North Macedonia: Vasil Selected Internally

North Macedonia – MKRTV, the national brodacaster, has revealed today that they have internally selected Vasil Garvanliev again to represent them in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam!

Last year, we said that “everyone online says we should recognize him as a backing singer from 2019’s successful entry”. However, unless you’re a hardcore fan following everything behind the stage, he wasn’t “on stage” (as it’s now possible to hide the backing singers…) and, obviously, this year, everyone knows who North Macedonia picked. It’s last year’s entrant, who sadly could not perform in Rotterdam as the 2020 contest was cancelled.

Singing since he’s 7, having grown up in the United-States, Vasil (his official stage name) returned in 2018 in North Macedonia and since then signed a few singles. You can read here the official statement. This was his entry from last year:


23 thoughts on “North Macedonia: Vasil Selected Internally

    • Ugh…. chest hair (or any body hair for that matter) is a big no no no for me :-((

      I really thought that excessive hairiness was dead and buried in 20th century, but it looks like in recent years this fashion has emerged again.

      • “I really thought that excessive hairiness was dead and buried in 20th century…”

        You are joking, right?

      • Better than clean shaving which I always find unappealing amd unnatural. Nothing oldfashioned by having body and facial hair even in 21st century.

        • Yes, many people find clean shaven bodies unnatural.
          I personaly like it very much :-))) but in the end of a day, it is a question of personal taste and preference.

          What I was refering to was excessive body hair. Until labout 5-6 years ago, people who didn’t want to depilate their bodies were at least trimming.
          Nowdays, it seems they don’t even care to trim anymore :)) like Vasil on that photo.

            • You’re from Cyprus; you guys look like this a day after you shave ;-).
              What’s weird is that in the middle between the pecs is styled to the right side and upwards. I also think he needs to upsize his piercing(s); gets lost a bit.

      • Definitely been back for 6 years or so yes. I think it’s nice when it’s trimmed but this is definitely a mess. I think he’s probably going overboard because he sometimes comes across as a bit queeny IMO.

          • LOL indeed … like I said I like it when it’s trimmed but when it’s out of control it’s a turn-off; especially when it just merges with the beard (which should never be more than stubble on the neck). It’s the whole “masculinity”/”natural” thing among gays. In contrast, going by gym (whatever that is again, vaguely remember it) and shows like Love Island, straight guys often have everything shaved and epilated right now.

            • For me, a beard is even more turn off then body hair. And it seems everyone has it nowdays.

              I distincly remember when it all started, in 2015 and 2016. I know, because I lived in Thailand for a year due to my work, and when I came back to Europe after 13 months, I remember everybody looked like lumberjacks:-))
              It felt weird, especially after Thailand, where nobody of course has beard:-))

            • You mean a full beard I’m guessing… the goatee came back in the early to mid-90s; then we had a long dominance of designer stubble – the full beard came back I think as a combination of the last great recession plus the hipster trend. Now the stache is having a resurgence but we’re at a stage where almost everything goes. With the endless lockdowns to protect the baby boomers there’s again a shift to full beard as well as buzzcut because people don’t have to go to the office and barber shops are closed.

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