Spain: Song Chosen for Rotterdam!

Spain – RTVE, the Spanish broadcaster, hosted Destino Eurovisión to decide which song Blas Cantó, will sing for them in Rotterdam: it’s “Voy a quedarme”!

Spain chose to keep their 2020 singer, as more than 20 other countries did. However, many broadcasters did not know what do with their chosen artists: another national final seemed risky, with possibly dividing the audience who wouldn’t want to back a song they didn’t like even if it won a national final. Moreover, if the artist is already selected, why not pick internally all the way? Ukraine went that path, and talks in the street say it’ll be the same for Slovenia and Serbia now.

In the Spanish case, two options were on offer, so that the choice is more about the genre and not just the song itself. Ten songs provided by composers who usually work with Cantó were shortlisted and then two were selected for the national final. The songs are:

  • “Memora” (written by Steve Daly, Oliver Som & Leroy Sanchez)
  • “Voy a quedarme” (written by Leroy Sanchez, Daniel Ortega “Dangelo” & Dan Hammond)

You can click on the pictures below to listen to them again:

The televised final took place tonight, as the voting went on for 10 days (mostly online voting but some televote tonight as well). The winner was “Voy a quedarme” (written by Leroy Sanchez, Daniel Ortega “Dangelo” & Dan Hammond)! Of course, as usual in Spain, we heard some boos but the results are pretty clear with 58% votes for the ballad!

What do you think of this entry? What are its chances in Rotterdam?


587 thoughts on “Spain: Song Chosen for Rotterdam!

  1. I investigated the Cypriot videoclip thoroughly and I spotted a very nice panther. That’s always a plus!

  2. Cyprus:

    I really love the chorus!
    I have a problem with verses.. Im not too fond of them, and that part with “Mamacita” .. But chorus is a killer really, it is so hot, melody of it is great! xheat
    And yes this reminds of Lady GaGa a bit, but I don’t have a problem with it.. Im a bit afraid of live rendition..

    I dunno what mark to give.. I have to think more, it is much better to me than previous 3 Cypriot entries I didn’t like at all..

  3. I just listened to Germany. Not interested into listening to it again. Hopefully the aesthetics of the clip and the live performance will add some extra layers.

    Next, Cyprus. It’s again on the ambitious side. But again so was Replay. It will all depend on the live rendition. For the moment, it sounds like it relies too much on autotune and will be difficult to recreate live. The very obvious Gaga references bothered me a bit but I admit were the catchiest part due to familiarity reasons ? If juries are judging originality as they should, it will cost El Diablo some points imo. The haunting nursery rhyme parts and the Spanish gibberish are deffinitely cringey but also add to the memorability even potential viral status of the entry. Overall good effort!

  4. On Germany:

    Well, it is not bad, some parts I loved, some not that much.. Beginning is better, I like how you dont know what to expect through the whole song, but at some point it becomes too messy Im afraid.. It will be somewhere in the middle for me it seems.. The same as Cyprus, I still dont know what exactly mark to give, it can be 6, or 7 maybe.. Hmmmm….

  5. So now that I’ve heard the full Cypriot entry, I actually do love it a lot. I definitely see the Alejandro comparisons but unless that becomes an actual big plagiarism issue I’m not gonna dock any points here. It takes me back to the pop music of my childhood and tween years which I will always have a soft spot for, and I think this is the best Cypriot entry since Foureira. If Elena can perform like Eleni, then I can see this doing well, but if she is a bad singer or not very charismatic, it could end in disaster. So far, 2021 is looking far better than 2020 did.

    1) 🇫🇮 Finland (2021 > 2020)
    2) 🇭🇷 Croatia (2021 > 2020)
    3) 🇱🇹 Lithuania (2021 > 2020)
    4) 🇨🇾 Cyprus (2021 > 2020)

    5) 🇳🇴 Norway (2020 > 2021)
    6) 🇫🇷 France (2021 > 2020)
    7) 🇨🇿 Czech Republic (2021 > 2020)

    8) 🇺🇦 Ukraine (2020 > 2021)

    9) 🇦🇱 Albania (2020 > 2021)

    10) 🇮🇱 Israel (2020 > 2021)
    11) 🇪🇸 Spain (2021 > 2020)
    12) 🇩🇪 Germany (2020 > 2021)

  6. Nobody will be surprised to learn that CYP21 wan’t penned with the intention to get my support. Well, the chorus is catchy at least, but the verses sound very dull to me. What has happened to my ESC darlings Cyprus. :(
    Good luck!

  7. It’s already Wednesday evening! Apparently, I have missed 2 new entries. I will come back after dinner to listen to the new proposals. :) I am too tired to do so, atm.

  8. Cyprus is ok. I find it amusing how Elena looks like she could be Tamta’s little sister/ daughter. Judging from the video she lacks the attitude to go with a song like that, something Eleni Foureira had. At least her hair will be flake free and full of life thanks to sponsor’s gift basket.

    Germany: I’m still waiting for tomorrow and its official release.

  9. Ok, I need to get this out of my system… :)
    Today, I lost patience and was rather rude to a poor young lady who called me to “offer” me a gas + power package. I has been a living hell for me these last 6 months. They are extremely annoying.
    The thing is that I am now feeling guilt :o

    • Why did you lose patience? Was she rude, insisted a lot? I usually reply I’m not interested and if they keep on going, I just reply I have to go.

      • I have made it clear to them that I am not interested from the first time but it has been six months now that they keep on calling me.
        Today they called me 3 times in 90 minutes :)
        Tbh, I thought someone is trolling me :D

        • Oh you are right. I used to get a lot of these “calls” but not anymore. All you have to do is ask your phone company to exclude you from all advertising activities

        • That sounds awful: in France, you can be put on what’s called “ligne rouge” (red line) and that means ads can’t call your fixed home line (that doesn’t exist for mobile phone, but you can’t get ads called there unless you give your mobile phone number online or to a store where you bought things) so that we don’t get any calls at home. Like, NEVER lol

        • We have an official site where we can let or disable firms calling or sending texts
          They somehow find your number and bother you for new campaigns but you can always cut the connection

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