Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light Seen by 73 Million Viewers

Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light – The programme broadcast in place of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final on Saturday 16 May, was seen by 73 million viewers across 38 markets.

The highest average audience for Europe Shine A Light was in Italy where 3 million viewers watched the full show on a number of Rai channels. 2.4 million viewers saw the show in host country the Netherlands and the UK on NPO1 and BBC One respectively. Russia’s Channel One also recorded an average of 2.1 million viewers.

This year’s alternative Eurovision show was also a huge hit with younger audiences. 20% of those watching were 15 – 24 years old, almost double the broadcast channels’ average in prime-time (11%).

Watch Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light here.

640 comments on “Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light Seen by 73 Million Viewers

  1. Happy Constitution Day, Denmark! God Grundlovsdag!

  2. I tried to watch Netflix “Space Force” ugh it’s awful but Alex Sparrow (Russia 2011) is in it: how random?!

    • I tried too, gave up after 15 minutes. What a classy Netflix high profile flop: excessive over the top spending on stars, set, marketing and PR, they just forgot that they needed a viable script too.
      Steve Carrel‘s been for months now in media bragging that the pitch was just two words: Space Force. Maybe they should have done usual log lines and synopsis’.
      And yeah, Alex Sparrow was a nice surprise.

      • Absolutely! So many high profile actors (who aren’t that bad) and a whole “the new office” campaign by Netflix, and it’s so AWFULLY written in every single way: is it a sitcom? a parody? what is this?!

        • No wonder Carell’s so out of it as the script can’t decide is it Men in Black or The West Wing or something else. I haven’t seen anything so lost for ages.
          If Space Force was a network show with this kind of budget it would have been cancelled in couple of months and everyone involved would have been bruised and stigmatised. Now they just happily spent the money, delivered shit and no one’s complaining as Netflix got enough new subscriptions. It just gets buried in the catalogue and we are most likely to be served same kind of tud before summer is over.

    • Is this the infamous eurovision film that was prepared ? Yeah, not getting anywhere near that..

      • no, it’s an American “funny”(?) show with the “Office” team (Patel, Carrel) about a new US army program about going to Space (takes a very weird connotation right now with the recent US take off)… there’s a Russian spy in it, and he’s played by Alex Sparrow :o

        • I recently got into “vibes” via syfy network, English version via German original network, and realised one of lead roles was Desiree from 1984 presenter as the mother! Perfect English!
          So looking forward to season 2! And Desiree!

    • I gave up after the first episode, lol. :P I didn’t hate it, but it’s not worth it either. A bit surprising considering the cast it has.
      I love the new Netflix limited series Hollywood, btw. Are you watching this one ?

    • I heard that it was awful so I haven’t tried it. But god Alex is so sexy. Him and Justs are my two ultimate Eurovision crushes <3

  3. ESC songs I am a bit embarrassed to love Vol. 5 (out of 10):

    I like the staging too (*blush*) but on the other hand, I am no fan of Daniel as a live performer.

    • I believe song and performer is an evergreen in Spain???

    • Ten years have passed. I remember Marko loving “En una vida” sung by Coral Segovia, who was the big favourite to win the Spanish NF. I think that is my first memory of him.

      • She was I think and lost, a few times representing Spain, in spain she is kind of c list personality

      • Do you remember the Greek lady Mina from ESCToday? She was Señor Diges’ biggest fan. And wasnt Coral S. the one who helped us coin the term ‘quality screaming’?

        • I do. And yes, I believe that the expression was coined then. Moldova also had a memorable NF in 2010.

          • It did. Btw, in which season did you arrive on ESCToday? 2008? 2009?

            • Late 2009. 2010 was mi first season there.

            • 2020 would have been your 10th anniversary then.

            • It would, but I don’t really care much about such things. It is what it is.

            • That’s my attitude too. I care about things I have done (got wrong … LOL), things I can influence, not about stuff that, as you said, is what it is, the weather f. e.
              Btw, it has been raining all day here, and the weather is predicted to stay miserable for another week. I have never experienced such depressing weather in June. :(

            • Exactly. The weather is changing everywhere. Here, Spring is becoming the rainy season as well. Winter is now cold and dry.

            • Winter is now mild and dry here. We didn’t have a single hour of frost last winter. It was the first year ever that we didn’t get Eiswein. :(

            • When I say cold, I mean in comparison with the other seasons. Winters have become warmer since I was born. :(

            • :(

  4. Time flies…10 years later and I still love this song! Rapunzel, ootab armastus…

    • 10 years is a long time in ESC!

    • It’s still in my playlist. :)

    • :) This was my favourite song along with’ Siren’:

      • Love it !

      • I was waiting for her to do some back flip ;)

        But seriously, Eesti Laul 2010 was arguably the best edition – 2012 comes close though. Sadly songs like these wouldn’t survive the semi-final nowadays.

        • EL 2010 was the moment I knew Id keep around Eurovision for another decade. Esc editions 2008 and 2009 were much better than the ones before but the results didnt do a lot for me (and at the time it didnt look like juries were going to change much) however seeing “Siren” get the last minute wildcard then win it all was immense. Loved “Astronaut” too while I prefer 2012 Lenna

          • Imagine “Rapunzel” had won. 2010 could have been the battle of the Len(n)as. “Satellite” would’ve won anyways, but I like the thought of it although “Siren” very deservedly won EL.
            Now that the decade has passed what NF/moment would keep you interested in Eurovision for another 10 years?

            • I dont know. We’ve seen all kinds of winners and genres now. I do think Id appreciate the contest more with a true change od attitude all together. An outside concert in Monaco one year, a stageless spectacle on thr river banks in Prague… there are so many different ways to enjoy music and chérish Europe I would really be curious for a new fresh take every year. Now I enjoy the songs but not the tv show at all (hated all last 3 hostings) so Id love this to change most of all. NF kept me going during a poor esc era but with less and less NF happening these days (and almost none next year…)…

            • I think we all agree on the fact that the robotic tv show is the weakest link in Eurovision these days. I despise the way Eurovision is treated like a company (all these familiar faces Måns, Johnny Logan, Verka,… showing up year after year is basically corporate branding).
              An open-air concert would be fantastic or having the live orchestra back – even if only for one edition.

      • EL 2010 is almost only great songs. Rarely an NF reached that height for me

    • Excellent, just excellent. My first actual memory of Lenna as Lenna (I realized a few years later her association with Vanilla Ninja) and one of the first reasons I fell in love with Eesti Laul as a national final (the 2009 edition was also excellent).

      • 😊
        I guess I have always been fascinated by the Baltics – I remember spending hours studying maps, reading books, etc. as a kid – but I can exactly pinpoint Eesti Laul ’09 (because of “Rändajad”) as the origin of my love for Estonia in particular – and of course Eesti Laul, too. Glad you like Lenna, too!

        • “Rändajad” is my favourite esc song of the whole previous decade, it’s a true masterpiece and it was featured in an Eesti Laul semi against another magnificent song, Traffic’s “See päev” ! And there was “Destiny” as well which was immensly catchy. EL is the reason I am particularly attracted to Estonia as a country, their language, culture etc. I have not disliked a single entry from Lenna. IMO she should have won in 2012 by far.

          • In 2012 I was rooting for Tenfold Rabbit, funky Liis Lemsalu, but most of all Loss Paranoias. Traffic had a good song that year, too. They’re always a good addition to the line-up.
            I agree on “Destiny”, but I prefer “Sunflowers” by far.

        • *was featured in an Eesti Laul superfinal

  5. Happy National Day, Sweden! Glad nationaldag, Sverige!

    • Thanks for the greetings, but no one really cares here to be honest, lol. Midsummer (in two week’s time) is the big holiday when everyone parties.

      It’ll be interesting in 2023, however, because we’ll be celebrating 500 years of indepence then. On a side note, it’s also kind of awkward that our national day coincides with D-day.

  6. A gift for Oxi:

  7. Since many are reminiscing of older times, let’s remember how Supernova started in 2015 and what it had an offer apart from its excellent winner :

    • No words. One of my faves of the decade.

    • Supernova 2015 was excellent imo, but unfortunately I believe that was a fluke as the subsequent editions have not been able to produce the same results.

      • I feel the same… also I’m starting to wonder of the golden years of EL were just a temporary phenomenon, dire as they have been in recent years. Of course that applies to most countries,

        • Everything is temporary. But 5 or 6 years of strong NF is rather unique… some great NMGP in 2009-2010 but it was just two or three years and then it was off again, same with Supernova, Vidbir, Fdc, MF, Unser song etc

          • Unser Song was really only decent when Raab was involved… FdC was 2017-18 only good unless it catered to insomniacs… EL I agree was good for 5+ years, nonewithstanding the occasional misfire… SR is really the only consistent NF IMO though thats my personal taste. They have not had total disasters 2+ years unlike other counties with a NF.

            • I don’t like SR at all but only considered it a NF when Italy said the winner would be asked first to go to esc, before that, it was whomever RAI wanted so it wasn’t a NF in my book

    • <3 <3 <3

  8. @ Morgan & Dom: Malta has promised us an open air ESC since the 90s, but if they won and went for it, the EBU would probably say NO!

  9. More on the plot of Eurovision Song Contest : The story of Fire Saga: Lars(Will Ferrell) is the son of a fisherman(Pierce Brosnan) in Iceland. Together with Sigrid(Rachel Mc Adams) they become a duo called Fire Saga. They perform 2 different songs “Husavik” and “Double Trouble”. The movie depicts their journey from entering and winning Songvakeppnin to fullfilling their dream to represent Iceland in esc. In the actual contest they are the underdogs with Russia’s Alexander Lemtov(Dan Stevens) being the favorite.

    • *fulfilling

    • Husavík was home to the penis museum before they moved it to Reykjavík.

      • Lol. Do you think there’s a connection?

        • No idea. I visited the tiny museum around 15 years ago, when it was still in Husavík, which used to be a huge whaling port. They had penises of all sizes there, from mouse to whale. When I was in Reykjavík in 2017, I did not visit the museum again, but I have heard that it is much bigger now.

    • Still sounds dreadful – not unsurpsingly considering the lead actor.

      • Come on.Will provided one of my favorite TV moments of the recent years.

      • Totally agreed on that last part. My absolute least favorite actor. When I was like 4, me and my family went to see Elf in theatres, and I made us leave in the middle of the movie because I hated it so much. Even back then I knew how much I hated Ferrell.

        • There was this bizarre supposedly funny article in the Guardian a few Xmases back where the columnist lamented at great length that Elf was a Xmas staple but wasn’t being shown on free TV that year – rarely have I seen a writer so destroyed in the comments!

  10. Foureira won last night’s Eurovision Again by a landslide while fan favorite flop France placed 3rd.lol

      • It was always a big fan favorite. And the UK 5th mostly because of Surie’s personality and what happened to her on stage methinks.

      • Who’s voting in this poll? In addition to what Dimitris said, if the British are overrepresented, then the results also make sense, as SuRie and Saara Aalto are both semi-famous over there. And we know how the British feel about ESC and their own entries…

        • ESC fans on Twitter while watching Eurovision Again every Saturday.

          • Still doesn’t say much about the national composition of those watching.

            On a related note, the EBU really has done a much better job of mixing old contests with new as of late when showing those programs. I managed to watch most of the 1991 contest last week (which I hadn’t seen before), though I couldn’t get stomach Toto’s eccentricities during the voting and had to stop after four or five votes. Gigliolina looked really uncomfortable sharing a stage with him…

            • lol on Toto.
              Yes, although 2018 is very recent.

            • Like I said, I think it’s good that they’re mixing old and new contests. That way, many people can find something they like, and what’s familiar may help entice people to watch something they haven’t before. I suspect many of the old contests wouldn’t have the same viewship if they didn’t also show some familiar stuff to fans who are only familiar with recent editions.

            • Yes it’s an awful contest hosting wise…

          • *Gigliola, my bad

  11. Songs that shaped my taste in pop music. Listen, watch and learn, The Mamas. This is how it is done. :)

  12. Moving on from EL and Supernova memories I thought about taking the trip down the memory line to the South. Beovizija has not been my favourite national final when it happens but whenever I think of it this piece of musical class comes to mind :

    I just wish the styling fitted the class of the vocals and the melody. But strictly music-wise this is faultless IMO and withstands the test of time very well.

  13. Revisiting old ESC and think this would be in my top 10 of all time! Love it! In Viennese German I think?

  14. A random song from my playlist. The first one that came up tonight on random mode:

  15. Let’s never forget the time Slovenia could have gotten it all and more.

  16. Netta’s video for her really good new single:

    • I really like it! love the blonde too :p

    • I think I’m the last esc fan who still much prefer her to Eleni and “Toy” to “Fuego”…

      • Not at all :-) Most of fans do, but there are many who prefered “Toy”.
        Me included 😃

      • Eleni’s latest single is nice too:

      • I do too, and by a mile and more.

      • Regarding Cyprus 2018, it’s all about those 3 minutes on stage methinks on which Foureira slayed.
        Nevertheless, I prefer Toy to Fuego as a song although the former hasn’t aged well as I have said some time ago.

        • The funny thing is I couldn’t stand Fuego at first ( I couldn’t get over th pelican fly fly fly line and then was always irritated because she always seemed soooo much like a drag queen to me but wasn’t. Then they played it at my gym one day (a first!) and I thought “that’s cool”, shazamed it and was surprised it was Fuego! Liked it ever since… Toy on the other hand I dislike more and more and the songs she’s released since then I’ve found even more annoying; just sth. that grates me about her musical style.

        • Everyone has his or her own perspective. :)
          I for example find the live performance of Fuego borderline ridiclulous and a perfect example of someone trying too hard.
          On the other hand, I agree on ‘Toy’, but then we have always known that ‘Toy’ wasn’t a song for aging. It was a song for a moment, and that is enough to win ESC.

          • I think that you are right about Toy: maybe it wasn’t meant to age well to begin with.
            On the other hand, I disagree regarding Foureira’s live performance. I may not like her or her songs in general, but her performance looked flawless to me and not forced at all.

            • I do understand why people like Eleni’s ESC performance, but it simply isn’t for me. It’s too polished imo. When it comes to uptempo numbers, I prefer rough or even scrubby (*blush*) ones, like BEL04 or CYP05 f. e. Of course, liking both those songs helps a lot too. :)

            • :)

  17. off topic:
    Reading several articles about some controversial statues across the world, I came across the story behind Leopold II of Belgium and his “Congo Free State” (didn’t know that particular aspect of the history tbh).
    It is amazing (euphimism) to realize how many skeletons there are in the closets of us, the civilized westerners, and that we are not being taught about at school…

    • Good point! I’m curious btw how do they deal with military dictatorship period(s) in Greek schools? Here they have always been v keen to go into detail on 3rd Reich (at least later on; for my mom history classes ended with Bismarck, somewhat ironically). I’ve no idea actually how they deal with East German dictatorships in schools in Eastern states here; it seems that might be shifting with most teacher who had been part of they system now presumabl retired.

      • From what I know of (I may be wrong though), the history of modern Greece is entirely absent from Greek history school books. As if everything in our country ends with the 1940-1941 Greco-Italian war :)

        • It’s OK, in Mississippi and Alabama, history classes probably end before the “war of northern aggression” turned bad. Then fast-forward to glorious tRump years.

          • Lmaooo. Some southern schools actually teach that the Civil War was about chiefly states’ rights, not slavery, and the Confederacy were advocates for freedom from a tyrannical federal government. I wish that was a joke.

            • It’s not as you correctly indicated… I have my undergrad from Texas and my Master’s from Tulane and the “knowledge” sometimes espoused by people coming from (esp. smaller) regional local schools was really caricature-level.

      • Of course children are taught about the dictatorship in schools here. There is a special day in November where they stage plays, recite poems etc. On the other hand the much more important topic of the Civil War is treaded much more lightly, for understandable reasons.

        However I really don’t see the analogy here. The dictatorshp was a domestic matter. It did not involve the exploitation, mistreatment and horrible tortures of millions of foreigners as was the case in the Congo.

        • I didn’t want to equivalize the two (or the 3rd Reich and GDR) – I was just curious since the topic of how schools teach/with deal with difficult parts of a country’s history came up.

          • Hm, I am not even sure it is all that difficult since everyone can claim that they are against it (or even that they were resisting at the time, lots of people claim that even though very few actually did). It is also a convenient topic for political parties since they can at least point as their success building a durable democracy, getting the country rapidly into the EU and putting the dictators in prison. It is much more convenient to them than discussing their responsibilities on the isssues of corruption and economic collapse.

            I think the Civil War and the Cyprus issue are the two really difficult topics to discuss. If they are discussed at all, it is mostly limited to platitudes like “fratricidal wars are bad” and “we did not mean to abandon Cyprus, it was all the dictators’ fault”.

            • Thanks, interesting insights! And indeed, everyone was always in the resistance, didn’t know anything (!) or here in a very German way was “just following orders”. I do have the impression with y’all that having a pretty stable democracy, EU etc. quickly is a great achievement – at the same time as you said corrupt elites seem to be a great problem and esp. with the political dynasties as an outside I get the impression there’s a tendency towards oligarchy.
              On another note, this government seems to have done a great job on corona mess – are you still working from home or do you have to go back to the office? Personally I feel I like a mix of part office, part home.

            • Unfortunately I am back in the office full time. It was good while it lasted :-P

            • Yeah I like some home office days when you have to really focus on stuff (much of what I do is writing so you can’t do that when people constantly stopy by) but I find it much much harder to get information from people vs. being able to walk to their office (which I need because otherwise I have nothing to write). Also in Germany I hate the presenteeism where office time is often tied to being in your chair/a meeting vs. getting sth. done.

            • One of the positive things that came out of all is how much more prominently written communication figures in what I do. For me it is much less time-consuming, more to-the-point and very convenient to store as future reference. Of course not all people have good written communication skills and it makes many people very self-conscious because “scripta manent”.

            • Uni opened their secretaries and some spaces last monday but no classes can resume until september so no orals for papers either which is all that usually happens in June

    • I learned that at school as part of the colonialism package.

  18. Really strange to see Netta with a ballad! :D

    Im currious about Albania in 2021, will they pick Arilena Ara internally or FIK will be organized and new winner will go to Rotterdam.
    I even dont know if she wants to take part in 2021 ESC/FIK.. :/

    • Alb ania will pick s!stärZ ft. Rita Ora internally.

    • The rumor is that Arilena will be picked internally with a song by the same songwriting team. That’s honestly a best case-scenario for us because Arilena is an amazing artist and Darko Dimitrov is a great songwriter, they just really had to “FiK-ize” themselves for FiK.

      Without having to win FiK, I’m very excited for what she might bring. I wish we switched to only internal selections, the Albanian industry has so much to offer and FiK doesn’t represent that.

      Of course, it’s just rumors though. I’m no stranger to disappointment when it comes to Albania, so they may just go back to FiK. I doubt Arilena would compete again.

  19. Offtopic: there was a little celebration here for the 30th birthday of Christophe Lemaitre (turned 30 on June 11th 2020). Of course there is the “first white man below 10′ for the 100m”, then the 4th place in 100m, 3rd in 200m and 2nd with the 4x100m relay in the WC in Daegu and then again the bronze medal in the 2016 Olympics 200m behind Bolt and DeGrasse, but first of all, there was the Barcelona European championships 2010 when he got the treble!

  20. Tune in for Dublin 1988 in Eurovision Again tonight.

  21. 1988 is one of my fave years. And I don’t mean esc-wise :)

  22. Iceland: typical 80’s Nordic esc tune (and staging) that I find quite boring. Not necessarily bad.

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