Eurovision 2020: Spanish and Israeli Pre-Parties Cancelled

Eurovision 2020 – As the Coronavirus spreads around the world and is labelled a pandemic, and Europe becomes the epicentre, the Spanish and Israeli pre-parties have become the latest victims. Both have been cancelled for 2020. Riga had already announced it would not hold a party this year.

The London Eurovision Party issued the following statement yesterday:

The Roop from Lithuania has already cancelled their appearance in London, and if predicted rates continue it looks like the London Party will also have no option but to cancel. UK press are today reporting the UK government will move to the next stage of mitigation and stop all public gatherings for more than 500 people from the end of next week.

With central Europe heading towards Italy-levels of infection in the coming weeks, it looks more and more likely that Rotterdam 2020 is in serious jeopardy. The EBU released the following statement:

“The EBU is closely monitoring the situation concerning the spread of the coronavirus and keeping abreast of the latest advice and guidelines from the WHO and national health authorities.

“We are working closely with Dutch Host Broadcasters NPO, NOS and AVROTROS and the City of Rotterdam to explore different potential scenarios for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020.

“However, with 2 months to go until the 3 live shows on 12, 14 and 16 May, and a rapidly changing situation both in the Netherlands and the countries of the participating broadcasters, it is still too early to make any final decisions.

“With this in mind, we’re continuing to work together as a team on preparations to host the 65th Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam.”

It is understood a decision will need to be made in the next couple of weeks before the stage building begins. Rotterdam’s Mayor wants a decision by April 6th.

Plan B looks to be that the show will still be broadcast, as long as performers are well enough, with countries performing and broadcasting from studios in their own countries.

UPDATE 15th March:

The Netherlands has extended bans of large gatherings until April 6th which means Eurovision in Concert pre-party in Amsterdam on 4th April is now in doubt. The organisers say…

“The ban on events has been extended until April 6th. At the moment we are checking all possible options around Eurovision in Concert. As soon as there will be more information, we will of course report this as soon as possible.”

In addition Victoria from Bulgaria has tweeted the following today:

“With heavy heart I have to confirm that I will not be doing any of the stops of my promo tour for #Eurovision 2020 in London, Madrid and Amsterdam in March and April. In times like these we need to be responsible for our health and the people around us and to be disciplined. My team and I will use the time till I arrive in Rotterdam to prepare and focus on our vocal and staging rehearsals for the contest. #Eurovision is giving people hope since 1956 and the event is the highlight of the year for many people around the world. I can’t wait to perform Tears Getting Sober on the #Eurivision stage in Rotterdam in May and to sing in London, Madrid and Amsterdam the first opportunity I have. #StayHome #StaySafe”

UPDATE 2 – 15th March


This afternoon the Dutch government decided to extend the ban on events involving more than 100 visitors until Monday, 6 April. Therefore, Eurovision in Concert 2020 won’t be able to take place on Saturday, April 4.

It goes without saying that the health of our visitors, volunteers and participating delegations is our main priority and therefore we will fully respond to the measures taken by our government.

It will take some days for us to figure out all other possible options. For those of you who bought tickets for the concert; you’ll hear from us on a short term.

Warm regards and stay safe 🙏,

Team Eurovision in Concert.


UPDATE 3 – 16th March

London Eurovision Party is postponed.

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552 comments on “Eurovision 2020: Spanish and Israeli Pre-Parties Cancelled

  1. And Biden pledges he will pick a female VP, confirming what we already generally expected and dashing the hopes of the Buttigiegs and Bookers of the country. So who are we thinking it’ll be? I’m seeing Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Stacey Abrams, Gretchen Whitmer, Catherine Cortez Masto, and Tammy Baldwin as the most talked about names.

    • Harris and Klobuchar seem like they’d be ready to take over on Day 1 if need be. I have a notion he might pick a Latina (Cortez Masto or NM Governor Lujan Grisham) since he also promised to nominate an African-American woman to the SC. Abrams is a much-hyped but unconvincing choice, having been a state rep. I wish Warren were younger since she would be great on so many levels.

        • The blink at the end is cute; it’s like IMRI but with a really bad hair problem ;-)

          • I find him very cute, it helps his French is adorable

            • Of course you do ;-)
              Are you doing Ok en guerre I hope? I assume this means we’ll go into lockdown in a day or two. Might get some reprieve because social distancing is sort of the German standard…

            • France is en guerre :p But we’ll grow stronge as a nation out of it, said Macron O:)

              I’m already annoyed. So much work that’s very irrelevant work (changing one format to another, learning new softwares etc)

            • Macron’s speech was quite dramatic – he’s so sexy when he projects “I’m in charge”!
              While I don’t think we should downplay CV like UK and US still do, I’m quite shocked that leaders everywhere are willing to crash the world economy, suspend civil liberties to an unprecedented degree and very few people seem to disagree with this?
              The rather rapid shift to doing everything online sounds like a nightmare to deal with, sorry :-(.

            • yeah it’s awful coz, seriously, French univiersities are retards on that regards… we always knew it and always thought we’d go by regardless and now…

              Macron was hot tonight, with his finger ring :p

            • I noticed the ring, too!

            • that’s an argument my bf had (I simply can’t get myself to worry! I find it overly dramatic): if these liberal leaders agree to crash the economy, it has to be serious lol

            • It’s so odd to me – obviously Crédit Agricole or Lufthansa will get bailed out but you have millions of jobs in shops, bars, restos, etc. that will just disappear and a lot of those businesses are likely to go under. It’s nice that there are guaranteed lines of credit and tax delays but a lot of small businesses just dont have margins where they can survive that for very long. I’m also wondering how people will react if these lockdowns are extended past two weeks, especially those who lost their jobs and can’t look for a new one. It seems the “cure” is worse than the disease in many ways.

          • I think the hair is so cute :P

        • Since when you are into chubby brunettes?

      • Warren would be my dream pick for him and would actually get me to actively support him. I think her age is definitely a big barrier considering how concerned people are about Biden’s own age and health, but moderates barely ever have any interest in unifying; he’s basically pledged that he wants his VP to be similar to him ideologically, which shoots down any possibility of a Democratic unity ticket. Katie Porter is quickly becoming my favorite politician and my choice as the future of the progressive movement, so if Biden ended up picking her that’d probably be my dream come true (after Warren).

        I think Michelle Lujan Grisham would be a great choice considering she still has some progressiveness in her (she launched a plan to introduce tuition-free public universities in New Mexico), but I think she’s more of a less likely contender as Cortez Masto seems to be the biggest name of the Latinas. I’m not opposed to Cortez Masto as there isn’t much about her out in the open that makes me dislike her, but she wouldn’t particularly excite me besides the fact it’d be a woman we’re getting.

        I used to be a big Stacey Abrams supporter but in the past few weeks I’ve started losing a lot of respect for her. She is so opportunistic and just wants to get herself in the spotlight, whoring herself out to every media outlet. First she was eating out of the palm of Biden’s hand to become his VP, then when he started faltering and Bloomberg came into the picture she rushed to The View and every other media outlet to talk about how we shouldn’t judge someone for buying their way through the primary (even though her whole platform is about ensuring fair elections), conveniently after he donated $5mil to her organization, she is a sell-out and I don’t think someone whose highest elected office is Georgia State Representative would be fit to take over as president on day one like Biden has promised.

        Harris and Klobuchar seem like the two most likely picks, especially considering they have the most name recognition now as well. I don’t think Harris promises as much reward as Klobuchar would though; Biden can carry African-Americans on his own and California isn’t a competitive state, Klobuchar can bring suburban white women and can speak to the midwest, two things Biden may struggle with. Plus, her endorsement is honestly what won him Minnesota over Sanders. Plus, Harris wouldn’t endorse him before Super Tuesday and then Sanders ended up beating him in California; I don’t think Biden liked that.

        I’ve seen Kyrsten Sinema tossed around as well as she’s a conservative Democrat who is young, attractive, and can carry a swing state, but the more I’ve read about her the more she appears like an anti-establishment Tulsi Gabbard type who someone like Biden would never swing. She endorsed him but I’ve read profiles about her that mention how she refuses to endorse Democrats in tough races and likes to hang out with Republicans more than Democrats, she isn’t very well-liked within the party and brags about how she doesn’t care.

        • The main prob with Warren is “two old white people” – unfortunately, I agree! I’m with you on Abrams having turned into an attention whore and she’s arguably even less qualified than Buttigieg was since she never held exec office. Sinema no way (I lived in AZ for a bit and still have friends there); she’s quite opportunistic and started off left-wing then shifted more and more to the centre as she eyed statewide office. Which I’m glad she won but no to her as VP. Biden will want someone who’s ready and who he’s comfortable with so I’m with you on Klobuchar and Cortez Masto who is a Harry Reid protegé and similar in experience to Harris.

          • Yeah, I thought it’d be a no from me for Sinema, so glad that’s validated now. Just a shame because I’ve seen a lot of her senate floor looks and she’s so glamorous, plus her office is so nicely decorated lol. I suppose my top three (realistic) picks would be Lujan Grisham, Klobuchar, and Cortez Masto, but I suspect this to be between Harris, Klobuchar, and Cortez Masto. But who knows, sometimes these things can come out of left field. Who expected McCain to pick Sarah Palin?

            • Yes and the Palin picked worked so well ;-) I mean here’s someone who was on several reality shows afterwards – a springboard to the presidency!

            • Sarah Palin will always be my dream Republican candidate for any office. Let’s bring back the era of Tina Fey SNL parodies and politicians we can laugh at without leaving a sense of immense dread inside of us.

            • Indeed… and best of all, Tina didn’t even have to write much; apart from “Im can see Russia from my house” most of her Palin lines were taken directly from the white trash barbie’s mouth. She did accelerate the monsterfication of the Reps though; she was quite nasty and used a lot of dog-whistles.

            • The Palin SNL skits are truly some of their best, and I think they did a number on ruining Palin’s future in politics. The other week she was unmasked on the newest episode of our version of The Masked Singer. For just a moment the entire country stopped panicking about coronavirus and laughed at Palin once again like it was 2008. Maybe she’s the unifying, tension-relieving figure we need?

            • LOL love it thx! The fact people thought she could be Tina Fey, that costume and even in that she had those bitchy cheerleader poses! I find Ken Jeong sooo annoying (but Nick Cannon is super sexy!).

            • The fact they guessed it was Tina Fey was so hilarious, I couldn’t believe it. I love Ken since I was a big fan of Community ~10ish years ago, but I definitely do agree Nick is gorgeous. I also have a soft spot for Nicole Scherzinger, the Pussycat Dolls taught 8 year old me how to be a sex bomb. Don’t know why we’re still giving the atrocious Jenny McCarthy a platform though.

            • I LOVE Community, one of my fave network shows ever! That’s why I hate him though; he just didn’t fit the rest of the cast at all… they used him OK in small doses but the episodes where he was at the centre were usually cringeworthy for me.
              Which character would you be? Of course I want to be Jeff but I’m chatting about Community at 4:45 am so I’m def more Abed.

            • Lmaoo Jeff was one of my first TV crushes I can remember, such a gorgeous man and boy did I love his attitude. I’ve only ever had one friend who also watched the show and he described me as mostly Britta with some Jeff and Annie thrown in at various times; not sure if that’s something to be proud of but I don’t think I can really deny it. So true though that Community is one of the best network shows; they just don’t make shows like that anymore. Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 is one of the few other network shows I remember loving as much as Community.

            • I’m obviously such an Annie… Jeff was pretty hot, way hotter than “fat” Chris Pratt who took the Starlord role in Guardians when it should have been him

            • I would have loved to see Joel McHale becoming an action star. He’s gorgeous and really proved he could handle it considering Community tackled pretty much every genre known to man. I loved Chris Pratt on Parks and Rec, but since his big rise to fame he’s given off too many douche vibes to me.

              Agreed though, the early seasons were the best. As it went on and cast members (and writers) started leaving it began to lose its spark, but still I’ll always cherish it. It’s one of my dad’s favorites too, we always watched it together when I was younger.

            • He is a douche. And I always thought he was the weak link n Parks and Rec anyway

            • (pff Penguins quits too early on Community chat during the night). We had long Community chats back with Ivan when he was around. You didn’t meet him I think he was gone before you joined. Mixology was his fave episode I reckon

            • I just rewatched Community recently but I can’t even think of what my favorite episode is. I do really love the Dungeons and Dragons one, the one that all takes place in a video game is another favorite.

            • Sorry, you Britta’d that!
              I like Superstore among the current network shows – it’s got a great ensemble, very funny but also topical and doesn’t fall into the usual network patterns of either “lots of white people and one minority” or “family of color” – not my primary consideration to watch it but it’s a nice bonus that fits the show.

            • I can’t even think of any network shows that I’m still watching. I think Saturday Night Live and, as much as I hate to admit it, The Bachelor(ette) are the only two things I watch on network television. Everything else for me is streaming now.

            • Yeah I stream or DL the shows I’m interested in (which means I have tons stored I’ll prob never watch). Superstore – which you might like tho it takes a bit for the ensemble to really click, they’re amazing now! – and clicking for the good SNL clips are the only network shows I can think off of the top of my head. Oh, and guilty pleasure I check out Austin 911 on and off because it has Rob Lowe AND he has gay son AND it’s set in Autin so it has a huge guilty pleasure factor for me.

            • I’ve seen some stills from that Austin 911 show (my grandma watches it lol), and hell yeah Rob Lowe and his son are both very very hot in that. I’ll check out Superstore, I’ve heard of it but never gave it a shot due to my general distrust of network shows nowadays.

            • Superstore is a show that manages to keep getting better (like Parks and Recs but without the occasional saccarineness); they have the usual 5-6 main characters plus a huge ensemble from a different side of life. It’s def in the tradition of Cheers or Community, but much more diverse and topical.

            • I loved Community early seasons, 1-3 then it was never the same, but come on, Senor Chang FTW! the “dungeon and dragon” episode is so perfect

            • Totally agree on first 3 seasons of course! Chang like I said I find OK when he’s in small doses like in the D&D episode. Also, really, a Spanish prof should be hot like mine was.

            • Aaah just catching up on y’alls insomniac Community chat, distracted by guarding the city Batman-like against the Coronavirus.
              LOL but yes you ARE Annie and I never could stand Chris Pratt in P&R; I’m amazed he became a movie star and always expected Joel McHale to become one, he could have done anything from superhero to romcom. Show started going downhill when Troy left; Troy and Abed were probably the greatest bromance in TV history and I felt bad for Abed for weeks. Fave episode among many, and this seems like an easy call, would be the Darkest timeline one, which is super clever writing combined with DoReDos-style running around manic energy.

            • OMG YES THE DARKEST TIMELINE. How could I have forgotten that one. Definitely my favorite episode.

            • It’s really brilliant; rapid-fire dialogue and this amazing fast-paced comedy, be it the dices, getting the pizza, “I made brownies”, etc etc! And they keep referring back to it again and again in later episodes; that’s one of the things I love about Community, how they refer back to old storylines in throwaway bits. Probably part of why it never became huge but I love it!

            • The original dice one is great. But then ir gave us the worst episode ever with dark Abed et all coming to “the real world”

            • Typical sequel in other words ;-).
              Dark Abed was a low point I agree, it seemed so cheap compared to what they usually did in even the less good episodes. Even then they did a lot of things well like having Jeff come back as a teacher but the heart and soul of the show left with Troy. I should have known you were also a Community fan!

            • Of course, Im amazing 8)

            • Totally! xx

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