252 thoughts on “San Marino: Song Released!

  1. Y’all. I didn’t think the 2021 nf season would be wild, but I was proven wrong. Between San Marino, San Remo, Moldoca’s song reveal, and whatever Russia does tomorrow, we’re in for something crazy.

  2. I think that irrespective of our opinions on and the ESC result of ‘Adrenalina’ we have to admit that this is a huge achievement for a microstate like San Marino already. I cannot remember ever having witnessed such a buzz surrounding any entry submitted by a microstate. Add a professional and expensive looking video clip and the collaboration with Flo Rida, and I wouldn’t mind having Senhit (or whoever is behind this …) in my budget and marketing teams. :)

      • Honestly, marko, I think that we should stay objective, irrespective of whether we like the song or not. We are talking

        a. a micristate and
        b. the ESC fan bubble here.

        And in this very specific universe SRM21 seems to achieve sth no other microstate has acieved since the return of the microstates in 2004. We cannot expect the Sammarinese entry to be as professional as the Swedish, Italian, Russian etc entries. The country only has 30.000 inhabitants and very limited financial resources. As I said, I think that we should stay fair.

          • Indeed. And btw, I expect this entry to fall flat on its face when it is being performed live, because imo Senhit does not have the voice to carry such a dynamic shake-shake. Her vocals suit jazzy stuff better imo.

          • Yeah I’m really curious as well – everything about It (video quality, large well-known team behind it, former int’l star for rap bridge) screams Azerbaijan even without the obvious Cleopatra similarities. And we know they spend money on their entries.

          • This is an ESC space. By which standards do you expect me to judge the entries? The US charts? SWR Classic Radio?
            And I think that I made my point clear: Expensive by microstate standards in ESC.

            • Shevek perfectly summed it up here IMO..
              It is only “an expensive LOOKING video”..
              And I don’t see such a huge problem to come up with Azeri, MF and other similar rejects TBH..

            • You still need to buy them methinks.
              And btw, ‘expensive’, just like ‘beauty’ is always in the eye of the beholder when it comes to cultural artefacts. None of us is the objective arbiter of any of that.

            • Ok, if you say so..
              But the cntest where KEiiNO and “Adrenalina” can win televotng (I dont care if it is Norway, Germany or a microstate) easily and not smth like “Love is on my side” looses all credibility IMO..

            • But ESC has never been about rewarding quality. It is a pan-European pop-cultural ritual that keeps telling us a lot about the state our tiny and cramped continent is in. :)
              And if people keep voting for Conservative or worse parties, why should I expect them to act more wisely when it comes to picking their favourite song? LOL

            • I don’t agree here, outside of ESC these shites are really nth..it is only for gay friendly ESC bubble..Pop culture and ESC pop culture are not the same things by any mean..

            • That was my precise point, but I don’t understand what being gay has to do with bad taste. That is a very unappealing thing to imply. I think we better continue our discussion once you have made your peace with SMR21. :)

            • It is not bad in that way you want to imply me here..it is bad in a way in the end the audience of the conetst will be sucha small buble…I already can’t find ppl here who are no hardcire ESC fans who watch and vote in this conetst.. :( I know that you know this very well too.. ;)

            • But why should non-ESC fans be scrimmaging in the ESC bubble? It doesn’t make sense. We will know what the European and Australian ESC audiences will think of SMR21 come May. :)

            • I do understand you, but we should always stay realistic when it comes the relation between our ideal worlds and reality. Things are what they are. :)

            • ESCK SMR poll:

              ist ganz ausgezeichnet (49%, 244 Votes)
              gefällt mir gut (33%, 164 Votes)
              ist so lala (12%, 58 Votes)
              gefällt mir weniger (4%, 20 Votes)
              ist ganz furchtbar (3%, 17 Votes)

              Only in the ESC bubble. LOL

            • We can’t forget that Senhit has been releasing all those covers since last year’s cancellation, and they’ve all had full music videos. She’s had practice at crafting an interesting video.

            • Indeed. After Senhit’s career in music failed, she went for plan B, which is making a career inside the ESC bubble. It is a legitimate path to choose imo.

  3. Off-topic (I was waiting for the detailed FdC rankings, but they won’t be released today) – this is how some of the FdC entries are faring on iTunes PT:

    1 The Black Mamba – Love Is On My Side
    2 Neev – Dancing In The Stars
    3 The Weeknd – Save Your Tears
    4 Carolina Deslandes – Por Um Triz
    5 Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak & Silk Sonic – Leave The Door Open
    6 Master KG – Jerusalema (feat. Nomcebo Zikode) [Edit]
    7 Maluma – Hawái
    8 Regard – Ride It
    9 Billie Eilish – idontwannabeyouanymore

    • The winning entry is trending at nº 3 on YT PT.

      P.S. – The bubble does not know what to say. I’ve heard stuff like a song from 20s, from the 80s, dated, and so on. Everything that does not sound like the latest pop trends is dated. This song is heavily influenced by American music, but these fans are closed inside their world and want to stay that way.

        • That is what the season is for. There are always good songs and/or live renditions on offer, especially the ones that do not win nfs.

      • At other times a song representing Portugal “influenced heavily by American Music” would be anathema for you but the altar of insulting once again everyone who dislikes the Portuguese entry you are more than willing to flip flop I guess. Hardly surprised.

        Ugh I had promised myself the less of certain people’s comments I read the better and I should stick to it more diligently. Once again I find myself enraged with the arrogance here.

      • Shevek I really value your comments overall, and I rarely try to be critical of other people here b/c everyone has their own views on what music they like and prefer, that’s the point of it all. But I find this comment to be quite off-putting imo. I don’t really like the song myself, so am I part of some sort of mythical bubble that only likes pop music then? Of course not, I, and many others on here, like all types of genres, whether or not they are “radio-friendly”. You can have people that loved Portugal 2018 and Norway 2019 for example, that’s the beauty of this contest.

        If people don’t like the song, they have the right to do that. And if people like it, they have that right as well! However, just tossing one set of those people into a bubble and saying they are :closed inside their world and want to stay that way” is quite disingenuous imo.

        • Of course they do, but they should also be careful with what they say. It’s very easy to be dismissive and say silly and condescending things that make no sense. Everyone is free to dislike it, obvioulsy, and many have here making valid points.

          • Fair enough I understand what you’re saying. I just thinking painting everyone with the same brush isn’t the most fair move considering many probably have valid criticism of the selection. Are there opinions that may be more silly like you say? Sure, but in the end opinions are opinions, everyone has a right to them.

            • They are laughing to my ranking of Portugal in esc united forum today!
              Ppl whose comments consist only of “SLAYYY” “GUUUURL”, “BOOOOOP”…
              LITEARALLY… :(

            • Of course, but one should say why. What I’ve heard today, not here, was silly and nosensical. ET is a different place. And btw those sweeping statements were used about FdC as well. There is space for everyone here.

            • You are apologizing to a person who says people should not say silly and condescending things that make no sense but has a decades long obsession with MF, constantly looking down on contestants, people who like the songs and the whole cultural meaning MF has for swedes. Don’t do it. Not worth it.

      • I wish I hadn’t read this comment, Shevek. You shouldn’t make this kind of conclusions of fans not liking POR 2021. It’s dissimissuvec, arrogant and fool. Reminds me of the arrogant and dissimissive comments made after ETSC 11 top ten being too gay, and voted because of the videos. To think about it “gay” and “ESC fan” actually could be interchangeable.
        Maybe concentrate on this sentence if yours
        “fans are closed inside their world and want to stay that way.”. There might be deeper meanings in this one, don’t you think?

        • Don’t change what I said. I do not accept how they say it, not their not liking the song. Regarding the rest of your comment, the matter was settled then. I have moved on.

          I am open to criticism as long as it is constructive and substantive. And now I have to go to work. Enjoy your day. 🙂

            • We should all remember that. Regarding your last sentence, I was merely alluding to the very conservative views of the bubble. They like living in comfort and dislike being disturbed. I have always been clear about that here.

  4. I finally won’t be watching Eurovision alone (or with my grandparents lol) this year. My friends agreed to watch with me, and they have never seen (or heard of) Eurovision before so this should be interesting.

  5. All this secrecy regarding the Russian NF(?), selection(?) or whatever, is getting on my nerves.
    I just hope that the song Dimitris posted last night isn’t their entry…

  6. So this is my guess on how this is going to go: “Sex Machine” by Little Big will be officialised as the russian 2021 entry. Releasing the song on the very same day at the stroke of midnight with very clear references to last year’s entry can’t be a coincidence.

    However if Little Big are going this year, that means the Kirkorov team loses its turn. Remember, there are two russian channels alternating Eurovision between themselves and one of them always sends a “Dream Team” entry while the other sends something else on the alternate year. In 2014 Kirkorov sent the twins, in 2016 Lazarev, but he lost his turn once before in 2018 when they had to send Yulia Samoylova who couldn’t perform the previous year, so the Lazarev comeback was pushed back to 2019. Now he loses his turn for the second time, because Little Big couldn’t perform last year. So I am guessing their little arrangement is that he shares the spotlight on the special programme they will broadcast in order to promote Moldova’s entry along with the russian one.

    I can’t wait to see the face of the journalists who were trolled into reporting that Little Big were out and were even naming other candidates :-D

  7. MF Final Songs on Sweden’s Spotify Top 50 today:

    3. Tusse – Voices
    4. Clara K – Behover inte dig idag (!!)
    5. Eric Saade – Every Minute
    6. Danny Saucedo – Dandi Dansa
    8. Dotter – Little Tot
    9. Alvaro Estrella – Baila Baila
    11. The Mamas – In the Middle
    18. Anton Ewald – New Religion
    19. Klara H – Beat of Broken Hearts
    27. Charlotte Perelli – Still Young
    31. Paul Rey – The Missing Piece
    33. Arvingarna – Tanker inte alls ga hem

    • Honestly, I’m really hoping that Clara pulls out a surprise top 3 result. So long as the international juries don’t bury her, I think she has a shot

      • I could see the international juries having her 6th-7th and a strong televote could propel her to 3rd place overall. I still think Tusse/Eric/Danny are the likely televote Top 3 but if she keeps gaining momentum I’m more inclined to think she may break that up.

    • I like Clara and her song and I wish her to do well which she seems she will but I do hope she doesn’t win in this final especially. It will be a bit of a wasted opportunity since there are quite a few better entries. She was unlucky to be in the strongest MF final in years.

    • I am not really surprised that the Swedish public are backing her: a song in Swedish, modern yet old-school STHLM pop, different from most entries and a likeable character. I do think that the public will give her a 3rd or 4th place in the voting at best, but the international juries will probably place her in the bottom 3…

      I do think Eric is the best option for Sweden to get a Top 10 or Top 5 even at Eurovision (staging, instrumental, overall package), but I would not be mad for Clara to sneak by and surprise us all with an upset win for an AC entry. She will help split the votes between Eric/Danny/Tusse to a certain extent, she is not exactly doing something similar to the other finalists. I do agree however that she would have done a lot better in a more ‘average’ MF year like 2018. She might be able to pull a Top 10 result, but most likely only end up as high as Robin S. did on home soil.

      • Totally agree on her chances in MF.

        I don’t think she’s be a particularly strong ESC representative in terms of results (keep in mind though that I havne’t heard of this year’s songs yet), but I’d be really happy to send her anyway. It’d be different from what we’ve sent the past few years and – as a bonus – it’d be nice to hear Swedish on the ESC stage again. I can’t imagine that she’d translate the song :) Totally rooting for her!

  8. After reading all the comments, it seems that I’ve got the unpopular opinion here: I really enjoy it!

    Songwise I still prefer Stand By, but this is about the whole package and there it really pulls off s.th. which I never expected from San Marino. If they manage to bring Flo Rida on stage, pump another bag of money into the performance and work cleverly on the sound of the backing singers to stabilize Senhit’s vocals, this really has a chance to shoot high in televoting. And even if it becomes the FFF, it’s really cool to have it in the line-up. This will create a lot of fuss in our preview parties – love it!

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