Italy: Måneskin wins San Remo!

Italy – RAI, the national broadcaster, concluded  San Remo 2021 tonight, a contest which will serve once more as a means to select the Italian act for Eurovision.

Remember 2019, there were polemics, since televote was only a third of the total votes and in the end, the big favorite of televote each round did not win the show! The jury’s favorite, a gay man whose father is from Egypt, won and even Salvini took the polemics seriously, as far as Twitter can be taken seriously anyway. Even though Mahmood’s “Soldi” did take the Silver medal in Tel Aviv, the changes were announced and a new San Remo producer was appointed. Amadeus will again be the artistic director and presenter of the song festival, even though he wasn’t all that convincing in 2020…

26 acts took part, among them 2 recent Italian Eurovision acts, Francesca Michielin (16th in 2016 after she got second in SR) and Ermal Meta (5th in 2018 with Fabrizio Moro) and a few returnees, like Ghemon, Irama orLo Stato Sociale. The shows started February 2nd and we got a “Serata” each night this week. Tonight was the Grand Finale, that lasted from 21:00 CET to 02:40AM! All 26 acts performed again

Here’s the full line-up of all 26 acts:

  • Aiello“Ora” (Antonio Aiello, Iacopo Sinigaglia, Simone “Mace” Benussi)
  • Annalisa“Dieci” (Annalisa Scarrone, Davide Simonetta, Paolo Antonacci, Jacopo Matteo Luca “Dargen” D’Amico)
  • Arisa“Potevi fare di più” (Gigi D’Alessio)
  • Bugo“E invece sì” (Cristian Bugatti, Simone Bertolotti, Andrea Bonomo)
  • Colapesce & Dimartino“Musica leggerissima” (Lorenzo “Colapesce” Urciullo, Antonio Di Martino)
  • Coma_Cose“Fiamme negli occhi” (Fausto Zanardelli, Francesca Mesiano)
  • Ermal Meta“Un milione di cose da dirti” (Ermal Meta, Roberto Cardelli)
  • Extraliscio feat. Davide Toffolo“Bianca luce nera” (Pacifico, Mirco Mariani)
  • Fasma“Parlami” (Tiberio Fazioli, Luigi “GG” Zammarano)
  • Francesca Michielin & Fedez“Chiamami per nome” (Alessandro Mahmoud, Davide Simonetta, Alessandro Raina, Federico Leonardo Lucia,
    Francesca Michielin)
  • Francesco Renga“Quando trovo te” (Roberto Casalino, Davide Petrella, Dario “Dardust” Faini)
  • Fulminacci“Santa Marinella” (Filippo Uttinacci)
  • Gaia“Cuore amaro” (Gaia Gozzi, Jacopo Ettorre, Daniele Dezi, Simone Privitera, Giorgio Spedicato)
  • Ghemon“Momento perfetto” (Giovanni Luca Picariello, Simone Privitera, Giuseppe Seccia, Daniele Raciti)
  • Gio Evan“Arnica” (Giovanni “Gio Evan” Giancaspro, Francesco Catitti)
  • Irama“La genesi del tuo colore” (Filippo Maria Fanti, Giulio Nenna, Dario “Dardust” Faini)
  • La Rappresentante di Lista“Amare” (Veronica Lucchesi, Dario Mangiaracina, Dario “Dardust” Faini, Roberto Cammarata)
  • Lo Stato Sociale“Combat Pop” (Alberto Cazzola, Francesco Draicchio, Jacopo Ettorre, Lodovico Guenzi, Alberto Guidetti, Enrico Roberto, Matteo Romagnoli)
  • Madame“Voce” (Francesca “Madame” Calearo, Dario “Dardust” Faini, Enrico “Estremo” Botta)
  • Malika Ayane“Ti piaci così” (Malika Ayane, Pacifico, Alessandra Flora, Rocco “Congorock” Rampino)
  • Måneskin“Zitti e buoni” (Damiano David, Ethan Torchio, Thomas Raggi, Victoria De Angelis)
  • Max Gazzè & La Trifluoperazina Monstery Band“Il farmacista” (Max Gazzè, Francesco Gazzè, Francesco De Benedittis)
  • Noemi“Glicine” (Alessandro “Tattroli” Mahmoud, Ginevra Lubrano, Francesco Fugazza, Dario “Dardust” Faini)
  • Orietta Berti“Quando ti sei innamorato” (Ciro Esposito, Francesco Boccia, Marco Rettani)
  • Random“Torno a te” (Emanuele “Random” Caso, Samuel Balice)
  • Willie Peyote“Mai dire mai (La locura)” (Guglielmo “Willie Peyote” Bruno, Daniel Bestonzo, Carlo Cavalieri D’Oro, Giuseppe Petrelli)

Voting during the five evenings (first round):

  • First evening: demoscopic jury
  • Second evening: demoscopic jury
  • Third evening: music and singers of the Sanremo orchestra
  • Fourth evening: jury of the press room (TV, Radio and Web)
  • Fifth evening: Televote

Tonight, 3 superfinalists were revealed based on televote. The three finalists were:

  • Ermal Meta“Un milione di cose da dirti”
  • Francesca Michielin & Fedez“Chiamami per nome”
  • Måneskin“Zitti e buoni”

The final results between the three were determined by 34% televote, 33% jury of the press, 33% demoscopic jury. We also got honorary awards: best lyrics to Madame‘s “Voce”, best composition to Ermal Meta‘s “Un milione di cose da dirti”, critics awards went to Willie Peyote and the press award went to Colapesce & Dimartino.

In the end, Måneskin won it all, thanks to 58% televote support! Ermal Meta was 3rd overall and Francesca Michielin got a new second place in San Remo (with Fedez this time). It helped having gone to Eurovision before for these two, so it could be that, having already had a go, the San Remo 2021 winners decide to pick their chances in Rotterdam!

What do you think of this entry? Do you want to see it in Rotterdam?

242 thoughts on “Italy: Måneskin wins San Remo!

  1. I have just listened to SMR. Well that’s good and in fact it does it much better than Serbia and Azerbaijan last year in the same genre. And I have just noticed Italy is niw 4th. Yawn…

    • “Team San Marino explain:

      “Flo Rida has been a part of the production and is featured in the music video, but it’s yet to be decided if he will take part on stage in Rotterdam. The rap part will either way remain.”

      Will he be on stage or will they be allowed to feature him as a recorded vocal?

        • They will allow a whole choir in the case of North Macedonia. I don’t see what the difference is. They have opened a huge can of worms, allowing vocals from people who will not be on stage.

          This excerpt is from the official Eurovision.TV page by the way. And the only way I can understand it is, they will play the vocal even if he is not there.

            • The other way I can understand it is if they bring somebody else to do the rap part. But are they allowed to present something different than the recording they submitted?

              The more I think about it, the more it seems to me that the relaxing of the rules has given allowance to small countries especially to think they can get away with anything.

  2. Song Producers:
    Thomas Stengaard, Joy Deb, Linnea Deb, Jimmy Thörnfeldt, Kenny Silverdique, Suzi Pancenkov, Malou Linn Eloise Ruotsalainen, Chanel Tukia, Senhit

  3. Okay the video is the best part of this..that cheap video is BRILLIANT! x
    And Flo Rida’s part..

    But this oriental beat! :puke:

    Super Senhit, why you picked this type of trash!?! :(((((((((((((((((((((

  4. Honestly i don’t get esc fans. They’re over then moon because of this. It’s a basic shake it pop entry. Yes, it’s catchy and has the potential to do well with televoters but ok? I have my doubts about its live performance but let’s wait and see about that.

  5. SMA – catchy but as Hjallis said a J Lo reject – totally will depend on the staging. But it’s not embarrassing like the 2 Jennifers with the robot or Valentina’s Siegel disco duet.

  6. I genuinely think they’ve managed to book Flo Rida for ESC, I think they are trying to be ambiguous to try and get something like UK had with ALW, or Germany with Dita Von Teese, even Madonna in Israel wasn’t 100% confirmed until a couple days before.

    Perhaps he will only appear if SM make it to the final and not in the Semi Final. Technically the Semi and Final are meant to be the same, but you know the EBU, the rules are the rules, until they’re not…

  7. We can’t blame Senhit for going ALL IN and trying her hardest. This is very fun and just SO out there.

    Could have just beaten Serbia on their own game

  8. Betting odds :
    Italy is going up leaving BGR, LTU and SWE behind.
    San Marino is at #17 atm (huge climb)
    AUS and BEL are going down. Poor betting reaction to ROU too.

  9. Now that we have the official version I have to say if it wasn’t for the cheap ethno instrumental this could be up my alley. It’s catchy and much better than Moldova and Serbia at the same genre. It doesn’t reach Croatia by any means or even Cyprus but it is enjoyable even at its current form. SMR is causing ripples apparently and I am happy for them.

  10. On the same league:

    San Marino: I enjoy this tbh, but maybe just because I’m influenced by how other fans out there reacted. I don’t know if it is hyped just because it is a banger, and will it last long? I dont know.

    Serbia – just messy

    The last three is in my bottom five. SM though I can’t decide, probably among top 10

      • Ah forgot about that. I still put it in the middle, the chorus is memorable and catchy at least, can’t say much more. I think SM is higher on my list, but again this is too early.

        And on the cheap ethno instrumental mention on previous comment, i think it is the vote magnet. Wouldnt you think voters from Turkish diaspora and Balkan countries will love this?

  11. Okay so the Sammarinese entry is fun in a way that is mindless and cheap. The comparison to a J.Lo reject is definitely accurate, and it does remind me of something that would have been a dance club hit in like 2012. The aesthetics of the video kinda confuse me because I wouldn’t match this song with neon colors. Of the songs in this sort genre that we have so far, I think that it’s one of the worst but that doesn’t mean I dislike it, because I don’t dislike it, I just wouldn’t pick this over them. I think the Flo Rida verse is entirely irrelevant and should be removed, but it’s whatever. Regardless though, last year San Marino was my dead last and I thought the song was totally unlistenable, so this is definitely a huge improvement.

    Personally, I see this as a NQ unless the performance is good, which I don’t trust San Marino to be able to pull off. It reminds me of the type of song that gets hyped but then becomes an NQ and the Wiwis lose their minds.

    1) 🇩🇰 Denmark (2021 > 2020)
    2) 🇫🇮 Finland (2021 > 2020)
    3) 🇮🇹 Italy (2021 > 2020)
    4) 🇭🇷 Croatia (2021 > 2020)
    5) 🇱🇹 Lithuania (2021 > 2020)
    6) 🇲🇩 Moldova (2021 > 2020)
    7) 🇫🇷 France (2021 > 2020)
    8) 🇷🇴 Romania (2021 > 2020)
    9) 🇨🇾 Cyprus (2021 > 2020)
    10) 🇨🇿 Czech Republic (2021 > 2020)
    11) 🇳🇴 Norway (2020 > 2021)
    12) 🇷🇸 Serbia (2021 > 2020)
    ****13) 🇸🇲 San Marino (2021 > 2020)****

    14) 🇦🇺 Australia (2021 > 2020)
    15) 🇪🇪 Estonia (2021 > 2020)
    16) 🇮🇪 Ireland (2020 > 2021)
    17) 🇧🇪 Belgium (2021 > 2020)
    18) 🇺🇦 Ukraine (2020 > 2021)

    19) 🇦🇱 Albania (2020 > 2021)
    20) 🇮🇱 Israel (2020 > 2021)
    21) 🇸🇮 Slovenia (2020 > 2021)
    22) 🇳🇱 Netherlands (2021 > 2020)
    23) 🇪🇸 Spain (2021 > 2020)
    24) 🇵🇹 Portugal (2020 > 2021)
    25) 🇩🇪 Germany (2020 > 2021)

  12. I just realized that San Marino is in the bottom 5 of my list in every single year since 2015!!!!!!!!!
    That makes them, by far, my least favourite esc country :(
    Oh boy…

  13. I have to thank Morgan because the background and the font he made change to this website.. it’s like reading through reading app.. love it.

  14. The lyrics of “Voce” is a desparate love letter to Madame’s ex

    I remember you
    I remember a thousand rides, on you
    I wrote one more song
    It reminds me of who I am
    I put on one more lipstick on my upper lip

    In the eyes, shutters will close and I’ll disappear
    A last breath and my voice will be the last thing alive of me
    I want it to live for a hundred years after me, I want it to stay with me for the years to come
    I smoke to get rid of it, but it comes back to me

    Where have you gone, my love?
    How come you’re not here anymore
    And I tell you that I miss you
    If you want I’ll tell you what I miss
    Now that I’m not here anymore
    Now that they laugh at me
    Now that you’re not here anymore
    I don’t know if

    You remember me
    How beautiful it was to embrace me, to feel somehow at home
    It will be beautiful to embrace you, to tell you that I’ve missed you
    In a forest of me, there’s a never ending noise
    And I push it aside, you are my voice

    I remember you
    They saw me laughing alone, but it was you
    I’ve kissed a white sheet
    And the shape of my lips
    Has written where you were born and that you won’t die
    And if in the eyes the shutters will close and I’ll disappear
    The last breath will give voice to what is the last thing alive of me
    I want it to live for a hundred years after me, because people ask me of myself
    And I ask myself of you, too

    Where have you gone, my love?
    How come you’re not here anymore
    And I tell you that I miss you
    If you want I’ll tell you what I miss
    Now that I’m not here anymore
    Now that they laugh at me
    Now that you’re not here anymore
    I don’t know if

    You remember me
    How beautiful it was to embrace me, to feel somehow at home
    It will be beautiful to embrace you, to tell you that I’ve missed you
    In a forest of me, there’s a never ending noise
    And I push it aside, you are my voice

    Baby, I did things
    Baby, I’ve come a long way
    Baby, I’ve looked for you everywhere
    In the chords of people I did not know
    But in the end looking inside of me rather than around would have been enough
    You’ve always been inside of me and I didn’t realize it

    Where have you gone, my love?
    How come you’re not here anymore
    And I tell you that I miss you
    If you want I’ll tell you what I miss
    Now that I’m not here anymore
    Now that they laugh at me
    Now that you’re not here anymore
    I know that

    You remember me
    Because it’s beautiful to embrace me, to feel somehow at home
    You remember the nights screaming in the streets
    But in the forest of me, now we’re back
    And forever it will be that you are my voice

    And we are back
    And forever it will be
    Yes, forever it will be
    That you are my voice

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