Israel: Song Picked for Rotterdam

Israel – Out of the 9 demo songs and the top 3 that Eden Alene recorded personally, “Set Me Free” won thanks to a long online voting.

So this year, KAN internally selected Eden Alene, who won the national final last year. It’s often been the case this decade that KAN selects an artist either internally or through an idol-like contest and then picks a song for them; however last year they had a national final to pick Eden’s song so it makes sense they would do it again.

This year, nine demo songs, often sung by the songwriters themselves, were picked up by the broadcaster and posted online. An online voting picked two and then a third one was selected through a jury wildcard. The three songs are: “La La Love”, “Set Me Free” and “Ue La La”. Yes, out of all combination in the English language, not to mention all the other languages in the world, they came up with the exact same title as Cyprus 2012. Imagine that!

Then Eden Alene recorded a revamped version of each one. They were presented on January 19th. On that date, online voting was reopen as well and only closed today, where a small NF was hosted to present the songs and reveal the results of online voting. It was revealed that “Set Me Free” won!

What do you think of this entry? What are its chances in Rotterdam?

308 thoughts on “Israel: Song Picked for Rotterdam

  1. It’s going to be a busy weekend a head. So many heja-skylter to do! I need one for Eric, one for Danny, one for Anton, one for Jessica, one for Tess, on for Charlotte, one for Lena Ph, one for Pernilla and surely one for Christer, and maybe SVT too. I probably forgot someone!

    Seems that SVT is going to do it big within these circumstances as expected. Maybe a concept try out for Rotterdam?

    I think I’ll buy balloons and helium tomorrow. I’m pretty sure next the want frantic balloon waving home vids.

    • As a friend with you for many years, maybe misunderstand your comments above, Greek dick etc, all very interesting here, as it’s 2021 and with so many problems, why not focus on getting ESC 2021 together properly for once, instead of Greek dick?

    • As dull as I find Portugal overall, this one was pleasant and I wish more Portuguese entries were like Saudade. Combine folk and modern to form a unique product that obviously got your flavor.

  2. So I finally caught up with MGP qualifiers so far and nothing’s really comment worthy except for flushing herself down the toilet Raylee. What a cheap Flashdance reference. She doesn’t even look like Jennifer Beals. It’s more of a bad take on aerobic Jane Fonda.
    If she wins the ticket she should be aware that water’s not allowed in a Eurovision performance. This solution however should be feasible and in line with EBU rules:

  3. indeed, love our French master here too!, despite all our previous misunderstandings remembr him from cerca 2006, on a website re euro songs/day, he pissed off people even then LOL :-)

  4. I really like Kaja Rode’s song. Not my favorite in MGP so far but with a good live it could be up there for me. I am noticing the trend this year is retro throwback (Cause of Dua Lipa?) I think I prefer it over the Fuego trend though.

  5. Also I wish 2009 Laura would make a comeback. “Destiny” is one of my favorite preselection songs ever but since then her songs have been so bland and forgettable.

  6. Despite Terence James’s being my big favorite for encasing my tastes so boldly, I feel it’s going to be one of three possible scenarios: Barbara, Philippine or Andriamad. I’m really hoping for the latter two, as I feel they’re the strongest on radio and strongest as an ESC entry.

    Barbara’s a respectable song, but it’s definitely getting lost as I don’t find heavy replay value. And after Italy 2018, I don’t count anything as an “obvious jury” one

  7. Good morning everyone.
    I am very excited about France tonight; along with Finland it is my favorite NF of the season.
    I love 7/12 songs, I like 4/12, and there is only 1/12 I really dislike very much (Magique).
    My favorite is “Alleluia” and one of my favorites is also “Maeva”, which everybody hates:-))))

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