Eurovision Home Concerts – Episode 1

Eurovision 2020 – No competition this year! So a lot of projects were put on the table, from different broadcasters. BBC, Stefan Raab or SVT have planned some sort of recognition for this year’s entries. Meanwhile, “home concerts” are posted on the contest’s official youtube page.

What do you think of these different projects? Which one do you want to follow the most?

732 comments on “Eurovision Home Concerts – Episode 1

  1. Dima Bilan: “Believe” (2008) – 1st

    “OPEN every door”

  2. YLE dedicates 3 days to Eurovision.
    MAY 14:
    -Finnish televoters will pick their top-10 songs of esc 2020
    -Broadcasting esc 2014 Final
    MAY 15:
    -Presenting Finnish public’s favorite esc entries
    -Broadcasting Eurovision 2006 Final
    MAY 16:
    -Broadcasting Eurovision 2007 Final
    -Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light

  3. Fuck, I’m late. Anyways, ESC song of the fucking day:

  4. Acoustic version of LTU 2020:

    • Lithuania 20 is all about the lead singer. This guy deserves a second chance.

      • They’re a team and should come back together. They don’t know if they’ll accept the offer, though. It will depend on the songs they have. Also, Vaidotas says the main theme of “On Fire” is a message against ageism(i didn’t know that). His advice is to always be on fire no matter how old you are.

        • I agree. I did not know that either.

        • yes in the lines he does wonder why people say he’s “too old” and Donny has interpreted it as also a mean to reflect on “old formula” such as lyrics and composition wise, revisited in the entry as a fresher take on these

          • Even though, they sound simple they do have a very relevant and deeper meaning:
            I’m a human, not a stone
            I can make a change and go
            Wherever I want to
            They told me maybe I’m too old
            But there’s fire in my soul

  5. I managed to come here this weekend, which is not bad, considering my very hectic schedule. I am so tired of Zoom, Skype and similar platforms. Here’s a new take on Belarus 20:

    I do not know why, but I am not feeling very interested in watching ESC- related shows. I will only watch one with 2020 songs, because they deserve to be heard by the Eurovision universe.

  6. Now, Mr. Johnson has been hospitalised. The Queen wore a lovely shade of hopeful green though.

  7. Vasil’s new song is nice and totally different to his esc entry:

  8. BoNF 2020 news: I won’t be using Deezer nor an equivalent since “Pich” is not out yet. I’ll use a playlist from YouTube and it’ll be the first time live performances will also be counted for the semifinals! Here they are, all 30 in alphabetical order:

    Well I decided having an avatar of me outside, in the sun and by the Atlantic ocean (at Varadero) was a good way to remind us it’s spring even though we can’t go out to enjoy it with this lockdown! Stay strong everyone!

    • Lol, the title is “VAL – Da Vidna” but the thumbnail shows Bulletproof by Dotter.

      • the tumbnail of the playlist is Dotter! but Belarus’ entry is alphabetically the first to go :o

      • I’ve also updated some of my playlists: My MF Winners (with Felix as my 2020 winner), My Eurovision Winners (with Switzerland’s official video) and even my MF reprise playlist was updated:

        Babben Larsson was like the second worst winner reprise ever, after the 2014 trainwreck. My fave is either Motoboy doing “Hero” or Maia Hirasawa doing “Worrying Kind”. Helena did a marvellous “Popular” as well!

  9. So yesterday we redid 1980 with my bf (year of his birth). This is my top10:

    1. NLD
    2. DEU
    3. IRL
    4. CHE
    5. FIN
    6. PRT
    7. ESP
    8. FRA
    9. AUT
    10. TUR

    And this is his:

    1. NLD
    2. IRL (he gave them both 12)
    3. DEU
    4. TUR (our biggest disagreement; she is great, but I find the song much beneath her)
    5. CHE
    6. GRC
    7. FIN
    8. ESP
    9. BEL
    10. PRT

  10. What a tragic weekend for the UK Labour Party.
    But I guess that the BBC, The Guardian etc are satisfied, so, all is fine.

  11. Anna Maria Jopek: “Ale jestem” (1997) – 11th

    “My eyes OPEN: the world comes into being”
    (“Oczy otwieram: staje się świat”)

  12. Sopho Gelovani & Nodiko Tatishvili: “Waterfall” (2013) – 15th

    “I’m swept away, I look into an OPEN sky”

  13. Thank you Sir Keir Starmer. We won’t hear much of that Corbynista sloganeering machine known as Richard Burgon for the forseeable future. Everytime I listened to Mr Burgon speak, some of my brain cells committed suicide …

  14. Maja: “Na jastuku za dvoje” (2002) – 13th

    “Welcome, sister, the club is OPEN, sign in”

  15. Tanel Padar/Dave Benton/2XL: “Everybody” (2001) – 1st

    “leave the windows OPEN wide – Why nobody can’t stay?”

    • I remember the voting, the Netherlands opening and Marlayne Sahupala giving this our 12 points and I was like WTF, it was as if Europe was on drugs that evening. How on earth could this win.

      • I like it a lot. :)

        • You know that it is Estonia 2001 we are talking about?

          • I do, and it is my favorite winning song between ‘Love Shine a Light’ and ‘Molitva’. :)

            • Not a great period when it comes to quality in general. But for most of those winners I can at least understand why they won, Estonia 2001 will always remain a mystery to me. Then I would have preferred Denmark doing a double. Or France winning although not my taste. My favourite songs however were from Lithuania and Bosna-H that year.

            • I was very surprised to see Estonia win in 2001 too because I did not expect the song to appeal to many people. And I agree that it is much easier to understand why f. e. Sertab, Helena or Lordi won.
              I have Russia in 1st place in 2001, followed by a bunch of songs I find all right: DNK, FRA, DEU, GRC, BIH, TUR, ESP … and EST. However, I haven’t watched the contest for several years, and thus I might think otherwise these days.

            • Bosnia was my winner back in 2001 and now my 3rd. Lithuania my 5th. France my 4th. I cant stand Dk at ALL

            • I feel the same about Germany that year.

            • I dont like it but dont hate it. Dk is the one I dont ger but probably coz country is hateful to my ears (hate Germany 2006 for instance). Btw I have the NL in my top 10. But then I have the UK too lol

            • I like the UK too. Love the strings and Lynsey has great vocals.

            • yeah, just a bit dated europop, but it was decent imo

      • I remember that feeling. However I had a warning as I was watching it with my parents, very excited because Greece was favoured to win. I remember their pretty indifferent reaction when the greek song was on, but when this came on they were both like “yes that’s it, that should win!”. As you said I thought they were on drugs. Some kind of mass mind-control phenomenon :-P

      • I agree… And listening to it now it sounds more dated than the songs from the 50’s…

      • +1 One of the weakest winners.

    • Also I think Tanel Padar was so extremely hot a year earlier in Stockholm. In 2001 however he looked as if he was still lying in bed when they told him to go on stage.

    • I love it. Underrated by fans but remember this is a televote winner that’s actually gimmick free ans the only person of color who won it

    • Ugh! Never took to this song or the performance.
      Rollo and King were my favourites.

  16. Silje Vige: “Alle mine tankar” (1993) – 5th

    “All my dreams are OPEN” (3x)
    (“Alle mine drømmar é åbne”)

  17. I ADORE Israle 2020 now – Eden Alene – “Feker libi”:, it is so uplifting these days.. :) I listen to it a lot.. :D and that performance and choreography! <3
    I hope in 2021 she will have similar and GREAT entry!

    • I agree it is very uplifting. Moreover, musically I’m starting to like it more as well, it is very dynamic with its constant shifts, I’d like it even better if it were performed with more organic and native African/Middle Eastern instruments.

    • I have a feeling it would have done Top 10 in the televote. Europe loves the ethno-Disney tunes (DNK 18, NOR 19) and she is incredibly likeable and cute.

  18. ESC song of the day:

    • I always support San Marino in Eurovision no matter what. They deserve their chance to shine for playing against such big countries and not backing out like Monaco and Andorra did.

  19. The following countries have already submitted their entries:
    The Netherlands
    Bosnia & Herzegovina
    Ukraine (DQ)

    Countries scheduled for the next days:
    Luxembourg, Monaco, Montenegro, UK, France (tomorrow)
    Australia, Azerbaijan, Ireland, Germany, Italy (Wednesday)
    Belgium, Slovakia, Sweden, Spain, Albania (Thursday)

  20. Boris Johnson moved to intensive care apparently. Wishing him all the best as well as all patients in intensive care units of course. I hope he pulls through it and comes out wiser from this adventure.

  21. That’s a nice tribute:

  22. Nice lyrics, Val!
    Oh, how small, small of a girl you were
    Oh, how early, oh early, white rose, to whom did you start to blossom that way?

  23. Who See: “Igranka” (2013) – 12th (semi)

    “OPEN a can, life is a miracle”
    (“Načinjem limenku, život je čudo”)

    • Absolutely robbed of a place in the Final imo. Fun and creative song we’re lacking at times in modern ESC. Finished 4th in the televote in that SF but somehow didn’t qualify due to the stupid voting system that year.

      • The voting that year was awful and definitely a reason why people are now vrry dubious with svt power over the ebu. We still dont have the full results!?

        • Nope, no full results because my guess is Denmark didn’t win the juries or the televote if it had been the system used any other year post-2008. Which now doesn’t seem anything bad since we’ve only had 1 winner take top place in both sets of votes since 2014, but would have been even more scandalous back then imo.

          2013 is prolly the second worst year of the 2010’s imo. Denmark was always going to be the safe winner, as it was a safe entry itself in a year of not much quality.

        • Also I just noticed something I had forgot. Spain finished last with both sets of the vote in 2013, yet somehow didn’t finish last overall. Ireland finished 14th with the televote and 23rd with the juries, yet finished last.

    • This is actually one of the best Montenegrin entries ever sent…

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