Denmark: It’s Fyr & Flamme to Rotterdam!

Denmark – DR, the national broadcaster, hosted the Grand Final of Melodi Grand Prix 2021, tonight! 8 acts competed for the chance to represent them in Rotterdam and Fyr & Flamme!

Tonight’s show was hosted at the DR Headquarters in Copenhagen by Tina Müller and Martin Brygmann. Even though it was designed to be without an audience (last year, MGP was the first NF to be held without an audience as the pandemics was just getting out of hands and spreading through Europe), it was a beautiful stage and the show was supported by an orchestra and live backing vocals

This was tonight’s line-up:

  1. Chief 1 & Thomas Buttenschøn“Højt over skyerne”
  2. Nanna Olivia“Hvileløse hjerter”
  3. The Cosmic Twins“Silver Bullet”
  4. Claudia Campagnol“Abracadabra”
  5. Mike Tramp“Everything Is Alright”
  6. Fyr & Flamme“Øve os på hinanden”
  7. Emma Nicoline“Står lige her”
  8. Jean Michel“Beautiful”

In a first round of voting, the Top 3 with 50% televote and 50% juries qualified to the final. It was revealed that these were:

  • Fyr & Flamme
  • Chief 1 & Thomas Buttenschøn“Højt over skyerne”
  • Jean Michel“Beautiful”

Then 100% televote decided the winner and it was:

They got 37%, Jean Michel 34% and Chief 1 29%! It would be the first Danish entry entirely in Danish since the language rule of 1999 allowing countries to sing in whatever language they chose to (there was some in 2019). However, it’s already said that DR will want a song in English, so it’s hard to know if this will go to Rotterdam as is!

What do you think of this entry? What are its chances in Rotterdam?

34 thoughts on “Denmark: It’s Fyr & Flamme to Rotterdam!

  1. Hmm… Ok this: I love the song actually, and in 100% audio it was in my top 3 of the NF with Cosmic Twins and Emma. Tonight, with Cosmic Twins failing completely (in a charming cute way btw), they were an obvious stand out and are a reasonable MGP winner! But, I did like Emma more and they were only my runner-up and… I don’t really like the live? It feels almost like a pastiche of the 80s, and he’s genuine and honestly fun, to the point I find it aimlessly confusing and sloppy. So, somehow, I’m not sold on it yet and it needs to be polished for Eurovision, but then I am also afraid a polished version would lose some charm.

    More importantly, can they take points from Lithuania and Iceland? They would feel more genuine and honest vs. Dadi and The Roop, who are “calculated” to be funny and different?

    1. Lithuania* (2021>2020)
    2. France* (2021>2020)
    3. Finland (2021>2020)
    4. Ukraine* (2021>2020)
    5. Australia* (2021>2020)
    6. Romania* (2020>2021)
    7. Belgium* (2021>2020)
    8. Denmark (2021>2020)
    9. Moldova* (2021>2020)
    10. Cyprus* (2021>2020)
    11. Norway (2020>2021)
    12. Croatia (2021>2020)
    13. Germany* (2020>2021)
    14. Spain (2020>2021)
    15. Ireland* (2021>2020)
    16. Albania (2020>2021)
    17. Netherlands (2020>2021)
    18. Serbia* (2020>2021)
    19. Israel (2020>2021)
    20. Czech Republic* (2021>2020)
    21. Slovenia (2020>2021)
    22. Estonia (2021>2020)

    *it’s a ranking based on audio only because many internally selected entries won’t have a live performance before the contest. Moreover, based on live, I have France above Lithuania…

    • The point about taking points from Iceland/Lithuania is a good one…specifically Iceland there b/c last year Dadi was going to sweep the Nordics and the West I think, but now it may have a bit more of a challenge to complete that this year. Although I think Dadi is still likely to bring something more palatable for the juries than this, and Lithuania has a stronger televote potential in the East.

  2. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!! Call it tacky all you want, but I LOVE this. It’s over the top and 80s and fun and just makes me super happy. Everybody who knows me knows I absolutely love stuff like this, and I hope the Eurovision performance is as bright, colorful, and fun as the song is. Very eager to hear what it sounds like live without an orchestra too. My favorite Danish entry ever probably. Really hoping they don’t translate it but I expect they will; hopefully English lyrics won’t be too awful.

    ****1) 🇩🇰 Denmark (2021 > 2020)****
    2) 🇫🇮 Finland (2021 > 2020)
    3) 🇭🇷 Croatia (2021 > 2020)
    4) 🇱🇹 Lithuania (2021 > 2020)
    5) 🇲🇩 Moldova (2021 > 2020)
    6) 🇷🇴 Romania (2021 > 2020)
    7) 🇨🇾 Cyprus (2021 > 2020)
    8) 🇳🇴 Norway (2020 > 2021)
    9) 🇫🇷 France (2021 > 2020)
    10) 🇷🇸 Serbia (2021 > 2020)
    11) 🇨🇿 Czech Republic (2021 > 2020)

    12) 🇦🇺 Australia (2021 > 2020)
    13) 🇪🇪 Estonia (2021 > 2020)
    14) 🇮🇪 Ireland (2020 > 2021)
    15) 🇧🇪 Belgium (2021 > 2020)
    16) 🇺🇦 Ukraine (2020 > 2021)

    17) 🇦🇱 Albania (2020 > 2021)
    18) 🇮🇱 Israel (2020 > 2021)
    19) 🇸🇮 Slovenia (2020 > 2021)
    20) 🇳🇱 Netherlands (2021 > 2020)
    21) 🇪🇸 Spain (2021 > 2020)
    21) 🇩🇪 Germany (2020 > 2021)

    • DR.DK:

      But even though they are now competing in an international competition, the duo insists that ‘Practice us on each other’ retains its Danish title and exactly as in the Danish Melodi Grand Prix must be performed 100 percent in Danish.

      That confirms the duo to DR immediately after the victory.
      – It is a song made according to some Scandinavian traditions. I can not even imagine how we should be able to translate it. So we stick to the Danish, says Jesper GrothDR and adds:
      – And in recent years we have also seen several countries do really well in their mother tongue – with reference to Portugal’s victory in 2017 and Ukraine’s victory the year before.
      It is the first time since 1997, when Kølig Kaj sang ‘The voice in my life’, that a song is sung exclusively in Danish in the international competition.

  3. Well, at least they prevented Jean Michel…

    It’s ok, I guess. 80’s retro always gets a plus from me (or mostly, I should say) but there’s nothing that stands out about it. On the other hand, I’m not surprised it won since it has been the runaway most listened song from DMGP on Spotify. Thomas & Chief 1 had grown into my favourite in the run, but shit happens. Held og lykke!

    Btw, I hate NFs where you only get to know the Top 3. Give me the full results for once, Denmark!

  4. The worst Denmark has send in a decade and probably more. Irrelevant 80s ditty with a jolly yet tacky performance. So subpar to the standards we are used from Denmark that I just feel depressed that they sent that. A 6.0/10 and 15th place is the best I can do for Denmark. Definite NQ this year and I hope they wake up and go back to their good self next year.

  5. Clearly the best song tonight and I’m happy…listening it in studio after has bumped it up in my opinion. Quirky, retro (not dated) song that’s easy to listen to and just oozes happiness without being too overt. I think the live can be worked on, specifically the guitar guy needs to be less wooden (and his vocals are a bit suspect), but I think this could be a televote hit (lots of people are going to vote for fun this year I think) and some juries will like this (most of them may have this on the wrong side of their fun-o-meter though). It’ll be interesting to see where it lands in the SF2 running order considering Iceland is in there as well. 4th place for me as of now!

  6. My favorites from the show were Emma and Nanna but they were my number 3. From the 3 superfinalist I’m glad they won. I really like the 80’s sound (reminds me of songs like Klodendrejer) but live it wasn’t very good (and a bit too much in presentation). But I prefer this above those safe-radio–friendly songs Denmark most of the times has given us. I do hope they will keep it in Danish!

    1. France (2021>2020)
    2. Lithuania (2021>2020)
    3. Romania (2020>2021)
    4. Belgium (2021>2020)
    5. The Netherlands (2020>2021)
    6. Cyprus (2021>2020)
    7. Croatia (2021>2020)
    8. Australia (2020>2021)
    9. Israel (2020>2021)
    10. Albania (2021>2020)
    11. Finland (2020>2021)
    12. Ukraine (2020>2021)
    13. Denmark (2021>2020)
    14. Moldova (2021>2020)
    15. Ireland (2021>2020)
    16. Czech Republic (2021>2020)
    17. Spain (2021>2020)
    18. Germany (2020>2021)
    19. Estonia (2021>2020)
    20. Serbia (2021>2020)
    21. Slovenia (2020>2021)
    22. Norway (2020>2021)

  7. Charming 80s tribute and among the best Danish proposals tonight and lately (also in Danish language) but the live performance is underwhelming. It needs to be polished (a lot)
    I ‘d say 6.5/10 for now.

    Here’s my overall ranking for DMGP
    1. Emma Nicoline 7+/10
    2. Chief 1 & Thomas Buttenschøn 7/10
    3. Claudia Campagnol 7/10
    4. Fyr & Flamme 6.5/10
    5. Mike Tramp 6/10
    6. The Cosmic Twins 6/10
    7. Nanna Olivia 6/10
    8. Jean Michel 4/10 (This almost won, *shivers)

    Average of all eight entries at 6.25

  8. I really like the stage I must say but the song is a big meh. Not bad but not OK either. I am a bit undecisive about it. I think it is safe to say that Denmark will miss the final.

  9. Now that I listen to it again, it´s not bad at all.
    The live was weak.
    Good luck, Denmark.

  10. I don’t mind a bit of retro fun, and if it comes in the shape of glam disco scghlager, I am all here for it. Good luck, Denmark!

  11. This sounds just like a scandinavian entry in 1985 which is about as long as we have last heard danish in Eurovision! We are going through very tough times and it seems people are yearning for more simple and innocent times, hence I can’t dislike this. i think Emma Nicoline was the best of the rest, the Cosmic Twins sounded as if he was auditioning for a Nosferatu movie :-/

    Denmark is sending something in danish and Portugal something in english, this is definitely the end of the world :)

    1) France
    2) Lithuania

    Just ok
    3) Ireland
    4) Finland
    5) Ukraine
    6) Belgium
    7) Albania
    8) Australia

    Sorry, not sorry
    9) Cyprus
    10) Croatia
    » 11) Denmark
    12) Romania
    13) Norway
    14) Μoldova
    15) Slovenia
    » 16) Estonia
    17) Germany
    18) Spain
    » 19) Portugal
    20) Netherlands
    21) Serbia
    22) Czechia
    23) Ιsrael

  12. Yeah, we’re definitely going retro this year. I don’t mind that, but I found this song really weak. It just doesn’t go anywhere. On a positive note I’m very happy to hear Danish language in ESC. :)

  13. Translation of the lyrics:


    Time has stopped
    What it is we are waiting for?
    Your eyes say the same as mine
    So I begin
    A dance move
    I have practised from home
    And pray to my creator that they catch me

    (A dance floor)
    Rivals kick legs and wage war
    (At once, at a dance floor)
    But if you don’t catch me, we’ll take off

    Nobody knows how to do, so
    Let’s practice on each other
    In a little bit, you and I are adults
    You are the woman, I am the man
    The whole floor has gone mad
    Let’s pratice on each other

    Time has stopped
    Your dress is light blue
    You say something, I can’t hear, while the rhythm is beating

    (On a dance floor)
    Where the heart swells up and break
    (On a dance, dance floor)
    We’ll never be more alive than right now

    Nobody knows how to do so,
    Let’s practice on each other
    In a little bit, you and I are adults
    You are the woman, I am the man
    The whole floor has gone mad
    Let’s practice on each other

    A dance floor where the heart swells up and breaks
    We’ll never be more alive than right now
    The whole floor has gone mad
    Let’s practice on each other

    Nobody knows how to do so,
    Let’s practice on each other
    In a little bit, you and I are adults
    You are the woman, I am the man
    The whole floor has gone mad
    Let’s practice on each other

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