Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light Seen by 73 Million Viewers

Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light – The programme broadcast in place of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final on Saturday 16 May, was seen by 73 million viewers across 38 markets.

The highest average audience for Europe Shine A Light was in Italy where 3 million viewers watched the full show on a number of Rai channels. 2.4 million viewers saw the show in host country the Netherlands and the UK on NPO1 and BBC One respectively. Russia’s Channel One also recorded an average of 2.1 million viewers.

This year’s alternative Eurovision show was also a huge hit with younger audiences. 20% of those watching were 15 – 24 years old, almost double the broadcast channels’ average in prime-time (11%).

Watch Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light here.

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640 comments on “Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light Seen by 73 Million Viewers

  1. RIP Rayshard Brooks

    When we protest the police murdering people, they respond by murdering another.

    • I read about Atlanta this morning. What the heck is going on in the States? :(

      • Absolute madness is going on. Distrust and instability are at levels I’ve never seen before here. These protests are causing some changes at least (New York recently repealed a law that allowed police departments to keep misconduct reports against officers confidential information and unavailable to the public), but it’s so frustrating that these protests even had to happen in the first place, and that people are *still* getting murdered during them.

        There have been so many horror stories (mostly non-fatal thankfully) of what police have done to people during these protests too. A 75 year old man was pushed to the ground and severely injured by cops (when the cops responsible got charged with assault, 57 officers in their department resigned in protest), a girl was pushed onto the curb of a street by cops and given a concussion, a 22 year old girl was pepper sprayed to death, insanity. I don’t know when or where we’ll come out of this.

        • The Martin Gugino incident even made it onto the German news.

          • Good, I’m glad. Everybody in the world should know how terrible those piece of shit cops who did that were, and how terrible the Buffalo police department is for supporting them.

            • I agree. One police officer apparently tried to help Mr. Gugino but was prevented from doing so by a colleague. :(

          • yes in France too and they said Trump accused the old man to fake it?! Anyway, we have our own problem now since our Domestic secretary (ministre de l’intérieur) has also said the French police can not use some moves that are problematic (since we’ve had affairs with two black men in the last four years… small numbers in comparison to the US, but two too much, one died (he had huge respiratory problems and was arrested in a way that questions how much the policemen are responsible for his death), the other one was very healthy and did not die but had the anus destroyed during the arrest and had 20 stitches to repair it) and now the policemen are marching asking for his resignation :o

            • We have some cases of race-based abuse by the police one or twice every year too. :(
              The most notorious case is that of Amad A., who was in jail for more than 2 months because police believed him to be someone else. He was killed by a fire in his cell (cause unknown … ???) in Kleve Jail in 2018. There was a similar incident in Dessau in 2005, when migrant Oury Jalloh was killed by a fire in his police station cell. I fear that institutional racism will stay with us for a long time. :(

            • Yep, Trump accused him of being an Antifa “provocateur” and that he fell harder than he was pushed in order to set up the police department and cause unrest. He also claimed Gugino was trying to “black out” police equipment. He is a disgusting man and I cannot believe his followers believe these lies.

        • That incident made headlines here too.
          I think he is talking nonsense because he knows very well that there are millions out there (his electorate) that they are gonna believe him no matter what.

          In my humble opinion, what the USA society is facing is called INSTITUTIONAL racism. And there will be no solution without facing and recognizing the monster.

    • It’s really not surprising police are getting out of control with the racist-in-chief essentially telling them it’s OK.

      • Yeah, the “law and order” president loves it. Gassing a whole crowd of peaceful protestors so he could do a photo op with a Bible at a church is one of the most despicable things I’ve seen a western world leader do. That’s the work of an authoritarian dictator.

        • Totally grotesque even by the orange menace’s standards. I guess at least the First Hooker was able to get her prenup re-negotiated ugh. More importantly, how are you holding up on LI?

          • We’re doing fine, still keeping to ourselves even though New York is starting to reopen. Pretty much all the other states who reopened awhile ago are seeing big spikes in cases again now, so even as New York reopens more I don’t think we’ll be going anywhere. Better be safe than sorry, and I 100% expect us to slip back to where we were two months ago in due time. The protests surely haven’t helped with the pandemic.

            There have been some protests around my area, but all of them are rather small and always peaceful. There aren’t many black people where I live (Long Island is very racially segregated), so as privileged as this is, most people have remained very business as usual in regards to the protesting. I wouldn’t want to go out and join in regardless though because I’m living with my family (including my grandparents) and wouldn’t want to infect them with anything I could catch out there. The big cities are quite intense though, there are protests everyday all through the streets of where my Manhattan apartment is, along Washington Square Park. If I was still there I wouldn’t be able to leave without getting stuck in the protests. Bad ones in Brooklyn too (that’s where a cop car drove into a crowd of protestors).

            But NYC’s not nearly as bad as Atlanta, DC, and Seattle, things look insane there, they seem to have even overtaken Minneapolis. My best friend at school is from Atlanta and I’m friends with a lot of her friends from back home now too, and the things they’re telling me about what’s going on there is crazy.

            • Glad u r safe even if I am sure at times a bit frustrated at being away from the city… it really is odd where some of the flashpoints are; MIN and SEA are places we think of as hotbeds of “liberalism”, they’re not Mobile or Jackson. There’s always the dark side of course; my best friend from college lives in Seattle now and they essentially drove the homeless out of the city.
              Did you see the video of tRump slurring through the graduation speech at West Point and being barely capable of taking a sip of water?!?

            • Yes I did see that lol. Trump is a buffoon, I still just can’t fathom how 40-something% of the country saw him and said “yes, that’s who should be our president.”

            • The worst part is 40-something of the country still seems to think he walks on water.

    • We can only hope that the silent majority will eventually (preferably soon) choose the right side of the widening divide in Western societies.

      • Hopefully, we’ll see. Right-wing populism is a disease that needs to be eradicated.

        • Unfortunately, it seems to be on the rise and quite popular with certain segments of the mainstream media. Did you see that self-proclaimed ‘defenders of British monuments’ made the nazi salute at Churchill’s monument in London yesterday? Both the BBC and Sky News kept calling them ‘defenders of British monuments’ nevertheless. The USA and the UK scare the shit out of me atm, but I am confident that at least the USA will sort things out, hopefully with a first step as early as November.

          • I have seen that, that was insane. I am unfortunately not as confident as you about the US. Polling looks good for Biden at the moment, but I don’t think that’s taking into account the amount of people who don’t like either Trump or Biden, they just like Biden *more*. Those people aren’t gonna end up seeing voting as a priority, and many are gonna stay home. Trump inspires so many people to get out and vote, and Biden inspires so little. Especially when you look at the rampant voter suppression, specifically amongst black voters, that happened in Georgia last week. If you start suppressing the votes of black people in other swing states like is already happening in Georgia (a reddish-purple state believed to be somewhat at play in 2020), Biden may not even have a chance.

            Even if Biden does win though, I don’t think right-wing populism is over here. Trump moved the Republican Party into that category and has activated so many voters who aren’t going to stop if he loses. I can see a Trumpian Republican being elected into office again in 2024 if he loses this year, he could even run again and try to get back into office. There are also rumors he’s been grooming either Donald Jr. or Ivanka to run after he leaves office. After four years of a Biden presidency, who knows if people will desire that switch from stagnation to right-wing populism change again.

            • I see your point. It is always best to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. That’s the lesson history keeps telling us. :(

    • I’ve just heard the news. What is happening is very sad. Atlanta’s Mayor has said it all: register and vote. November 3rd will be a pivotal moment in American history and the best way to honour the victims of racism and bigotry is to be a part of it.

      • True, but this sort of stuff predates Trump. So many people, specifically black men, were killed by police under Obama’s presidency too, and before that as well. Voting out Trump will help, but it won’t end things. I think we’re past the point of no return at this point, we need to overhaul our entire system; we were built on the structures of racism and anti-blackness.

        If Biden becomes president, I expect this will continue to happen unless he promises major changes (which he isn’t).

        • Unfortunately, racism is profoundly inscribed into both US American and European cultures and societies, and therefore I fear that change can only come in baby steps. Just have a look at the German language:

          schwarz sehen (to see black) – to be extremely pessimistic
          Schwarzgeld – illegal money
          schwarzfahren – to fare-dodge

          … and there are hundreds more.

          And then we have this awful children’s game: Wer hat Angst vorm Schwarzen Mann? (Who’s afraid of the Black Man?) That game might go back to the black death, but that doesn’t change the damage it does to racial perception of children nowadays. Black equals being in danger. :(

          There is a great scene in the German movie ‘Ein Mann, ein Fjord’. A Turkish taxi driver asks his German lady passenger why all bad things in the German language are labelled as ‘black’. She answers that it isn’t true and gives Schwarzbrot (brown bread) as an example. His reply is: ‘But it has a terrible taste.’ :)

        • I know; Biden is far from being the ideal candidate, but he will have the opportunity to turn a significant page. His VP will most certainly turn other significant pages when he or she becomes President. I hope he makes a good and wise choice.

          P.S. – Radical attitudes from both sides must be avoided.

          • At this point, his VP will most likely be Kamala Harris, which can very badly backfire on him.

            • Harris is the obvious choice but I’m intrigued by the Susan Rice speculation – I do think she comes the closest to “governing partner and ready from day one” plus is another Obama alum. Plus ridiculous as it sounds there will be some people who will think “bipartisan” and confuse her with Condoleeza. It’s an odd minor point but I had – clever, politically aware – friends say they were for or against Cortez Masto, thinking she was AOC.

            • “friends say they were for or against Cortez Masto, thinking she was AOC.” Oh god lol.

              I don’t think it’ll be Rice tbh. She’s a bit controversial due to her associations with the Benghazi controversy a few years back. That was a big factor in Hillary’s downfall, and being a black woman, Rice would be hit even harder.

              My top pick is obviously Warren. She’s the most well-liked and most well-known of the possibilities, and also polls the highest in polls of possible VPs. Running mates historically do little to help a candidate’s chances, but they can sink a candidate (Sarah Palin being a prime example), so you want one who is popular and well-liked. I don’t think it’ll be her really, but she’d be my dream.

              I’d rather Michelle Lujan Grisham. She’s the governor of New Mexico and the only Democratic Latina governor. We’ve never had a Hispanic/Latino on the ticket, but they make up about 20% of the country. Plus she could possibly contribute to Arizona swinging more blue. I’d also be a big fan of Tammy Baldwin being picked, but I don’t think they want to pull a senator out of Wisconsin right now.

              A lot of the names I’m hearing as frontrunners are big no’s from me though lol.

            • Warren would be my first choice, too, but two white people in their 70s is not going to happen… some of the suggestions are indeed absurd – the first-term mayor of Atlanta?? Dems almost always pick a senator as running mate so that brings us back to Harris. It’s weird that she has been talked about as a future pres forever but on the whole is a blank slate. Lujan Grisham is probably the best “do no harm” pick. Then again whoever is picked will be monstered by the Reps either way. So time to go bi-partisan; I call Lindsay Graham!

            • Yeah, Warren’s age and race are the big deterrents to picking her, but I’m just hoping Biden sees past identity and looks at the numbers. Warren will do the least damage and the most good to his campaign. He won’t, but I can still hope.

              Yeah I’ve seen Keisha Lance Bottoms talked about a lot, especially after the protests began. I just don’t think she’s ready. She’s just a mayor, and of the 37th biggest city in the US; that is just not enough experience. Especially considering Biden’s age, he needs a VP who we can trust to govern. All signs point to Harris, but in the age of BLM, her history as a tough-on-crime prosecutor (one that contributed to the end of her presidential campaign), could really hurt her. Apparently some Biden advisors are advising against her because of it, but then I don’t know who that’d even leave. Fingers crossed for Warren lol.

              I’ve seen Val Demings discussed a lot and I really pray that Biden will be smart enough to NOT pick her. Yes, she’s a black woman, but she is a former COP. This whole movement is not “eh black cops are okay,” people are mad at EVERY cop, especially considering Demings had a history of excessive force in the police department she led and black activists in Orlando have rallied against her. That’d ruin any credibility on racial issues Biden has left.

              But all-in-all, your Lindsey Graham suggestion probably takes the cake. If Biden doesn’t pick him, I’d be disappointed.

    • Witnessing what is going on in the US is so mind-boggling to me. There must be separation of power and the power of decision. Some officers think they’re judge, jury and executioner all in one. A lot of this has to do with the amount of people having access to guns. The police has minimal time to act hence they react with much more force than necessary. Racism fuels this toxic mentality (racial profiling, people being attacked due to the color of their skin).

      • Yep, it’s very scary. I will also say, I don’t know what the situation is like in Europe, but American police officers most often don’t go into the field to actually help people; they do it to have power over others. The American police have so much power and for YEARS they never faced any consequences for their brutality (due to a mix of racial prejudices and a lack of physical evidence), now things are changing and that’s making them mad. On my mom’s side of the family, I have numerous police officer relatives, and I can confirm every single one of them are like that. We have numerous stories they’ve told us of them brutalizing people, often black, and thinking that it was either cool or a funny story to reminisce on. Disgusting.

        • Oh my….
          The main difference between police training in Europe and the US is that here it is focused more on use of not-lethal force, psychology and deescalation – one of my cousins actually failed the psych test and didn’t even get the chance to become a policewoman. And average time for the training (I’m talking about Poland and Germany) is 3 years whereas 19 wks in the US seems ridiculously short.
          However this doesn’t prevent racist and extremist scum joining the forces here as well. Just recently a whistleblower revealed in a letter adressed to the Defense Minister how right-wing extremism is tolerated within the military and a few weeks earlier a raid on an elite soldier’s property turned up several weapons and explosives.

  2. To end the US debate on a more positive note I was watching some footage from the 1994 World Cup. The opening cerenomy was so flashy yet I liked it – the dance routines, Diana Ross, … . She would’ve been very popular in the English national football team 😉

    With Erling Braut Haaland and Ianis Hagi we would also have two direct descendants of ’94 players who have great potential to give their resp. countries another golden generation.

    • I saw Diana Ross perform once at Bonn’s Museumsmeile – like a real diva she showed up about 50 minutes too late, which as you may know is a bit of a problem because they have to end shows by 10 I think there. At first we didn’t even realize it was her because this quiet mousy woman started talking. As she performed, she started getting more outgoing and lively, like a crisalide emerging from its cocoon. Glad I got to experience her live; also it’s a great location!

      • I’ve seen her in Las Vegas 2015 and it was a blast, lights fully on from first to last note. She’s a star.

      • Just like a proper diva should! A diva has to have this extravagance, these capricious airs. Whenever I hear the term linked to some local schlager singer I feel like it’s inappropriate. They just seem too nice and boring.
        Never been to Museumsmeile, but it sure looks good!

        • It’s great – both the museums and the event space – of course sadly another no-go this summer it looks like.

          • Like most big events. I’ve had tickets for Pukkelpop (pop/rock festival in Flanders) in August – cancelled. Didn’t come as a surprise, but now that we’re in this “going back to normal life” mode it feels very strange to me.

            • Yeah I know – it’s a weird segue to normalcy; live music and clubs are going to be among the worst hit I fear – the point literally is to enjoy it with a bunch of people close by; the experience would be ruined by social distancing.

    • The infamous two matches to Bulgaria and the home one to Israel… France needed 1pt from either to qualify and lost to Israel and missed it… both Sweden and Bulgaria qualified instead (and look how far both of them went in the competition)… this helped our team a lot, for 96 and then 98!

      • I forgot that France was missing in ’94, so I was a little shocked to not see them in the opening ceremony. Then again you’ve had two World Cup wins and one Euro victory since – could’ve been worse 😉 France learned from the mistakes made in the 1994 qualification tournament and of course the later “renouvements” helped a lot.

    • I remember watching that. I love her version of “Why do fools fall in love”. :)

  3. Shake it with Amir:

  4. Very interesting (huge fans of anglo-saxon sound and some Nordic bias):

    • I saw this earlier today, really interesting in my opinion. The anglo-saxon and nordic bias doesn’t surprise me, as they are the most culturally similar regions, after all :)

      Btw, this same Youtuber seems to be doing a series of recaping all entries per country. Only a few are out so far, all from the big five, but it’s fun seeing their “Eurovision evolution” play out in a twenty-minute time-frame

    • The biggest surprise to me is the amount of times Ireland has won our vote

    • Even though I do not agree with all their picks during the jury era (1969 WTF? … but personal opinion isn’t the point here), I find their list of winners quite diverse. :)
      Then televoting kicked in and things became as uniform and predictable as private TV shows … It’s good that the juries were reintroduced. :)

    • Yay for Hungary 1994!

      Yugoslavia 1982 is probably the oddest one.

  5. Oh my … I couldn’t beleve my eyes but this Russian anti-gay video is playing in all TV stations there and this is no joke!
    it’s about an orphan boy just to be adopted by a gay couple. The way the one of the two gay parents is portrayed is beyond horrible (all those vomiti-inducing stereotypes especially the dress!)
    I’t very sad to see…Unfortunately I don’t speak Russian to grasp the last part of the video but what I understood is already enough to make me really angry!

    • It was mentioned in French news but wasn’t in the mood to watch it so I won’t yet ;)

    • I saw it some days ago. It doesn’t merit any comment. It’s part of the campaign for the July 1st referendum. Putin must stay in power forever to prevent gays from taking over the country… It’s funded by an oligarch close to the government.
      I was just watching a video made by a Greek school professor. Homosexuality is a sin etc etc. After the backlash he made it private.

    • It says: “Is this the Russia you choose? Decide the future of the country, vote for the amendments to the Constitution.”
      There’ll be a “vote” on amendments to the Russian Constitution in July and this propaganda video shows a scenario set in 2035. Russians have voted against the amendment to article 72 which seeks to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman.
      Indeed it’s very sad to see these kind of things…

    • But…but…but they have Lazarov so it’s all ok!

  6. Today a number of businesses including gyms f.i. are opening again after almost three months.
    Among them… brothels too :)
    According to the Ministry of Health and the Civil Protection, some of the instructions include:
    -“…during sexual intercourse, face to face positions should be avoided, while others, in which the one is facing the other’s back are recommended…”
    -“…eatable stuff, bananas, cucumbers f.i. are highly contraindicated…”

    There are more, but my english is not that good to translate them.

    Reading this actually made my day! :D

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