Eurovision 2021 is Go!

Eurovision Song Contest 2021 – It was announced today that as promised, Eurovision will return in 2021. Officials have been working on 4 scenarios to ensure that the Contest goes ahead despite Covid-19 and a new winner will be crowned on Saturday 22 May 2021.

Scenario A is where we are all back to normal, especially if we have a vaccine by then.

Scenario B is a socially distanced contest.

Scenario C sees some artists performing from their own countries if there are travel restrictions, others in Rotterdam.

Scenario D is a lockdown contest, with participants in their own country, no audiences etc.

You can read more about each scenario here.

What do you think to all 4 choices?

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846 comments on “Eurovision 2021 is Go!

  1. Dadi is back for Iceland!

    Feel bad because the pressure is on and his new entry will always be compared to “Think About Things”. But I can trust he can come up with another great song given his music, and he has a lot of name recognition now in Western Europe.

  2. Yaaaay, Dadi, Dadi cool! :D

  3. Finland, I beg you, just follow Iceland and pick Aksel Kaankaranta for 2021!!!!

  4. Iceland picking Dadi internally makes sense for them I guess. I just hope they are able to come up with a better song.

    • Dadi made an impact in European charts at least, post ESC cancellation, agreed hoping for a more personal song from him?

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