21 thoughts on “Austria: Song Released!

  1. Austria: I still like this more than the average ET fan. Last year, I liked it more than many already, but tbh I don’t like this one as much so I’m very at odds. Sure it’s not awful to me, but just there and boring and not memorable. I just find him less annoying vocally/visually than Estonia (who is so smug ugh) so he’s closer to Blas but I find Blas way nicer to watch!

  2. Last year I really disliked “Alive” (i hope i got the song title right :P ). This one is an improvement imho (not that it would make it to my playlist of course). I could see it scoring a lower top 20… -25 on my list.

  3. c/p

    A harmless ballad, but quite repetitive. I will have him hang out with Uku in my ranking and just above the other “Amen”.

    1) France
    2) Lithuania

    {Ok I guess}
    3) Ireland
    » 4) Ukraine
    5) Finland
    6) Belgium
    7) San Marino
    8) Ιtaly
    9) Albania
    10) Australia

    {Sorry not sorry}
    11) Cyprus
    12) Croatia
    13) Denmark
    14) Romania
    15) Norway
    16) Μoldova
    17) Estonia
    » 18) Αustria
    19) Slovenia
    20) Germany
    21) Spain
    22) Portugal
    23) Netherlands
    » 25) Russia
    26) Serbia
    27) Czechia
    28) Ιsrael
    » 29) Βelarus

  4. My first top-10(i needed to write it down in order to make some sense

    Just Missing Out: Slovenia, Albania,

    *I haven’t ranked Austria yet.

  5. What Donny mentioned the other day seems to be true. Dimitris Kontopoulos is the producer for the Albanian entry:

  6. Zzzzzz. The exact type of ballad you know beforehand what to expect. Extremely predictable if not lazy (same as the clip). Is he a good performer? I wonder if it can be saved LIVE cause for now it screams NQ to me

    28. DEU
    27. BLR
    26. NOR
    >25. AUT
    24. ESP
    23. NLD
    22. CZE

  7. It’s a well produced song with a nice sound, but it’s way too generic and gets boring fast.
    Now I have the 2 Amens back to back. :P
    21. Austria
    22. Slovenia

  8. It’s not bad but super generic. The best part is the song’s bridge. It gives it some character the rest of it is lacking. Good luck.

  9. I’ve just given it another try. I still dislike the orchestration that comes across as sterile and dull. It’s not an awful song, but it does not resonate here. I wonder how it will sound live. The lyrics are better than the ones hailing from its Slovenian namesake. Good luck, Austria!

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