Portugal: FdC 2021 Songs Released

Portugal – RTP, the national broadcaster in charge of the national final, has released the 20 songs who will take part in Festival da Canção 2021, after having revealed earlier the 20 composers. Listen to the songs now!

As usual with FdC, the composers were the first focus of the broadcaster. Earlier in the NF season, they revealed the 20 composers. While 18 composers were approached by RTP to take part, Miguel Marôco and Pedro Gonçalves were selected through public submissions. They won out of 693, a record in FdC history! Likewise, last year there were 16 entries in the contest when it moves up to 20 this year.

Now they have revealed the 20 songs and artists chosen to perform these songs, as well as the allocation draw between the two semis. You can listen to them here.

First Semi-Final:

  • Nadine – “Cheguei Aqui” (Anne Victorino d’Almeida)
  • Fábia Maia – “Dia Lindo” (Fábia Maia)
  • Sara Afonso – “Contramão” (Filipe Melo)
  • Valéria – “Na Mais Profunda Saudade” (Helder Moutinho)
  • IAN – “Mundo” (IAN)
  • IRMA – “Livros” (IRMA)
  • Karetus & Romeu Bairos – “Saudade” (Karetus)
  • Miguel Marôco – “Girassol” (Miguel Marôco)
  • mema. – “Claro Como Água” (Stereossauro)
  • The Black Mamba – “Love Is On My Side” (Tatanka)

Second Semi-Final:

  • Carolina Deslandes – “Por Um Triz” (Carolina Deslandes)
  • Da Chick – “I Got Music” (Da Chick)
  • Joana Alegre – “Joana Do Mar” (Joana Alegre)
  • Graciela – “A Vida Sem Acontecer” (João Vieira)
  • NEEV – “Dancing In The Stars” (Neev)
  • EU.CLIDES – “Volte-Face” (Pedro da Linha)
  • Pedro Gonçalves – “Não Vou Ficar” (Pedro Gonçalves)
  • Tainá – “Jasmim” (Tainá)
  • Ariana – “Mundo Melhor” (Virgul)
  • Ana Tereza – “Com Um Abraço” (Viviane)

A total of six hosts will present the shows: 2 for each shows: Jorge Gabriel and Sonia Araujo (first semi-final); José Carlos Malato and Tânia Ribas de Oliveira (second semi-final); Filomena Cautela and Vasco Palmeirim (grand final). In the end, it’s Inês Lopes Gonçalves whom the people will see the most, as she’ll be the green host through all shows.

The semi finals will be hosted at the RTP studios in Lisbon on two weekends in February, the 20th and 27th. Five of the ten competing entries will qualify from each semi final. The final will take place on the 6th of March, probably live and probably in a city outside the capital. It was not yet revealed where.

185 thoughts on “Portugal: FdC 2021 Songs Released

  1. I am missing all the action, but things are the way the are. I’ll try to go through the Portuguese hopefuls later today. Karetus, Deslandes and NEEV seem to ebthe eraly favourites, according to what I’ve read.

  2. Gabrielius Vagelis – “My guy” is AWESOME!
    I was a bit afraid of English, but without a reason it seems..
    Goosh, it even reminds me of BWO! :O
    This entry is EVERYTHING!
    I love all songs of this singer, he can’t fail it seems.. :D

  3. The Roop – “Discoteque” : You always have to be careful with the Roop because once again we have a very good and excellently produced and catchy tune in studio version. I love the attitude in the verses and the beat of the chorus it really creates the disco vibe it wants to. Only part that I find very annoying and disrupts the flow is the sounds at about 2:30-ish. But as always we have to wait for the live here which I am afraid will bring the usual The Roop aesthetics and manneurisms that do not help at all. I hope I am wrong – 8/10 (studio version score)

        • It was a great choice for her – combing red and blue as the US parties are usually colored; apparantly also the color of the first US Black woman to run for the nomination and her whole outfit was designed by 2 LA Black designers who apparantly also designed MIchelle Obama’s outfit. Just stunning. I’m just unbelievably excited about her on so many levels.

        • Like so many I so loved the new poet laureate speech, she seems to be the new star from the inaugaration, as a native speaker, it is so interesting to hear how she combines words, with alliteration, and rhymes and body language, she’s my new no 1 poet!

      • Kamala paled in comparison to Bernie. He’s who everyone is talking about here, even days later. The best part is that he clearly wasn’t even trying.

            • Couldn’t be orange Mussolini’s tax returns; they’d require much more space (maybe a summary for the incoming chair of the Budget Committe?).
              This was such a relief, especially coming just 2 weeks after the tRump Capitol insurrection. How u feeling now?

            • Being totally honest, I have never liked Biden and upon finding out more about Harris’s career history, do not like her either, so I am not feeling good about them like other people seem to be. Biden gets celebrated for doing the absolute bare minimum now, I just wish they would be held accountable and not celebrated for the comparisons to their predecessors. Pretty awful is not better than very awful, they’re all awful.

            • But what’s your electable alternative? And Biden’s taken more steps in the first 30 hours than I think every president. Also, much as we both are unenthusiastic about Buttigieg, I appreciate him referring to his husband in his opening statement.
              Which Manhattan DA campaign are you working for btw? I assume it’s not the rather lame Vance Jr (if he’s even running again, not sure)?

            • I voted for the Green Party. I don’t care that they weren’t going to win, but I don’t just abandon my morals with my vote especially in a state where it isn’t even a real competition. It just kinda bugs me because if a Republican had a history of Biden or Harris they’d be burned at the stake, but the blue D next to their names makes everything forgivable. I think Biden kinda has to move quick because of the state of the country he was handed in the wake of his predecessor, but by 2023 I am doubtful that we will see anything but modernized Obama era policies. As for Buttigieg, as nice as that is, it does not surprise me since he has built his career on his sexuality. If he was a straight man, he’d just be another midwestern small city mayor, being an openly gay mayor is what made him unique and what attracted people to him. Chasten was really kinda prodded around like some sort of prop during his campaign; he did speaking tours (without Pete) and came to my university to speak. About what? I don’t know, considering he is just the husband of a presidential candidate and I do not think he had much to talk about. I didn’t see any spouse doing that except for him, even Jill Biden who was already Second Lady. So that kind of throwing his husband to the forefront is not surprising to me considering what he had done in the past during his actual campaigning. Biden put him in a pretty irrelevant cabinet position though which gave me a chuckle, I’m just really hoping by the time 2024 comes around (since obviously Biden is not running again) he either decides to step aside for Harris or people forget about him as someone more new and exciting comes up. Hopefully it could be Alex Morse <3, but unlikely since the establishment already tried to ruin him once and they'll do it again.

              I'm definitely not working for Vance lol. He's widely expected not to run though. I think he's only raised $4,000 in the last six months? That's why the primary is so big now, and it has a number of Vance allies running which further shows he isn't running for reelection. I don't know if I should say exactly who I'm working for (I'll let you know if she wins or once I stop working) just because I did sign an NDA and am a bit paranoid about accidentally breaking it lol. She's one of the top candidates and raised the most money so far (you can probably figure it out from that), so we're in a very good place.

            • Well, Biden has certainly evolved, i.e. being among the first among top Dems to endorse gay marriage (which I personally am on some level am ambiguous about for various reasons but it’s the right thing provided we get all the some benefits, e.g. the spouse getting a green card). Buttigieg-McKinsey as you know I find equally grating as you but it was nice to see that gesture made in such a public forum; half the Republicans were probably shocked he wasn’t wearing drag or chaps.
              I think Biden’s 100 people vaccinated in 100 days is a recipe fo disaster; vaccine roll-out is a mess in most of Europe since they’re fixated on care homes and 80+ rather than people who circulate like cashiers and bus drivers so good luck with that. Ditto on appointees being Obama re-hash – tho of course an argument could eb made for the need to hire people hitting the ground running now rather than obscure congresspeople with no exec. esperience
              Your DA choice seems solid. Waiting for Letitia James in Albany droppping some indictments asap as Vance doesnt appear interested in doing so.

            • The vaccine rollout here has already been atrocious, and it’s such a small subset of the population right now. My grandparents are eligible now for being 65+ and employed teachers, but they could not find an appointment until April, and have friends who couldn’t find one until May or June. Then one of our family friends (who is probably around 70) is the caretaker for her 100 year old mother. Both she and her mother were eligible for the early vaccine rollout because of her mother’s age and her status as her caretaker. The day before her January appointment, they called and told her that they were not eligible because they were not healthcare workers so they didn’t go and got a second appointment for March — then after their original appointment passed they got another call saying that they missed their appointment and were actually eligible. We were all mad about that. It’s been such a mess so I have little faith in the optimism, especially once this is available to the general public.

              I don’t know whether I would vote for my candidate if I weren’t working for her, she is definitely one of the more moderate (but still progressive enough to not be pro-Vance) candidates, but right now she is best poised to win and I would like for my job to be extended past the primary lol.

            • I’m really bad at translating between Albanian and English (and just speaking Albanian in general) so I’m not the best translation source, but I think it means like ‘the eyes of the river’

            • Thanks! I’m watching that Series about Albanian rivers on YT (it is in Albanian without translation LOL, but I follow on the map as well :D), in 7 episodes, each episode different river, there are 7 episodes! :))

  4. I have finally managed to go through all the Portuguese hopefuls. The songs are not as diverse as they were last year. The level is more homogeneous though, imo. That being said, FdC does not come up with songs that the bubble likes. This stuff is so not them. These are the songs who made me pay attention, in random order:

    First Semi-Final
    Nadine – “Cheguei Aqui” (Anne Victorino d’Almeida)
    Valéria – “Na Mais Profunda Saudade” (Helder Moutinho)
    IAN – “Mundo” (IAN)
    Karetus & Romeu Bairos – “Saudade” (Karetus)
    Miguel Marôco – “Girassol” (Miguel Marôco)
    mema. – “Claro Como Água” (Stereossauro)

    Second Semi-Final:
    Carolina Deslandes – “Por Um Triz” (Carolina Deslandes)
    Da Chick – “I Got Music” (Da Chick)
    Graciela – “A Vida Sem Acontecer” (João Vieira)
    NEEV – “Dancing In The Stars” (Neev)
    EU.CLIDES – “Volte-Face” (Pedro da Linha)
    Pedro Gonçalves – “Não Vou Ficar” (Pedro Gonçalves)
    Tainá – “Jasmim” (Tainá)

    What will the live bring to the table? Let’s wait and see. Atm, Deslandes, Karetus & Romeu Bairos and NEEV seem to be early favourites. All 3 have entered the Portuguese YT trends. Carolina Deslandes is a big name here and people will recognise her.

    • Who will be the jury darling? Anne Victorino d’Almeida and Joana Alegre. The caviar left must be already fainting massively over these 2.

      P.S. – I love “Cheguei aqui”, btw. The best female ballad by far, imo.

      • Seriously, does anyone genuinely like caviar? It’s just excessively salty tasting to me.
        How u handling the seemingly rather exceiive corona dram in PT right now btw?

          • I think that war is a misleading metaphor for what we are facing atm, because war implies an enemy that intends to harm you. The virus does not have bad intentions because it has no intentions at all. It simply does what it has been programmed to do: reproduce. In that respect it simply does what we humans are doing too. Just ask all the extinct and endangered species. In fact, humanity does not look good in comparison because we have destroyed most of natural life intentionally. :(

            • I know. However the metaphor works when it comes to the general public. People are too complacent, starting with our own leaders.

            • Still, from a strictly moral point of view, the virus is an innocent little thing. Perhaps it will teach us to reconsider our double standards. The other day, I saw a picture from Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro. It was so packed with people that you couldn’t see a single grain of sand. If this crowd had been composed of any other species, people would have called it a plague and asked for said species to be decimated.
              And don’t get me wrong, I do not propose to kill people in order to reduce overpopulation, but we desperately need to think of ways that will help reduce further population growth.

            • I agree, colorful imagery does its job as well. After getting this under control, it will be time to reflect on the meaning of all this. Humans are quite unimportant in the grand scheme of Nature, so to speak.

          • Yeah that’s been my feeling for a while. Hence the unprecedented and to me shocking fact that apparantly governments have apparently nearly unlimited powers to issue “decrees” severely limiting freedom, commerce, etc. while also seeming to privilege certain demographic groups. Equal protection suddenly does not seem applicable any more. Especially shocked here as our post-WW2 constitution supposedly was designed to prevent these things.
            Stay safe, my friend. Like tRump this will end..

  5. The one that really made me pay attention is “Saudade” . I get that it may be seen as a “throwback” but it’s a great song and production.

    Stereossauro is a VFoS silver medalist so I was naturally interested in the song he brought as a composer (Claro como agua). Not bad and you can tell he is behind it. Not as good as his VFoS entry though:

    • I feel it’s truncated. It really should have been an uptempo or lean more into the odd instrumentals. I like it but it falls short, and mema’s voice is not like superfitting to the song.

    • +1 Even though after listening to “Claro Como Agua” several times i really, really like it now. Kudos to the brilliant HoD who submitted “Vento”, of course. :P

  6. Finall listening to “Saudade” after many peoples’s praise here – FdC usully not something I like – Saudade is great, mixing traditional and electro element.

  7. ESC has its fans in Brazil. In 2021, I am bringing Chá, Bolachas e Eurovision (Tea, Cookies and ….) to you:

    The French hopefuls heard by Brazilians.

  8. Finally listened to all the Portuguese hopefuls. Songs i liked:

    Karetus & Romeu Bairos – “Saudade” (Karetus)
    Carolina Deslandes – “Por Um Triz” (Carolina Deslandes)
    NEEV – “Dancing In The Stars” (Neev)
    mema. – “Claro Como Água” (Stereossauro)
    Joana Alegre – “Joana Do Mar” (Joana Alegre)
    Valéria – “Na Mais Profunda Saudade” (Helder Moutinho)
    EU.CLIDES – “Volte-Face” (Pedro da Linha)
    Nadine – “Cheguei Aqui” (Anne Victorino d’Almeida)
    Tainá – “Jasmim” (Tainá)

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