Eurovision 2021 Dates Announced!

Eurovision 2021 – The dates for next year’s  Eurovision Song Contest have been announced today. The Grand Final will take place on Saturday 22nd May 2021 at the AHOY arena.


The dates for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam will be:

18 May – First Semi-Final

20 May – Second Semi-Final

22 May – Grand Final

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610 comments on “Eurovision 2021 Dates Announced!

  1. I have a feeling that this next ETSC edition could break the number of participants record! :)

  2. Dino celebrating the greek way when he won ETSC last year:

  3. Why do I have the revelation that FIN05 is a pretty ok song overall ?

  4. Across ETSC and VFOS, all the flags I flew.

  5. I may have something for this edition.

    Got a undiscovered artist that would be perfect to unleash on the populace. Found this artist randomly browsing the digital charts. So it’s recently released. Won’t reveal the gender, let it be a surprise. But if she is female, she has an exotic name.

    Song is slower than the usual summer fare, but I think she will steal a few hearts. If she is female, which I can’t confirm nor deny.

    • The only negative to entering is: let’s say 60 entries at 5 minutes per. That’s 60*5=300. AKA 5 hours. Or half a lifetime of music listening.

      And that doesn’t account for the wiseguys that will decide to enter an 8 or 10 minute mini marathon, and increase the average.

      Won’t lie, when I enter these things and see the YouTube video showing the first digit as a 6 or 7, a part of me dies. So I’ll be 35% dead after this edition, minimum.

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