Bulgaria: Victoria’s Concert Live

Bulgaria – Just like last year, Bulgaria has picked internally Victoria to represent them. Since that, she’s posted all songs from her upcoming EP and one will be picked to represent Bulgaria in Rotterdam!

UPDATE: At the end of her mini-concert, Victoria revealed she picked “Growing Up Is Getting Old” for Rotterdam!

What do you think of this entry? What are its chances in Rotterdam?

142 thoughts on “Bulgaria: Victoria’s Concert Live

  1. It’s very similar to Tears Getting Sober which is a good thing since that one was a beautiful, charming ballad, but I’m not sure if it’s at that level yet. In any case it is another good entry added to this year’s list so that’s definitely a plus. :)

    1. Lithuania
    2. France
    > 3. Switzerland
    > 4. Bulgaria
    5. Finland
    6. Belgium
    7. Ukraine
    8. Denmark
    9. Romania
    10. Italy
    11. Cyprus
    12. San Marino
    > 13. Greece
    14. Moldova
    15. Portugal
    16. Norway
    17. Netherlands
    18. Spain
    19. Croatia
    20. Russia
    21. Albania
    22. Estonia
    23. Ireland
    > 24. Austria
    25. Slovenia
    26. Israel
    27. Australia
    28. Germany
    29. Serbia
    30. Czech Republic
    > 31. Belarus

  2. Also known as “Listening to Victoria you feel like you’re growing old”. Really there are a lot of songs, unfortunately, I don’t like this year but this woman really drags me down. Saved from my last place by Belarus.

  3. They way she covers her face with one finger on her nose while holding the microphone really annoys me. It would have been my second choice but after checking the songs at the concert I didn’t like that performance at all (yeah, the revelations lol). On the other side, “imaginary friend” goes to my list of good songs from this season :) A little dramatic.

  4. It’s no secret I dislike Victoria’s style and the PR approach once again by Bulgaria. However this is one of the two better songs on her EP, I enjoy the strings and the stillness during the song.

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