Bulgaria: Victoria to Host Online Concert

Bulgaria –  The Bulgarian representative at Eurovision 2020, Victoria, announced today that she will host an online concert for her fans and followers on 28th March. The 30-minute performance will take place at her home in Sofia and will be streamed live via eurovision.icard.com at 19.00 (CET). Victoria will perform live for the first time her Eurovision song “Tears Getting Sober” and will cover some of her favourite songs.

The young artist will also film her first Eurovision Q&A video this week. Victoria will answer questions from fans and journalists, who will be able to submit them from Wednesday via Victoria’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

The Bulgarian delegation announced that they will contact their colleagues from other countries in order to host a similar online concert in April, which will feature performances from the Eurovision 2020 artists. On Twitter the Bulgarian Head of Press, Vasil Ivanov, wrote:

“Despite, or maybe because of, the hard times ahead we should find new ways to bring the fans and the artists closer together, as we now live under strict social distancing measures. Eurovision is all about hope, togetherness and joy and this is why we will be in touch with other delegations to host together an online Eurovision concert in April for all the fans of the contest and the music lovers around the world. Keeping our spirit high is essential part of us overcome this challenge.”

55 comments on “Bulgaria: Victoria to Host Online Concert

  1. Israeli broadcaster KAN reports that according to anonymous sources the Reference Group has decided to cancel the 2020 edition altogether and will announce their decision today…

    :'( :'( :'(

    • This really would be the worst scenario. Rumours are circulating of course, but I find very weird tyat KAN as participating broadcaster is spreading them.

    • It doesn’t make sense to alright cancel it…unlike sports competitions like Euro 2020, the satellite studios idea would probably work and not be incredibly hard to pull off. It would suck for Rotterdam given the money and time they’ve spent but extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary decisions.

      Even a postponement makes more sense right now imo as we see how the measures being taken work for the next month.

    • Bulgarian broadcaster:

  2. Are these people for real?

    • Oikotimes really got it good on the comments. They really shouid have deleted this little piece of vicious shit,

    • Weird comment, wouldn’t this be a welcome distraction for people?
      Merkel speech tonight so we can all guess what’s coming.

    • This is the worst site that relates itself to eurovision unfortunately. Tabloid news mentality, its literally “The Sun” of esc.

    • I have them blocked on Twitter but saw others commenting on it so went to look what they said. I think several sites are reporting them to EBU and asking for their press accreditations to be revoked. Not for the first time.

  3. Something nice for a change – people in Bavaria singing Bella ciao from their balconies for our Italian friends:

  4. Good for her ! Difficult times demand some creativity in one’s approach and she and her team showcase that. I hope all artists get a chance to be on the esc stage if not this year definately next year. A very unlucky situation for all of them for sure.

  5. Eurovisionfun reports that Eurovision 2020 will be postponed. It can take place between July 20 till the end of August. Most possible date is August 29. Alternative dates August 22 or September 6.

  6. On NOS now, it is cancelled for now.

    (live blog, the news is now at the topP

  7. OH NOOO

      • Outrageous decision!Obvisouly Rotterdam wants to host esc 2021. I see no other reason behind this.

        • They are entitled to host the contest but why not sometime in the whole of 2020 ? Not a single time available from July to December ?

        • Yes and with the full regular experience but it would have been fine in the fall. Now 41 artists and songs are fucked. Most broadcasters will select them internally etc

    • What an extremely sad and unprecedented decision. Esc survived through so many hardships for 64 years to be brought down by coronavirus. I understand the logistical nightmare but why not in August or September ? And what a conundrum for the broadcasters and the chosen entries really.

      • They could have found creative ways to host it without a live audience but maybe it’s they have other considerations. Sponsors, the fact it will not be financially lucrative like the real event etc.

        • That could have been a consideration. Still imo the most viable option was a contest in September or August.

  8. Official confirmation

  9. Why not use plan B??? Worst decision they could make is this.

  10. So I wonder what happens with the songs now…same artists but different songs? I know it’s the least of anyone’s worries right now, but I’d be extremely pissed as a delegation, especially if I was a contender.

    • See Lithuania,Bulgaria and Switzerland. Same artists -different songs is really unfair.I don’t understand the logic behind this decision.

    • They can stick with the same song but I do wonder how having songs that will be 1 and a half years old by the time they compete affects the contest. Selecting the same artists but different songs makes the most sense. I don’t expect any broadcaster to dare to deselect their chosen for 2020 artist it would be in really bad taste imo.

      But that creates huge problems for countries like e.g. Sweden. MF wont be cancelled because esc 2020 did not go forward and there will be a winner. San Remo will also have a winner, Eesti Laul as well. What happens with those ?

      • San Remo can have a new winner that will simply won’t go to esc. MF and Eesti laul will have to be cancelled.

        • I don’t see MF been cancelled. As important as San Remo is to Italy, MF is equally entrenched in Swedish culture and habits, it is its own contest now. It is a difficult situation for Sweden.

        • They can still hold MF, but all entrants before competing understand and know that it’s not to select an entry for Eurovision. Similar to A Dal this year.

  11. Very sad news but has been obvious for a while.
    For those complaining about why not later in 2020 the honest truth is we don’t think the Virus will be dealt with by then.

    I’m reasonably junior in working for the government but info still filters down. Even 2021 is not certain to be safe. The virus doesn’t seem to be effected by hot weather so hopes for it dying over summer are being dashed. There’s also concern that reinfection is possible meaning that vaccines/herd immunity won’t work either.

    • Why not postpone the event?
      The current situation across Europe is likely to remain uncertain for the coming months and at this stage we cannot guarantee we would be able to stage an event of this size with this many stakeholders later this year. A Contest later in the year would also reduce the amount of time the winning broadcaster would have to prepare for the following year’s competition.

      Could you not have held the contest without an audience?
      We are carefully following the advice of the relevant authorities to protect the health and wellbeing of all citizens. Dutch restrictions on gatherings of large numbers of people and international travel restrictions mean that holding the event, even without an audience, is impossible at this time.

      Why couldn’t you have held the show remotely?
      It’s in the DNA of the Eurovision Song Contest to bring delegations, artists and fans together in one place and provide an equal platform for all artists to compete together on the same stage and the same opportunity to shine. We felt that under the extreme circumstances we face this year, organizing the Eurovision Song Contest in another way would not be in keeping with our values and the tradition of the event.

      The unique format of the Song Contest as an international live event means that it is not possible to identify any realistic alternative. We therefore have no choice other than to cancel the show.

      Will the selected artists be able to perform their songs next year?
      This is to be discussed with the Reference Group and the participating broadcasters and a decision will be communicated later.

      • The answer about remotely hosting the contest is less than convincing imo although I do understand the spirit and believe that this part was about The Netherlands and their broadcaster wanting to claim their right to host a fully fledged event.

  12. Sad but expected due to the expected chaos in the coming months (which, not to take CoV likely, I tend to think will have a worse impact than the virus). The reasoning against having the show with remotes is flimsy to me; maybe they can do sth. similar and call it a unity concert rather than a competition. Presumably we will get Live Aid scale events once the dust settles.

    • Agreed, their reasoning on that question is weird. It’s not like ESC has always been this huge event in a big arena with tons of flag-waving fans throughout its’ history…I don’t see why they couldn’t do the remotes idea. Would some broadcasters have an advantage in that scenario? Sure, but some broadcasters already have an advantage in normal ESC with their money/resources. I really think the remotes idea could have worked, and the viewership could have been even better.

  13. OMG our worst fear came true..

    If the contest is to be held next year then the same artists and same songs should be going..This would be the only fair way!

    • I agree…however it would be weird to discuss and debate the same songs for such a long time.

    • No same songs doesn’t really make any sense – in some countries like Italy, Sweden or Lithiuania there’s huge awareness of the songs and I don’t think people there would be happy to see themselves represented with a year-old song that may also be musically out of date then. Would also severely dampen enthusiasm in the bubble, which is small but has an important multipler function and generates much of the excitement on location.

  14. Also would be interesting to know, if the same songs are allowed are the participating countries set to be the same. Ie if Montenegro or Hungary wanted to return in 2021, will they be allowed to do so?

    • Not decision yet about this. Apparently they are going to discuss those matters in separate meeting in the future.

  15. Well what can I say. My thoughts go to each broadcaster and delegations who tried really hard this year, especially those who worked for gold. I hope EBU wave the rules and limitations with regards to song publication and allow all selected songs to participate next year. It will be a great pity if Iceland, Lithuania and Bulgaria are deprived from their chance to win for the first time and Switzerland after a long time.

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