Eurovision Home Concerts – Episode 1

Eurovision 2020 – No competition this year! So a lot of projects were put on the table, from different broadcasters. BBC, Stefan Raab or SVT have planned some sort of recognition for this year’s entries. Meanwhile, “home concerts” are posted on the contest’s official youtube page.

What do you think of these different projects? Which one do you want to follow the most?

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732 comments on “Eurovision Home Concerts – Episode 1

  1. Loreen: “Euphoria” (2012) – 1st

    “Tonight, tonight eternity’s an open door”

    Note: 3 of the wining songs from Sweden include the word “OPEN”: “Euphoria” (2012), “Fångad av en stormvind” (1991) and “Diggi-Loo Diggi-Ley” (1984), with Loreen’s effort being the one with the highest % of points.

  2. We are sorry to announce our 4th DQ: Slovakia.
    There is not a single occurrence of the word “OPEN” (or any other derived forms) in the lyrics of the songs from Slovakia.

  3. Debbie Scerri: “Let Me Fly” (1997) – 9th

    “I will find the keys that open the gate
    Of my dreams” (2x)

  4. “Marian van de Wal: “La mirada interior” (2005) – 23rd (semi)

    “OPEN one by one the doors of the treasure
    OPEN your heart to the world”

    (“Obre de bat a bat les portes del tresor
    Obre el teu cor al món”)

    • One of the worst cases of a song rewamp ever.

      The original version was excellent. It can’t be found on YT anymore, but I have it!
      It was around number 10 in my 2005 ranking (and that was imo a very strong year).

      As if studio rewamp wasn’t bad enough, additionaly, the live was a total disaster.
      Such a pity….

      However, it does remain my second best Andorran entry ever.

      • I always listen to sense tu from Andorra. Great song and singer, maybe wrong staging, also 2004 first entry sure I understand from ESC friends in Andorra/Catalonia was an important event in expanding importance of Catalan language

    • I liked this entry but the performance was very poor.

    • I am still listening to the studio version but the live performance was a perfect example of something going pear shaped. :(

    • One of the backings is Anabel Conde, but I still don’t know who even after seeing it lots of times.

    • Oh nice, I like this song a lot… by this time, she was even my number one… over the years, she dropped a little, but it still does quite good in my book…

  5. Valentina Monetta: “Maybe” (2014) – 24th

    “When it’s time
    To OPEN the heart of love”

  6. So idk in all this quarantine madness I am atm going back to watch some recently uploaded contests from the official Eurovision youtube acc starting from 2009 and upwards. 2009: So short lol, Like last years was 4 hours and this was only a little more then 3. Solid contest, like the interval act with the splashing ladies, which I had totally forgot happened I liked even if it gave in to my slight phobia of heights. The commercial entertainment was a bore and very cringy, but love the stage even if it ate some acts up, cause it was so big, but if you used it right it enhanced some performances. The hosts, well tbh pretty solid compared to other years, but still not much there. Such a boring voting segment doh :P So early you knew Rybak would win, so all in all still favors the new version. However the 2009 voting was exactly as long as the new voting segments, which was an observation I made. 35 min for jury and 13 min for televoting in 2019 (48 min) and about 50 min all in all in 2009.
    Here is my ranking watching it back now:

    1. Portugal
    2. Iceland
    3. France
    4. Estonia
    5. Ukraine
    6. United Kingdom
    7. Turkey
    8. Moldova
    9. Ireland
    10. Armenia
    11. Sweden
    12. Azerbaijan
    13. Albania
    14. Greece
    15. Norway
    16. Bosnia & Herzegovina
    17. Malta
    18. Romania
    19. Russia
    20. Finland
    21. Montenegro
    22. Andorra
    23. Israel
    24. Macedonia
    25. Germany
    26. Belarus
    27. Switzerland
    28. Denmark
    29. Hungary
    30. Lithuania
    31. Serbia
    32. Cyprus
    33. Spain
    34. Croatia
    35. Poland
    36. Belgium
    37. Latvia
    38. Czech Republic
    39. Slovenia
    40. Slovakia
    41. Bulgaria
    42. Netherlands

    I still after all of this time, dont really fancy the winner entry this year that much, I still see it as a solid tune hence the top 15 placement, but still. The only one that should have qualified me thinks is easily Ireland, sucha nice tune still after all this time ^^ My favorite is of course the lovely Flor-de-lis, such an incredibly beautiful tune with so much heart and emotion! <3

    • I however remembered they had different hosts in the semis and that they were pretty cringy, but I was only watching the grand final so those were the hosts I meant.

    • I downloaded the album Flor-de-lis came up with after ESC 2009. :) <3

    • France (1st), Estonia (2nd) and Bosnia (3rd) are my huge standouts, all three could top my 2008 or 2007 lists! Norway is my 4th, best of the rest, it’s catchy as hell I will forever remember the minute we heard it when NRK released its songs and that beforehand people expected “Butterfly” to win and it smashed everything. Then a lot of good entries: Portugal, Armenia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Moldova. However, I do not get Ukraine, Turkey or Greece at all. We do have the same bottom 2 but in reverse. Bulgaria was hands down the worst and one of the worst ever.

      • For me I never understood the love for Lithuania and Switzerland here on ET, average vocals at best and imo pretty boring songs, but I will give it to you that they at least have different approaches both vocally and compositionwise.

        Well Greece is just a good song nothing special really, but Turkey and Ukraine have really good performances and a lot of charisma on stage and I do think they both have incredibly catchy songs.

        I think a lot of songs were the worst of the worst in 2009, like my whole bottom 4 were less then a 1/10 and anyone of them could have switched position with each other tbh but Netherlands was the only one I couldn’t finish watching the whole way through so they took the bottom placement for me easily.

  7. ESC song of the day:

  8. F.L.Y.: “Hello From Mars” (2003) – 24th

    “Your eyes were OPEN wide”

  9. Jurij Veklenko: “Run with the Lions” (2019) – 11th (semi)

    “If you wanna see, just OPEN your eyes
    If you wanna breathe, let’s go outside in the OPEN
    Out in the OPEN
    If you want a voice, just OPEN your mouth”

    Thank you, Sheldon!

  10. Sebalter: “Hunter of Stars” (2014) – 13th

    “No, OPEN the door” (5x)

    Thanks again, Sheldon!

  11. Aurela Gaçe: “Feel the Passion” (2011) – 14th (semi)

    “I’m like an eagle in the OPEN sky” (2x)

    • Perfect example of how a revamp can ruin a good song.

    • Very boring, almost melodyless, and the English revamp was bad and the live was awful. Another one we knew would win FiK long ago before it started only to crash in esc as expected. Disappointing year for Albania, and for the huge name doing it for them!

      • Most people thought Alban Skenderaj and Miriam Cani would win that year though. One person dropped out beforehand cause they alleged it was decided that Alban/Miriam would win. It was kind of surprising Aurela won, despite her obvious big name.

    • A song from Albania’s dark years in ESC.

    • Never really liked this but Aurela is fantastic live. Song didn’t do her justice though, she’s had much better. And the English-Albanian mux was weird, should have just leaned on the ethnic element and kept it 100% Albanian

  12. David Civera: “Dile que la quiero” (2001) – 6th

    “If you see her, remind her that she has
    The doors of my heart wide OPEN”

    (“Si la ves recuérdale que tiene
    De par en par las puertas de mi corazón”)

  13. This song is the beginning of Dimitris Kontopoulos’ love affair with esc. His entry “Mia Stigmi” sung by Yiannis Vardis was the runner up of the Greek NF 2003. The guy below left playing the bass is the ERT president:

  14. OMG OMG I’m a bad ESC fan, i forgot to watch the 2nd semi! :( :( :(
    The one where i voted as jury! :((

    Here are qualifiers from the 2nd semi:

  15. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I want Aksel Kaankaranta in the final!!!!!!! :mad::mad::mad::mad:

    I REFUSE to vote in the final as juror now! GRRRR!!

  16. 2nd episode of Eurovision Home concerts was today feat. Jamala, Dadi, Gjon’s Tears, Aksel, Montaigne,Vasil and Leonora.

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