Finland: Artists Leaked

Finland – YLE, the Finnish broadcaster in charge of Finland’s entry in Rotterdam, has revealed clues about the 7 artists in UMK 2021. However, Infegreece has revealed that the 7 entries leaked, with pictures to prove it!

These were the clues revealed by YLE:

  1. Artist competed in Eurovision for; Finnish is not their native language; they have received radio airplay
  2. Artist is known for producing an entire choir with just their voice; recently sang on one of the most streamed songs
  3. Band recently won the largest competition in their genre and has an international fanbase
  4. Artist appeared on one of the largest shows in Finland; worked on numerous hit songs; known to produce covers
  5. Artist from Turku; has released English and Finnish music; songwriters have written for G-Eazy and Selena Gomez
  6. Artist is known as an icon in their genre; has international success to their name
  7. Artist is a name every Finnish person knows; career started through a singing competition; they have won many awards

But only a few hours later, it seems the artists leaked and Infegreece revealed them:

Edit: And now they’re official:

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119 comments on “Finland: Artists Leaked

    • Merkel said something similar yesterday… I do think there’s a case for limits on free speech, e.g. here in Germany it’s not protected as free speech when people glorify the Nazis or deny the Holocaust. Likewise incidetment to violence, which tRump has clearly built up for months with his lies about the election; he then summoned the mob to DC and lit the flame. So it’s a clear pattern that should not be permitted.

      • I see your point but I agree with the article that it makes a bad precedent.

        • I think it’s ok in cases like this – if he hadn’t been president, many of his tweets presumably would have been censored before. He used it to rile up the mob with his lies, then called them to Washington. Five people died.

  1. Today will be presented Teflkn brothers & Pandora! :D
    I have a feeling I will love it.. I hope it is oldfashioned MF schlagerastic.. :P

  2. Shout out to this youtuber who has made a super cut of the 1999 contest but with an animated scoreboard per what we have seen from 2003 and on. It really brings another feel being able to see the actual ranking all the time! They say they are going to make more of these :

  3. I am going to hear the 2 known Finnsih entries.

  4. 2nd Finnish hopeful has a very basic chorus (lyrically it’s nonsense too) but it’s quite catchy in its 80s tribute <3

  5. Second UMK entry sounds like something off the soundtrack of a Japanese video game. The production is so irritating and the English lyrics in the chorus are bad. Do not like it.

  6. “I love you” is catchy and cool.

  7. Unpopular(?) opinion, but I kinda like “I Love You” lol! The thing is, it’s on a thin line between “joke entry” and “funny 80s tribute” with mentioning Ukraine and Albania’s Tirana, you know it’s meant as tongue in cheek towards Eurovision which is kinda irritating, but it’s catchy (insanely catchy) and does make you giggle in how stupid some of these old electro lyrics were! So, small “yes” from me!

  8. KiiINO’s entry – “Monuments’:

  9. Another 2021 MGp entry, Tix – “Ut av mørket”!

    He’s quite popular in Norway..

  10. I Love You: This is a LOT to digest… TL;DR this is a dumb song wrote smartly. The 90s throwback (more about the energy and less of the music) is really cool in a way, but in the chrous she could have done more. Overall, not bad!

    Tix: No. This is safe and boring. Monotonous musically and it kind of drags.

    Keiino: I’m into it, BUT it’s not the unbeatable magnate it seems. Musically it’s great, it has nuances, peaks and valleys, it mixes stuff up with Fred’s spoken parts, but lyrically is… odd in places. “A minor symphony” is a really weird ending to the line. Overall, as a re-do, I enjoy it, but someone in there can compete against them.

  11. I like Keiino’s entry a lot. I love Alexandra’s voice and she is a great live singer too, so I’m excited to see what the live performance will be like. I think this is a better song than Spirit in the Sky but I am not sure if it’s a better *entry*. They will probably have challengers in MGP but I expect this to be a contender for the win. No offense to the Tom Hugo fans but I am also glad that Alexandra is the only one doing lead vocals this time, I just like her voice a lot.

    Tix is cool enough. It has very modern production and is very well-put together. My only issue is it’s a bit hollow. Just like last year, it seems like many of the MGP auto-qualifiers will be well-written but hollow, and if I’m being honest I’d still rather that than poorly written. I don’t want this to win and don’t think it will win, but I enjoy listening to it.

  12. About the second song from Finland, the only way I could enjoy it is watching them doing a full routine on a dance mat. But hey, I like one out of two so far, I can’t ask for a better ratio :D

    About the Norwegian automatic qualifiers, KEiiNO brought a song with parts that makes me go: “woah, this is great” and the rest is just a missed chance, starting with the chorus being “less danceable” than the verses, something I assume their audience won’t like. I agree with Lina about Alexandra’s voice, is so pleaseant to my ears, but sadly (and not in an offensive way) there’s way too much Fred, who was almost like a gimmick in their previous entry. The other song is just meh-nice, and that makes it 100 times better than the other songs of the semi so I think it clearly deserves the spot.

  13. For the 2 UMK entries :

    “Lie” : Should be right up my alley and I do like the melody but it bothers me that the lyrics seem so randomly written and not really flowing well with the music. They just seem off beat like they were written for a different melody. Not too satisfied – 6+/10

    “I love you” : Ok.. Hmmm.. I do like the 80s references both visually and musically. And th verses are interesting in their own way. But the chorus is just horrible and turns this into a novelty act. Absolutely drags it down. Pity because it had some potential – 5/10

  14. On the two Finnish songs – first is boring radio background music for me; second is a joke number like the Russian thing last year. Oh well, five to go. I’m assuming they’ll release the favorites last, much like Eric Saade closes the 4th MF semi.

  15. am disappointed Erika decided not to enter again with another fan classic! :-(
    I found her online with an old Finnish “classic?”

  16. Today at 23:00 h Laura’s entry will be presented:

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