30 thoughts on “Australia: Song Released!

    • On some level I want to applaud them for not sending the usual jury-friendly MOR radio stuff but it’s just horrible, like someone on acid trying to do Kate Bush on karaoke night.

        • It’s actually physically painful for me; on the other hand MOL and CYP are in my top tier so who am I to judge lol?!

  1. At least, Montaigne isn’t in last place on my pre-contest list this year. She should send some flowers to Ana S. :D
    This sounds quite painful even in the studio cut. :(

  2. I kinda like it but it’s more on the guilty pleasure side. The vocals are painful to listen to (imagine them LIVE) and the chorus is enervating. She should’ve opted for a song in her vocal range and not this screaming fest.

    Semi 1 – Ranking (so far)
    1. LTU
    2. HRV <3
    3. BEL
    4. CYP
    5. UKR
    6. ROU
    7. AUS
    8. SVN
    9. IRL
    10. ISR
    11. NOR :(

  3. I read your comments before listening to the song and I felt it wasn’t that bad until the chorus came in and what a disaster! Then came the key change just when I thought it couldn’t be worse. Eagerly waiting for the live performance and your reviews 😄

  4. Montaigne’s live at Sydney Mardi Gras a few hours ago:

    Unlike the comments I read here, I seriously don’t think this is worse than last year and it’s definitely not a contestant for last place. The Kate Bush-like verses are really interesting and intriguing (especially the “e-e-e-everything is frustrating” part). It does get to my nerves when she gets to the pre-chorus (“but I got power yeah, midnight is the hour, yeah”) and the “techni, techni-color” that she repeats in the chorus is not very inspired. Her vocals get dodgy in the most challenging parts but again nothing like the disaster last year. And I totally love her new look.

    My ranking:
    1) France
    2) Lithuania

    Ok I guess:
    3) Ireland
    4) Finland
    5) Ukraine
    6) Belgium
    7) Albania
    » 8) Australia

    Sorry, not sorry
    9) Cyprus
    10) Croatia
    11) Romania
    12) Norway
    13) Μoldova
    14) Slovenia
    15) Germany
    16) Spain
    17) Netherlands
    » 18) Serbia
    19) Czechia
    20) Ιsrael

      • I don’t think it’s bad at all but that pre-chorus is needlessly loud and irritating. After 1:45 in the video when she does the high notes, there is serious strain in her vocals. Again, not a disaster like last year was!

        It is interesting at least which is more than I can say for most of the songs so far.

  5. Thanks for the links, guys. I was expecting worse vocals. The song becomes irritating after 60 seconds and that stage presentation looks pointless. The melody is weak as well. Good luck!

  6. So from the initial snippet, I was pretty dubious but actually, I really like it. I agree with Michos that the verses/”everything is frustrating” parts are the strongest and the chorus is a bit…much, but overall I’m a fan. The live could’ve been a lot worse and I think she’s 4th for now, behind France, Lithuania, and Romania!

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