Portugal: It’s Elisa to Rotterdam!

Portugal – RTP, the national broadcaster, concluded its search for the next Portuguese entry with the grand final of Festival da Canção 2020, which was hosted tonight. It was won by Elisa with “Medo de sentir“!

The show tonight was hosted at Coliseu Comendador Rondão Almeida in Elvas by Filomena Cautela and Vasco Palmeirim while Inês Lopes Gonçalves was in the greenroom.

This was tonight’s line-up is:

  1. Filipe Sambado – Gerbera amarela do sul
  2. Jimmy P – Abensonhado
  3. Tomás Luzia – Mais real que o amor
  4. Elisa Rodrigues – Não voltes mais
  5. Throes + The Shine – Movimento
  6. Kady – Diz só
  7. Elisa – Medo de sentir
  8. Bárbara Tinoco – Passe-Partout

Results were determined by a 50% split between jury and televote. Juries gave a landslide win to Filipe Sambado and only had Barbara Tinoco, huge favorite going in, 6th overall. The story of the night, as it happened in Finland as well. Now that Filipe was only 7th with televote, it felt like everything was possible, but Elisa, second to both sets of votes, won overall, above Barbara, who won the televote, and Filipe 3rd.

What do you think of this entry? What are its chances in Rotterdam?

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572 comments on “Portugal: It’s Elisa to Rotterdam!

  1. On MKD. It isn’t the dance floor banger (or should I say bop these days?) I was hoping for, but I enjoyed listening to ‘You’ nevertheless. At least it isn’t another emotional ballad/mid-tempo song with pompous lyrics. It just wants to be 3 minutes of light-hearted fun, and that’s exactly what it is. I also like the combination of ethnic elements, tango, and electronic sounds in the instrumentation. As many people have already pointed out, the video clip is ludicrous. With a slick presentation this entry might do quite well in May. Good luck!

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