Eurovision 2021: New Revamps and Official Videos

As expected with all the internal selections this year, but also all the very late reveals, it’s all coming to us in a rush and while we will make individual articles for each, the revamps and official videos of songs we already new are being posted here only.

The most important change is the new Ukrainian entry (or almost) as the revamp had to take part with the original folk song that inspired the band. It’s also cut to 3mns, without the techno bridge that used to conclude the song:

The official video of Denmark (as is often the case with Nordic national final winners) is only their live performance. However, Spain shot a new one for Blas Cantó:

It’s only a live performance for Australia but since it was interally chosen and not many people have seen it, let’s post it here:

Likewise, Russia’s official video has just been relelased and it’s the performance from the NF, but not many people have watched that national final so let’s see it again:

What did you think of this new batch of entries for Rotterdam?

18 thoughts on “Eurovision 2021: New Revamps and Official Videos

  1. Ukraine: still like this, but I did like the first version more which mixed quite well the folk and the techno… now it’s more electro with “weird” singing as some casual esc viewers would say, so I think it lost some votes there, but if Ukraine pulls out another great esc live as they often do, and help create that crescendo towards the big note, it could be more memorable and “fun” than the awfully painful Polish girls of esc 2019 (that one was unbearable to me).

    Spain: I still like Blas more than the average ET fan, not a fan of this song in particular but still would support it more than a few handful that’ll qualify mysteriously to the final in May

    Australia: I still like this way more than the average ET fan. Already last year I had her 13th and expected to have it lower considering I hated the clown aesthetics. They’ve revealed since the direction they were going with, which was a polished version from her very sloppy “Gold Coast” NF, but I still wasn’t a fan. I like this song even more than last year, but I don’t like this live particulary. I like it, but it’s sloppy as hell. However I think there’s ground for an easy Q

    Russia: still undecided, I need to watch the NF!

  2. Αustria (Morgan, that’s out too) is a harmless ballad, but quite repetitive. I will have him hang out with Uku in my ranking and just above the other “Amen”.

    Ukraine’s revamp was a positive surprise, Russia is chaotic and grating (where is the petition to bring Little Big back?) and Belarus is …whatever. I see Australia is using the Mardi Gras performance as official video. It’s a much better performance than her clown last year but things get dodgy vocally after the high note in 2:25. I also noticed unshaven armpits :-P

    1) France
    2) Lithuania

    {Ok I guess}
    3) Ireland
    » 4) Ukraine
    5) Finland
    6) Belgium
    7) San Marino
    8) Ιtaly
    9) Albania
    10) Australia

    {Sorry not sorry}
    11) Cyprus
    12) Croatia
    13) Denmark
    14) Romania
    15) Norway
    16) Μoldova
    17) Estonia
    » 18) Αustria
    19) Slovenia
    20) Germany
    21) Spain
    22) Portugal
    23) Netherlands
    » 25) Russia
    26) Serbia
    27) Czechia
    28) Ιsrael
    » 29) Βelarus

  3. It’s almost all about Ukraine for me here…
    The new version doesn’t of course make it a bad song, but for me it has lost all its’ initial shine and, therefore, I lost all my enthusiasm for it.

    About Spain: the official video is quite good. And that’s all with the pros I can find about this entry.

    Australia: I still cannot figure out whether I find her voice annoying or not :o

    Austria: Far better than last year (it was in my bottom 5).

    Belarus: ….

  4. Ukraine has changed quite a lot, hasn’t it ? The structure changed and there are more lyrics ? It’s almost like a new song in the same style. I still like it, but I think not as much.

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