Russia: Song Chosen Tonight

Russia – Channel 1, the broadcaster that shares with RTR the Russian participation and is in charge in 2021, is set to host a rather secretive national final tonight, for an hour. Who will even participate?

Russia has two broadcasters who are EBU members and share the Russian participation in Eurovision. RTR sends Philipp Kirkorov and Dimitris Kontopoulos each time (2014, 2016, 2019) and Channel 1 has been more original and had chosen Little Big last year, who have said on Instagram that they’re not taking part in this NF but will be featured as guest stars. So who is indeed participating? Take your guess (a lot of rumors can be found online).

This is the first Russian NF since 2010! The show starts at 18:00 CET and can be watched here.

896 thoughts on “Russia: Song Chosen Tonight

  1. No surprise NFs this during the day, I see. I still have to listen to what was released today. I am hoping for good stuff. :)

  2. Belarus 21 – I am not even going to consider the song for anything. It’s just a pointless political stunt. I am sure they are ready to portray themelves as victims after all is said and done.

    Ukraine 21 – They are trying to attract more support with a polised version of their good song. The song is still there, but it lost some of its shine; not much though. :)

    Austria 21 – I was expecting something like that. I do not like the orchestraton at all. I prefer to listen to Slovenia 21 as far as this type of pompous ballads go. Waiting for a live rendition. There are no good soaring balladas this year. I can picture lots of prerecorded stuff supporting this one as well. Good luck!

    I think that is it for today. :)

  3. Fun fact: the 3 countries that gave the Mamas either 12 or 10 last year in the jury (Armenia, Malta, Australia) are all out this year. This is the first year since 2015 Australia isn’t in the MF jury. Armenia and Malta both have been in it 4 of the last 6 years. Hmmmmm

    • I like it as much as the other, but I feel the DMGP one works best for ESC. More fun, while this is more structured.

  4. On Belarus: Pure Eastern European dad rock, lulls you to bed and everything I’ve read on the lyrics + background makes it worse. With the info being removed from the Eurovision site and Melfest removing Belarus from their jury, I think the pressure is on and a DQ is coming, 2009 Georgia style.

    Austria: All that’s to be said has already been said by people on here…amen that this song is over after 3 minutes because it makes my ears bleed. Pompous male pop-ballad that isn’t fun or memorable in any way…NQ coming from Austria I’ll say.

    Ukraine revamp: While it still retains the techno folk that I love, I can’t help but feel disappointed with the register change in the melody here, even if they were forced to. It feels much more discombobulated as an entry now, and I fear this is going to not go down well live in Rotterdam. Especially with Russia now in their semi, I really fear for Ukraine’s 100% Q record.

  5. Ukraine revamp is good, Austrian song is bad but not as awful as people say it is (just like last year basically), Belarus… no words; what’s happened with the Belarussian entry (remember VAL anyone?) has made me so furious yet so sad, that I didn’t feel like posting the articles (well Ukraine is only a revamp and Austria is a leak not official yet, so it’s really just Belarus being delayed but I need time with it)…

    • I think that it is best to just ignore BLR21. After all, it is their strategic aim to get people upset.

    • I think everyone’s already said everything there is to say about Belarus so no need to spoil the site with an article. Esp. at its being discussed under the Russia thread, which seems geopolitically the right place.

    • I think there is no need for an article on the Belarussian entry. Let them face their disqualification without any more attention.

    • Hmmmm. So it sounds like it was made to be up my alley, but something is just missing? I can’t tell if it’s just her voice being kinda weak, the chorus not being punchy enough, or whatever else, but it’s not yet enough for me. It also doesn’t sound nearly infectious enough to be a Future Nostalgia track imo.

      • I dunno, it feels more like chill 80s and not anthemic to me. Betting odds have a good reaction from 40/1 to 18/1

        • I’ll see what the full official version sounds like. This was one of the entries I was looking forward to most so I may just be overcritical because of the hype I gave it.

  6. I feel like Australia is becoming my love to hate/hate to love entry of the year. It keeps getting stuck in my head but then I’ll listen to it and I’m just like “but… this isn’t good.” It sort of reminds me of the way I look at Halsey and her music lmao.

    • Same!
      Against a current, Don’t Break Me was in my podium of 2020 and it’s my favorite Aussie song of all time. It would be hard to top it, but this is… same melancholic energy, completely opposite tempo direction. At least I find it original and fitting to who Montaigne is.

  7. I am puzzled regarding what to do with the Belorussian entry. Shall I rank it or wait in case they withdraw?

    • It’s as expected; competent but you forget it while you’re listening to it. It is the better “Amen” this year anyway IMO.

        • #cause you’re more religious than me?
          Seriously, I could do without either one in the final, both are filler material. I think this may turn out to be one of these contests like 2015 where 6-8 songs get most of the points and the rest very few in the final.

  8. Belarus: It is clear the broadcaster is not interested in sending music so honestly it should not be an accepted entry. Very sad for the people of Belarus being mocked by their own representative and also unfair to VAL. I would’ve even taken the braids song over this.

    Zena right now: No you’re not gonna like it.

        • I can’t even listen to one of her in full songs or tell them apart – they all just convey the same depressing gloomy mood and we have the news for that these days.

          • It is really strange. I love ‘Tears Getting Sober’ and still listen to the song on a regular basis, but I don’t want to listen to any of Victoria’s 2021 proposals ever again. In general, I do not enjoy the musical style she is so fond of, but TGS was sth special imo because of the fairytale atmosphere which nicely balanced the gloominess and created a very special laid-back tension (if that makes sense). TGS still sounds magical to me. :)

            • It’s just not a style I enjoy (I also do not get Billie Eilish at all; absurd Bond song, too). I can do “depressing” if it’s hypnotic like Amy Winehouse’s “Back to black” but I didn’t get that from TGS personally.

  9. I honestly fail to understand where all the hate for AUT21 comes from. Yes, it is a generic and predictable song, but it is pleasant to listen to for 3 minutes imo, and that is much more than I can say for at least 10 other songs known at this point.

      • I thought a short while about using the word ‘hate’ because I think that hating a song is a rether immature thing to do. Therefore I do not use that word in the context of ESC. I made an exception here because I was sort of quoting some people who use the word ‘hate’ frequently.

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