Eurovision Programme Planned?

Eurovision 2020 – The EBU has just issued a statement saying that although there will be no competition this year, it is exploring the possibility of putting out a programme to showcase this year’s songs…

Here’s the statement in full:

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  1. Spanish PreParty Update: The representatives of Australia, Croatia, Germany and Ukraine will be part of the online concert. That makes 12 so far with Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Romania and Sweden.
    April 11th, 22:00 CET on Youtube.

  2. The would-be esc version of France 2020:

  3. This is what the final of my own version of BONF looks like, if you wanna weigh in and vote let me know!

    • A nice top-10 overall.

      • It’s not actually a top, this is just the running order. Voting is open until 20.00 CET

        • I made a quick top-10 if you want to add it :P
          1.Switzerland-Repondez Moi
          2.Anna Bergendahl-Kingdom Come
          3.Iva-Oculis Videre
          4.THE ROOP-On Fire
          5.Milan Bujakovic feat. Olivera Popovic-Niti
          6.Giordana Angi-Como Mia Madre
          7.Levante-Tiki Bom Bom
          8.Hildur Vala-Fellibylur
          9.Felix Sandman-Boys With Emotions
          10.Tosca-Ho amato tutto
          Damn it was so hard.
          Honorable mentions:
          Katya Chilly-Pich
          Paul Ray-Talking In My Sleep
          Elisa-Medo De Sentir
          Shira-Out Of Space
          Monique Make Me Human etc etc

    • My version of BoNF 2020 :)

      Just missing out:
      SERBIA: Samo mi kaži – The Lift

      01 pt : MOLDOVA: Moldovița – Valentin Uzun & Irina Kovalsky
      02 pts: BELGIUM: Release Me – Hooverphonic
      03 pts: FINLAND: Cicciolina – Erika Vikman
      04 pts: UKRAINE: Solovey – Go_A
      05 pts: ITALY: Tikibombom – Levante
      06 pts: SWITZERLAND: Répondez-moi – Gjon’s Tears
      07 pts: ICELAND: Think About Things – Daði & Gagnamagnið(*)
      08 pts: LITHUANIA: On Fire – The Roop
      10 pts: CZECHIA: All The Blood – We All Poop
      12 pts: PORTUGAL: Rebellion – Blasted Mechanism

      (*) Elísabet’s Elta þig was initially my absolute favourite in Iceland but Think About Things won me over.

    • from these ten, I don’t like at least3 so I won’t vote! disappointing results considering the good songs left in the semis (but the 4 group things was very weird)

  4. RIP Bill Withers :(

  5. ESC song of the day:

  6. So I have come up with a system to assign grades to the 2020 songs:

    Lithuania, Russia, Italy
    Bulgaria, Switzerland, Ukraine, Belgium, Armenia, Malta, Belarus, Slovenia
    Greece, Germany, Iceland
    Azerbaijan, Georgia, Portugal, Serbia, Latvia, Romania, Israel, Albania
    San Marino, Norway, Croatia, North Macedonia, Sweden, Poland, Denmark
    Australia, Austria, Netherlands
    Estonia, Cyprus, Ireland, Spain, UK, Moldova, France, Finland, Czechia

  7. The swedish public will get to vote for of this year’s Eurovision entries apart from their own through the MF App in Eurovision week starting on the 9th of May. They will hold a mock final on May 14th.

    • So 41 songs in one show?

      • No spread among several days.

        • Are you sure?
          How I understood it there are two shows.


          “On Saturday, May 9, SVT’s Eurovision Week starts and first out is what is called “Before ESC” where this year’s 41 contributions are presented by Christer Björkman and comedian David Sundin. The viewers can then vote on the contributions they want to see in the final, according to a press release from SVT.

          Five days later, the voted contributions will appear in SVT again and viewers can vote again. Participants include Melodifestivalen winners The Mamas, writes SVT.”
          (google translate)

          • The Google Translate version is very accurate to the original text. The final, on the 14th, will feature the songs that are voted on earlier. However, when the article says “Starting on the May 9th”, it is unclear as to whether that means all songs are shown on the same night or spread over several nights. It could be interpreted either way. I’m sure more info will come later.

            • I read that there will be 2 nights, 9 and 14 May. During the first night all songs will be shown to the public. The top-25 will make it to the final on May 14.

    • I don’t understand why the EBU couldn’t do this…very simple idea that at least could have partially honoured these year’s songs and artists.

      Was the EBU scared of a Russia win if they went through with this type of idea?

      • No. This is a version that wouldn’t attract sponsors and I’m sure the host city wouldn’t have agreed with it. They could even use juries voting from their homes. And if the fear was that Rotterdam would lose their hosting rights they could have agreed Netherlands to host the real show-hopefully-next year

  8. The official video for Tosca’s SR entry:

  9. Relax and Stay at Home, the Koulis remix. A speech of the greek prime-minister about the quarantine set to lo-fi music:

  10. 1st episode of Eurovision Home Sessions:

  11. Ok… This is where, killing your time during the quarantine in front of your pc, can lead to… :D

    PS: There is a part 2 which I strongly suggest that you guys watch as well
    PS2: I’m literally in tears laughing watching this, I must admit :P :D

    • Come on, Oxi. You saw a hairy guy and clicked on the video. :P

    • I just saw part 2. Apart from the fact that waxing men’s chest chair is a crime against nature: Waxing over the nipple? That woman should be put to jail.

      • Well, I have a soft spot for hairy chested guys, so, I might agree with you ;)
        What I found epic in both videos is the selection of the categories (although I personally might have saved the guy in one case. I knew Edvard Benes :P ), and that death stare at his buddy :D

        • There’s nothing better than waking up next to a wild forest of follicles 😃
          I wasn’t paying much attention to the questions. In fact I was hoping the bearded guy would show some solidarity with his buddy and go shirtless, too 😏

  12. As it was expected, Dansk Meldi Gran Prix will come back next year. Ben&Tan weren’t offered a place in the final. DR managing director says they will be honored in EBU’s special program(lame excuse) and this marks for them the end of the 2020 season.

    • the Nordics, who almost all (except Iceland) were probably disappointed with their NF winners, allied to push esc 2020 off

      • Yup, the most outspoken critics to the decision have all been from non-Nordics (Czechia, Austria, Germany, Bulgaria, San Marino)

        • San Marino, Bulgaria and Germany were very clear in blaming what’s happened! it’s too bad FrTV, BBC, TVE and RAI don’t care enough to back up Germany. With two or three Big 5 it could have mattered a lot…

          • Absolutely. It’s a real pity Germany was the only one to take a stand in the matter. But then again it really speaks VOLUMES about how well these broadcasters are seriously willing to do in the contest lately….Even if Spain has decided to go ahead with Blas, I’m still not expecting a masterpiece from him next year either, and I really wouldn’t be surprised if France, Italy and the UK all ditched their representatives. Besides, and particularly for France, I’m really not expecting much for a while now. The new HoD is a head of entertainment at France 2, and this never really is good news for France. It pretty much pushes the country back to the pre-Grassi/Amir era.

      • Apart from Norway that offered Ulrikke a place at the final.

  13. Scary figures from the US. It really seems out of control there. And then there is still Africa waiting for this disaster.

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