the end for Azerbaijan, and will be presented on Monday as well, just like Malta.. But Im sick and tired of that Azerbaijan and their approach towards this festival.. Meeeeh…

      • Sure ge’ll get some diaspora pts. I wonder if that will have an effect on Albania’s result since Anxela’s father is also a member of the Greek minority in the South of the country.

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