Eurovision 2020: ‘Europe Shine a Light’ Confirmed

Eurovision 2020 – Following the cancellation of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020, the EBU and its Dutch Members NPO, NOS and AVROTROS confirmed they will produce Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light to air in place of the Grand Final on Saturday 16 May at 21:00 (CET).

The 41 participating entries from 2020 will take part in some way but in a non-competitive format They will also, from their locations across Europe, give a unifying performance of ‘Love Shine A Light’ by Katrina And The Waves (UK, 1997).

The show will be hosted by Dutch Eurovision presenters Chantal Janzen, Edsilia Rombley (The Netherlands 1998 and 2007) and Jan Smit.

The EBU will also bring Eurovision fans together for a virtual sing-a-long on screen, performing Johnny Logan’s ‘What’s Another Year’ (Ireland, 1980)

The show will be broadcast to 46 countries including Kazakhstan and Kosovo, and on Eurovision’s official YouTube channel, and is expected to last about 2 hours.


40 comments on “Eurovision 2020: ‘Europe Shine a Light’ Confirmed

  1. I’m assuming it’ll be geoblocked here like every other EBU program is, and I don’t think I have enough interest in this mess to get around the geoblock. Still very disappointed that this is the show they decided to put together after the cancelation.

  2. Hungary won’t be airing it. :(

  3. Blas Canto’s and Kelly Clarkson’s collab is out

  4. This still holds no appeal to me; if it is possible to do a show like this involving the artists in some form, it would have been possible to do in in traditional ESC format. Sounds very much like some last-minute compromise involving too many cooks in the kitchen. I’ll watch the Raab show which will likely have more interesting music and format.

    • I agree. I think we all know by now it was possible to think a bit outside the box: a fall edition was very likely (almost all countries are finally saying “we need around 60% of a population with immunity and oh my god we can’t reach that point if everyone is locked down” so we’re going out a little bit soon and more and more through the Summer), a repeat of 2020 songs in 2021 was more than possible and I didn’t read a single argument that was legit (oh my god we have heard the songs a bit more! yeah, right) and all of the “from home” or “using videos” format in 2020 was legit too (oh no, money for tourism)…

      The EBU, something like 5 people, decided to cancel it all together very quickly, without consulting any broadcasters (except maybe one or two I can think of, who were very eager to say “aww sorry, we can’t send you to the contest, BYE! NEW NF!”) and some are rightfully furious, at least for not being taken into consideration, by not being brought in the discussion. If only one of France, Spain, Italy or the UK would have joined Germany, the Big 5 would have finally meant something…

  5. Everytime I read news on the substitute show, my heart is in danger of breaking …

  6. Yeah!Habemus top-41. Unsurprisingly, some songs really grew on me and a few others had to step aside. What a strong year this is for me. :(

    • for once, at least 12 songs I wish I could vote for, usually it’s more around 8 with my 9th and 10th being “best of the worst” for me! a rather solid year for me too

      • More than 12 for me but we’ll never know how the esc lives would change that.

      • The only one I genuinely like is Armenia. Which obviously would have been a disastrous live as she can’t sing and, going by the smartly edited video, can’t move either.

        • 100% opposite ahah but yeah there are a few songs I really like and will get points from me but I think wouldn’t have worked well live at all, whereas some songs just outside my top 10 could have gotten a live to push them in. We’ll never know!

    • Ι only really like Lithuania and wouldn’t have minded the rest of my top3 winning (Russia, Italy). Other than that I don’t think it’s a particularly strong year. Especially the semis and all the big5 apart from Italy would have been torture to go through.

    • I wouldn’t say it would be a strong year but only because it provided in particular Netherlands and Switzerland I will definately remember it with fondness music-wise. “Grow” is imo the best song of the decade in esc alongside “1944”.

  7. ETSC song of the day (ETSC 4 North Macedonia)

  8. Not sure if anyone is interested in musicals.
    I first seen this one (three times) when it arrived on the London stage back in 1986.
    Never seen this version at the Royal Albert Hall.
    Think I might give it a watch. 😊

  9. ESC song of the day:

  10. For those who will miss the Eurovision Song Contest, here is an alternative:

  11. Right now I don’t feel like watching this or commit myself to any other ESC substitute. 2020 songs going to waste is still hitting hard. I even started to like some of this year’s songs that were just ok to me before. To get some sort of distraction I watched some old concert snippets like this one:

    or just randomly listened to music I haven’t listen to for a long time:

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