Eurovision 2021: It’s Rotterdam!

Eurovision 2021 – Hardly a surprise, but it was announced tonight during the Shine a Light programme that Rotterdam would be hosting the Eurovision Song Contest when it returns in 2021. The venue will be the Ahoy arena.

Any tickets purchased for the 2020 contest will be valid next year, although refunds will be offered if ticket holders cannot make it. The actual dates will be announced in the next few weeks. There’s more details about refunds here.

Many of this year’s artists have already been chosen to represent their country next year. Here’s who has said they are entering and those that have already selected their artist.

Country Artist
 Australia Montaigne
 Austria Vincent Bueno
 Azerbaijan Efendi
 Belgium Hooverphonic
 Bulgaria Victoria
 Czech Republic Benny Cristo
 Georgia Tornike Kipiani
 Greece Stefania
 Israel Eden Alene
 Latvia Samanta Tīna
 Malta Destiny
 Netherlands Jeangu Macrooy
 Romania Roxen
 San Marino Senhit
 Slovenia Ana Soklič
 Spain Blas Cantó
  Switzerland Gjon’s Tears
 Ukraine Go_A

8 comments on “Eurovision 2021: It’s Rotterdam!

  1. An artist chosen does not mean there wont be an nf though. I can totally see nfs to select a song out of many for Go_A, Ana Soklic, Roxen, Montaigne, Eden Alene etc

  2. The more artists chosen means less 4 hour marathon NF’s. So there is a positive right there.

    Efendi returning is certainly another positive. Hopefully they give her a better song with this second chance.

    And give Samanta a “Stay” type song as well. Samanta returning is justice. She paid her dues.

    Have we heard anything about the Loca girl? And Hurricane? Or Lesley?

  3. It’s going to be interesting. I would think the countries already having chosen their artist will be looking hard at how this year’s entry was received and rated by the various means. I hope the 18 already picked manage to get something that ‘even betters’ their entries from this year.

  4. “I hope the 18 already picked manage to get something that ‘even betters’ their entries from this year.”

    That will be an uphill battle for some countries that had excellent songs this year. :(

  5. Well hopefully there’s a backup plan (that isn’t cancelation), if that Dutch policy of no big events until there’s a vaccine comes into play next May.

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