The OGAE 2020 Results in Full

OGAE – Every year the international OGAE fan clubs around the world vote for their favourite songs from that year’s contest.This year anyone could vote online too.

The results for each OGAE club can be seen in this video:

And the winner was…


Congratulations to The Roop

1. Lithuania 770p
2. Iceland 634p
3. Switzerland 620p
4. Bulgaria 401p
5. Italy 380p
6. Norway 296p
7. Germany 289p
8. Russia 261p
9. Malta 245p
10. Sweden 189p

ogae 2020



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207 comments on “The OGAE 2020 Results in Full

    • Polish word of the day: hańba – disgrace!
      The LGBT ideology-free zones are a sad chapter in the history of Poland. There’s also a lot of protest against these zones, f.e. the largest bookstore chain Empik refused to stock Gazeta Polska in their stores when the LGBT-free stickers were distributed by this waste of (news)paper. It’s good to see that people outside of Poland set a signal, too.

      • I don’t wanna sound melodramatic or pompous, but I think that we are living in such dark times that gives me the creeps thinking about it.

        • You are absolutely right. It feels almost surreal. We’re taking so many steps backwards.

          There’s a video by a gay couple who interviewed people in the small Silesian town of Chocianów where plans for a zone were made at that time. It’s all in Polish, but basically most people they talked to were against the zone.

          The two, Jakub and Dawid, are quite well known in Poland and even appeared in a music video by Roxette.

        • Human beings are not very intelligent. We have been proving that since the we set foot on the planet.

      • we’ll get through together and I hope the way Poland is handling this election can be a bit too much for some “partners in crime”! anyway no one thinks Poland is entirely like that, just like the US are not just Trump or Italy just Berlusconi so don’t worry about how we see things!

        • Duda’s lead keeps shrinking as time progresses – we’ll see how things go.
          I’m glad the Northern – and also more liberal parts – of Poland didn’t take this fascist bullsh*t, either and reacted with anti-demos.

      • I really feel for the many decent people living in Poland. Let’s hope that things will improve over time. The sooner the better …

  1. A few weeks back Morgan shared a clip of Gjan’s Tears performing a version of the song ‘SOS d’un terrien en détresse’.
    The song is fron the musical Starmania ans was originally by Daniel Balvoine.
    It has been covered quite a few times and one such version by the late, young singer Gregory Lemarchal, is so beautiful and poignant. I have loved it since introduced to it by my hubby.
    I was thus quite excited to find that a new, upcoming, young singer, Dimash Kudaibergen from Kazakhstan also recorded his version with much acclaim and success.
    I of course, fell in love with it and just had to enter VFoS with it and was delighted earlier to come in 5th place just.missing out in a medal.
    So am sharing it here for Morgan and those not around our sister contest.
    Enjoy 😊

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