Russia: Little Big Reveal Entry Tonight!

Russia – The Russian entry will be revealed tonight at 21.30 (CET). Selected internally, the punk-rave pop group Little Big, will represent Russia in Rotterdam. The reveal will take place during the talk show “Evening Urgant”. 

The band was founded in 2013 in Saint Petersburg and consists of Ilya Ilich Prusikin, Sergey Gokk Makarov, Sonya Tayurskaya, and Anton Boo Lissov.

“It was really unexpected for us,” Little Big frontman Ilya Pruskin said in an interview after Russian state television’s Channel One announced the band as Russia’s representative in the European sing-off.

“Of course we were happy when the news came. But then it got a little scary. It’s still a great responsibility to represent Russia,” Pruskin told the Komsomolskaya Pravda tabloid.

“We have huge expectations and we’re afraid of not meeting them,” Pruskin said. “I can say that the song will be fun.”

The song is ‘Uno‘:

What do you think of this entry? What are its chances in Rotterdam?

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350 comments on “Russia: Little Big Reveal Entry Tonight!

  1. Okay have just watched a premiere of Armenia…

    Good, glossy video, a bit better production..

    I hope vocals would be better live than in the NF, that is actually more important..
    So for now let it stay 7 from me.. 8 would be max I think…

  2. The guy I would prefer to represent Armenia, ETSC contestant Artem Valter did his best to save Armenia revamping the song.

    • Sadly that girl and her boots won and is high or low in peoples ratings here, for me I kind of like the girl and her boots, just the song sounds like my neighbours drill in my wall/mind!

  3. Armenia 20 – this revamp worked; it sounds more complete and I quite like some aspects of the orchestration. Just like Azerbaijan, they have to be very careful with the staging. The Armenian entry is climbing a few places on my imaginary list. :)

  4. In Macedonia one municipality where Albanians live is in quarantine from now..it is totally closed.. :(
    Because there are 10 cases of covid there..It is Debar in Western Macedonia and half of the population works in Italy and Switzerland.. I have been there last summer (Mavrovo national park) and I saw so many cars with Italian registrations..really A LOT!

  5. EBU released a statement about the ongoing situation with the coronavirus and says for now the contest is going forward normally as it is 2 months away from happening and the situation is rapidly changing. The situation will be further evaluated the closer we get to the contest.

  6. The Armenian revamp hasn’t done anything to change my thoughts on it. It’s still nice enough.

    • Well, most revamps have been awful, so at lest it’s nice to see the Armenians didn’t damage their entry !

      • Actually in the end, and my final judgement on the songs. Couldn’t give a a f*” who wins, like anybody I would dare invite to a euro party this year zero, nobody, if it happens, no 1 Lithuania!

  7. On Armenia revamp: Here’s a revamp I expected to be done well and it has been done well. It sounds much more impactful and the composition is closer to modern female rap, although the 2 minute to 2:30 minute mark is empty imo. I think this is the SF2 closer and it has a good chance of going through.

  8. My Semi 1 Running Order:

    1. Sweden
    2. Slovenia
    3. North Macedonia
    4. Australia
    5. Ireland
    6. Lithuania

    — break —

    7. Belarus
    8. Russia
    9. Belgium
    10. Cyprus
    11. Romania
    12. Israel

    — break —

    13. Ukraine
    14. Malta
    15. Croatia
    16. Norway
    17. Azerbaijan

  9. My Semi 2 Running Order:

    1. Austria
    2. Poland
    3. Greece
    4. Estonia
    5. Czech Republic
    6. Serbia

    — break —

    7. San Marino
    8. Moldova
    9. Iceland
    10. Finland
    11. Denmark
    12. Bulgaria


    13. Latvia
    14. Portugal
    15. Georgia
    16. Switzerland
    17. Albania
    18. Armenia

  10. Armenia revamps succesfully. Sound and the whole production is now richer and more nuanced. I like it a lot!

  11. One comment on youtube about this entry I laughed at:

    ESC: you can have no more than 6 people on stage
    LB: we have 6.
    ESC: no you have 7
    LB: uno, dos, quarto, cinco, seis


  12. wow Armenia has the best out of all revamps! :o

  13. The Russian official video has more than 7 million views in less than 24 hrs?

  14. All comments on yt video are about Chubby guy! :D
    They can be gold for Russia this year, but how to put him in performance when then there are 7 persons? :/

  15. Should I give the Russian song a second chance?

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