Eurovision 2020: What’s On This Week

Eurovision 2020 – Eurovision fans really felt the cancellation hit home this week as many of them should have been travelling to Rotterdam to take part in this year’s Song Contest. Instead many are left despondent and still fighting travel companies to get refunds. But never fear, there’s still a whole host of Eurovision events online this week! Let’s get in the bubble!

Many countries are putting on programmes in the run up to Saturday’s official Europe-wide Eurovision: Shine a Light programme. It will air in place of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 Grand Final on Saturday 16 May at 21:00 (CET). Public service broadcasters from over 40 countries will broadcast the show. and it will also be available on the official Eurovision YouTube channel. It is expected to last 2 hours.

In addition to spotlighting the 41 songs of 2020, the unique production will include special performances from popular artists from Eurovision’s past. 2020’s artists will also join together, from their locations across Europe, in a unifying performance of 1997’s Eurovision winner ‘Love Shine A Light’ by Katrina And The Waves.

Michael Schulte (Germany, 2018) will accompany Ilse DeLange from The Common Linnets (the Netherlands, 2014) performing ‘Ein Bisschen Frieden’, the song of Germany’s first winner (Nicole, 1982).

Israel’s Eurovision winner from 1979, Gali Atari, will also sing her huge hit ‘Hallelujah’ alongside a choir featuring past participants from the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Other performances include Sweden’s Måns Zelmerlöw singing his 2015 winning song ‘Heroes’, Marija Šerifović the 2007 winner for Serbia, with ‘Molitva’ and Netta (Israel, 2018) will contribute a moving acoustic version of a new song with a special message about these unusual times. Reigning Eurovision champion Duncan Laurence will premiere his brand new song, ‘Someone Else’, during the show.

Eurovision fans from across the world will also help bring an unforgettable sing-a-long moment to the screen. They will form a huge Eurovision choir and sing Johnny Logan‘s ‘What’s Another Year ‘with the three-time Eurovision winner himself.

As well as the official programme, there are more online events happening than we can keep up with! For a full list of all the different events taking place, check out this post from Wiwibloggs.

Worried about that well documented ailment, Post Eurovision Depression (PED) on Sunday?  Well #EurovisionAgain has your back, as they promise a very special event on the evening of Sunday 17th May at 8pm UK (9pm CET). Follow them on Twitter for details @EurovisionAgain. To date they have raised over £12,000 which is being donated to the following charities:

Mermaids – a vital charity that support young trans and non-binary people and their families.
Terrence Higgins Trust – UK’s most iconic HIV and sexual health charity.
Stonewall – here to let all lesbian, gay, bi and trans people, here and abroad, know they’re not alone.

Donate here.

Enjoy Eurovision week everyone! Let us know below which ones you’ll be watching.

45 comments on “Eurovision 2020: What’s On This Week

  1. And, of course, there’s ET’s own ESC. I just sent in my votes to Gregor. On the last day, haha 😅

  2. Did anyone watch the Swedish “semi” show on SVT Play? I saw parts of it, but it was basically one and a halve minute clips accompanied by duos (including two little boys) giving live commentary over the songs.

    • The set-up drove people furious in a way that they even mentioned it in the evening news.

      • oh dear… for once SVT really handled the cancellation poorly!

      • It was obvious that you can’t make a TV program showing 40+ videoclips. Even spreading it over two shows would probably have been too ambitious.

        • Yeah, I got suspcisious as soon as I saw the time slot. I kinda like it for what it is; if you know every song inside and out, then it’s kinda fun to sit back and listen to other people’s instant reaction. But if you’re curious to hear the songs and analyse them yourself, then having these people talk over them isn’t that popular.

          I liked the 9 year old kid’s reaction when he heard the Netherlands: “It’s good when it’s depressing”.

      • Oh is that so, my mother called this evening and said it was super fun to watch as she herself think it is kinda exhausting watching only the songs the whole way through and she liked the commentary as well. But yeah I can see why a lot of people find it frustrating

  3. Random song of the day:

  4. Just ranked all 41 ESC entries for Gregor’s fakevision. Quite a task as there are only two songs I actually care about and handful I’m ok with. Let just say I painted with very big brush and a bit shocked of some entries I had to give votes in semifinals.

  5. Tadaaaa France is free now! Well inside a circle of 100km… low schoolers go back to school today! Good luck to them and to all school teachers around the world! What a job it is!

    • Here in Germany it will be managed on district level. Most restrictions are eased but once a district reports over 50 cases per 100.000 people, it will go back into firm lockdown. At the moment this affetcs 4 districts (Coesfeld, Greiz, Steinfurt … I don’t remember the 4th one atm) and one city (Rosenheim).
      Btw, do you know the movie ‘Out of Rosenheim’? I love it. :)

      • Parks, malls and middle schools wont open for “at risk” regions (Mayotte, Paris, East, North, Burgundy). Beaches are down to districts as well. Everything else is national for now (lower school opens, high school wont)

        • My small niece won’t go to school until fall because she is suffering from asthma. :(

        • Btw, I am watching ‘Out of Rosenheim’ now. I haven’t watched it for 20 years. It’s the English version with Spanish subtitles.

          • It’s gotten a cult status here and won the César for best foreign film. I genuinely like it but I dont love it ans dont get the cult status

          • Did you know that Juliette Schoppmann, runner-up in the first German idol show, did a cover of “calling you”, the out of Rosenheim-song? I liked that version a lot, her voice suited the song quite a bit…

            • It happened in French idol too (as I said the film has a cult status here): Miss Dominique, runner up to Christophe Wilhem (the best French artist coming out of these kind of shows, who was a jury in Destination Eurovision when he himself was often tipped to go with a David Guetta penned song) also sang it:

            • I like Christophe Willem, his voice is unique… Juliette Schoppmann was much better than the actual Idol winner Alexander Klaws… btw. 5th place in this season was taken by Gracia Baur who infamously represented Germany in Kiev in 2005 with “You better run and HI-IE-IAYE-IIDE”…:#)

    • Secondary schools will reopen May 18th and only for the subjects that have final exams. Younger students will only return to school next September. Restaurants are still closed and can only serve takeaway meals.

    • We can sit down in the park instead of standing up from Wednesday. Exciting.

  6. This will be eurovision week. I will do my very best to catch the show next Saturday.

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