ETSC 13: Discover the Draw!

ETSC – Every year, the summer is the calm after the storm so it’s the perfect time to resume the highly anticipated the Eurovision Times Song Contest! Each one of you can represent an European country and get to send a song and then vote in a fake Eurovision! 46 of you have expressed the desire to join but only 45 will take part!

Each summer, a good number of regular readers stay around for different reasons (they don’t get breaks from work or don’t go on holidays…) but there aren’t much news to keep us going. So the last few years we introduced all sorts of games. The Eurovision Times Awards (Fridas) and the Douze Points Trivia Quiz kept us going in 2013 and Fridas have made come-backs the past five years. Four years ago, a lot of you asked for a fake Eurovision where each one of us would send songs and get to vote. And that was it: the Eurovision Times Song Contest, from then on known as ETSC.

We’ve therefore had 12 editions of ETSC, two in 2014: July 2014 and August 2014, both won by France; the third edition was held in July 2015 and won by the United-Kingdom; the fourth edition was held in Augusut 2015 and was won by Austria; the fifth edition was held in July 2016 and was won by Israel; the sixth edition was held in August 2016 and won by Denmark; the 7th edition was held in July 2017 and was won again by France; the 8th edition was held in August 2017, and it was the first one that went “blind”, meaning people did not know who sent what. It crowned Greece. In 2018, German-speaking countries got their revenge as Switzerland won ETSC 9 and Germany won ETSC 10! Last year, Sweden and Italy, two historically big countries of Eurovision, finally won their first ETSC. For more information, you can discover our new page dedicated to the contest, with its history, all songs participating and the rankings here. A specific article for Top 10 stats was also open here. You can also find it by clicking on the “Specials” section of the site, in the top menu in the red box, just under the site’s name. “ETSC 13 – July 2020” will be officially held in Torino after French-speaking song “Toukassé” won. The logo for it is inspired by the winner again:

Does the draw really matter? Maybe so, after all #1 and #12 spots both got Top 3 in the first two editions! In ETSC 1 France won going as #12 while Norway was runner-up going as #1. In ETSC 2 the United-Kingdom went as #12 to achieve second place and Bosnia & Herezgovina finished 3rd going first! In ETSC 7, draw #1 confirmed with a third second place (Norway ETSC 1, Sweden in ETSC 5 and Netherlands in ETSC 7), while Italy finished third at draw… #11! Close but not quite! But in an online game, people get to listen multiple times to the songs, and in any order they want. So it’s quite possible to say that the draw is more of a gimmick than a true influence on the results.

So, here’s the draw:

1  Russia
2  Czech Republic
3  Spain
4  Iceland
5  Austria
6  North Macedonia
7  Latvia
8  Slovakia
9  Ireland
10  Poland
11  Italy
12  Belarus
13  Finland
14  Morocco
15  Estonia
16  Germany
17  Armenia
18  Luxembourg
19  Denmark
20  Bosnia & Herzegovina
21  France
22  United-Kingdom
23  Tunisia
24  Romania
25  Moldova
26  Egypt
27  Albania
28  Israel
29  Switzerland
30  Turkey
31  Lithuania
32  Cyprus
33  Algeria
34  Ukraine
35  Belgium
36  Croatia
37  Norway
38  Netherlands
39  Greece
40  Sweden
41  Slovenia
42  Azerbaijan
43  Australia
44  Hungary
45  Portugal

But who are the 45 HoD who signed up? And which songs will enter ETSC 13? We’ll know more later at the end of the week, with songs being revealed one by one in the order shown above!

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240 comments on “ETSC 13: Discover the Draw!

  1. Let’s see… Oh there I am!

  2. Morgan! Text about draws needs to freshen up a bit, as #28 proved to be the winning ticket two times in a row last summer 😃

  3. I just love how evenly Selena has spread The Flags! There is now forerunner in almost every part of the draw.

  4. So no Croatia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Andorra, Libya, Lebanon, Jordan, San Marino, Malta, Monaco, or Georgia.

  5. After being opener for two consecutive editions in a row let’s see if Morgan and Selena continued this wonderful tradition!

  6. Song reveal on Sunday?

  7. Guys Im sorry for interrupting this topic, but I have to say 2 things:
    – 2 days in a row we have clashes on the streets of Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš and Kragujevac cities.. Ppl are demolishing cities, attack ing the police and police is beating them.. :(((
    – 2 days in a row I have a temperature

    • Oh Gosh, I hope you and your country’s okay. You should get yourself checked ASAP.

    • I hope everything is fine

    • The police are assholes anywhere in the world

      • Here in Germany they are “Dein Freund und Helfer” … ;) :D

        • Haha worst lie ever

          • To be honest, I haven’t had any bad experience with police so far. On the other hand, I know that they are racist, so what do I know. I am a white male …

        • Well, it’s humans working there, means there are people who are doing a good job and people who are doing a bad job.
          The undifferentiated hatred which goes against the Police – and besides many other representatives of the state – is another example of populism which is, at least in Germany, supported – and even initiated – by certain parts of the media…

          • Agreed and signed. So far, I have only had negative experiences with private security. I was sitting next to the doors on the Munich metro when 2 security guys entered. They passed me and went straight to 2 young men with dark skin, asking for their tickets, which they instantly provided. I asked the security guys why they hadn’t checked on me, and they answered that I looked like a holder of a seasonal ticket …
            I have never been one of those ‘proud to be German’ guys, but when I look around the world these days, I am very happy that I am not living in the UK, the USA, Poland etc. Thinks work quite well here, and the political discourse has calmed down again after the awful rhetoric we got from parts of CDU and CSU from 2015 to 2017.

            • Well, you have to excuse me for maybe being a little short-nerved in this topic. I work for the Federal Work Agency and I get a good overview on what people do get from State and how extremely annoying many of them act despite of that. It can frustrate one and it can create a certain judgement – not for me, I try to keep an open mind, but I can retrace how this can bitter one. I’m sure that for policemen who have the much more intense job – and whose reputation is practically down to zero -, this can become a far more frustrating experience. But nevertheless, there are thousands working there who are not racist or judgmental and I think it’s a disgrace how “journalists” like this woman from the TAZ agitate against the whole organisation.
              I’m a huge opponent of right-wing populism – esp. in Germany with our history -, but I oppose left-wing populism or violence from the Antifa equally (i mean the real Antifa, not the guys Trump uses to call Antifa). Because this side uses shortened messages and striking pictures as well and I don’t see the majority of the people or the media here recognizing this problem just as they recognize the splitting populism and the schemes in AfD behaviour.

            • I don’t like any populism because populism by definition is an insult to and an attack on intelligence and decency.

              One problem when discussing racism in the police is that some policemen/women generalize from their experiences, coming to the conclusion that a certain segment of society tends to be a problem because they are who they are or because where they came from. The correct question would be: What are the societal and economic factors contributing to this specific segment of society finding itself in trouble disproportionally, and what do we need to change? And of course I don’t talk about the mafia or criminal clans here.
              It is really sad to see f. e. that the father of a close friend of mine has become a bit of a racist after 20 years in the police force because he has begun to misinterpret performance as identity. On the other hand, when I listen to the stories he keeps telling, I am not sure that I would be in a different place if I were in his shoes. Working for the police is a very difficult and demanding job because you see the worst side of people most of the time. It is very complicated …

            • Yes, that’s exactly what I mean. I can’t imagine how I would react myself if I were fighting Lebanese mafia clans in Berlin for years. Or for instance, violent mobs like the one recently in Stuttgart.
              Of course, it’s most important to make these people realize that this is not representative.
              But left-wing populism fueling the whole fire and accusing all the policemen will only deepen the chasm and create a “them” and “us”. And that’s what leaves me sad… I mean you get populism from so many actually intelligent people, it’s frightening…

            • Well, some intelligent people use populism as a business model, both on the left and the right. :(

      • Do not generalised, many of them are nice, and probably one of us have them in our family/relatives. They are just doing their job. Sorry.

        • It is obvious that I don’t mean tourism police or narcotics police here, isn’t it? I am talking about the ones using excessive force on ppl just like the ones in Serbia Marco mentioned 🙄 no need for oversensetivenness

          • I don’t know to say, people are throwing molotovs

            • So should they beat the crap out of Molotov throwers? Their duty is to catch criminals not punish them

            • It will be wild fires burning all public facilities, clogging traffic, treathen bypasser safety, if there is no resist against riot. It happened last year in Jakarta during demonstrations against new Indonesian Penal Code when the police didn’t enough exert force (with the pressure of human right activists). It was scary to see fires burning toll booth, traffic police post, cars, motorcycles, and when it happened it is police again to blame why such riot can’t be resisted.

              I hope there is a way to solve problem peacefully, otherwise be patient with any situation we are facing.

            • Believe me seeing fires burning toll booth, cars, motorcycles etc. is way better than witnessing police murdering people in the name of controlling a riot.
              Here police can use tear gas legally but they did shoot gas canisters on ppl’s head on purpose!!! If the police have too much power, terrible things happen…

          • Exactly, punishing is the job of the judiciary. Once the police think that they are entitled to punish, you know that something has gone seriously wrong. That’s when the rule of law, which is the foundadtion of every free society, is in real danger.

      • During my holiday in Oviedo I’ve been stopped by a police officer, cause I happened to drive a bit too fast. He called me maricón thinking I wouldn’t understand (I actually don’t speak Spanish, but thanks to telenovela I sort of do) to which I replied “Claro que si, tesoro!” and got away.
        Yeah, officers can be assholes.

        • LOL
          I love the singular architectural heritage of Oviedo btw.

          I was stopped by a fake policeman in Montenegro once, on the road from Kotor to the Krstac Pass. The guy wore a carnival policeman costume and stopped me for speed driving, which I wasn’t guilty of. He told me that I had exceeded the speed limit to a degree that obliged him to bring me into the police station and that I might well spend one night in a prison cell. He continued by pointing out that he was a nice man who didn’t want tu ruin my holiday and that he would let me go if I payed 200 € on the spot, which he would pay into the appropriate bank account for smaller offences than the one I was guilty of. I replied that going to the police station was fine, grabbed my mobile phone and told him that I would call the German embassy now. At that point he said that I could simply drive on. In Europe. In the 21st century. Wild West. LOL

          • Very enchanting indeed. The Old Town was my favorite about Oviedo and the wine route is heaven for oenophile people like me.
            Oh, man. My encounter with a guy in a carnival policeman’s costume was way more pleasant than yours. Least I think he was in a policeman costume… 😁

    • These are really difficult times for Serbia imo, because on top of all the insecurities all countries are struggling with atm (corona, climate change, the socially destabilizing effects of globalized capitalism etc), Serbia needs to define a new role for itself within the context of European politics. Historically, Serbia is an ally of Russia, and in the years of communism they could do their own thing, being the largest nation within Yugoslavia. Nowadays Serbia is surrounded by countries that are either members of or aim at becoming members of the EU. If Serbia decides to follow their example, Russia won’t be happy, and if Serbia decides for a different path, they will lose the influence they have on the Western Balkans. It’s a big dilemma imo, and I am quite surprised that this tension hasn’t resulted in more frustration and unrest yet. Let’s hope that your country will manage to muddle through this political dilemma peacefully.

    • I hope you’ll be alright, Marko. My thoughts go out to Xello, as well. These are tough times.

  8. https://ibb.co/CbHMXZj

    Very similar picture from Belgrade last night, as in the USA, a month ago.. :(

  9. Postcards seem really original and fresh, well done Morgan! :)

  10. Sad news I just heard about Naya Rivera, one of the former stars of Glee. When I was younger Glee was one of my favorite shows, and it’s really odd how so many horrible things are happening to its stars.

  11. This is quite a diverse distribution of countries with no neighbours back to back (except for Romania-Moldova) as it happened quite a few times before.

  12. Pertinent to the topic of this discussion, our song is a lust letter to a police officer.

  13. Hello!

    Hope everyone’s enjoying the ETSC season!

    Super random question but I thought you guys may be able to help – Mermaid especially :)

    Is Turkey/Istanbul pretty much open? Like Hammams, the Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque etc? And restaurants? Not 100% sure on going as it’s such a moral conundrum travelling this summer but thought it may be good to get confirmation on everything!

    Thanks guys!

  14. What time around shall we expect the songs coming in?

  15. Don’t forget to ask/request your postcard, here or by mail! last ones are being made right now and the poster being created!

  16. OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: after checking-up again things today, something came up and after discussing the issue with the HoD, the Serbian entry was, in fact… Croatian. I have decided that, since it’s blind and no one knows anything yet, the 36th country of ETSC 13 will be… Croatia! Serbia however will miss this edition after all! Sorry for the inconvenience!

  17. I have just been informed that I will have to attend a meeting from 7.30 to 11 pm tomorrow night. Damn, I will miss all the big reveal fun. :(

  18. I must have missed something but what time we start tomorrow?

  19. What a twist!

    (Happy that the person in question could keep their entry, tho, only with a different flag than expected)

  20. The big poster is ready :)

  21. I’ve just done a dress rehearsal for tomorrow night: Last editions song presentation thread and songs. If that is something to go by I think a top 40 placing will be a success already. ;)

    And I found another great song. Unfortunately it’s again from a country not eligible for ETSC… I get too many american suggestions on youtube… :(

  22. Nooooo I have had so much to do lately and missed the sign-up, I am literally devastated for missing an edition ;_;

    • But I will still try to join you on the reveal and share my views and stuff, cause ETSC is like my religion lol

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