North Macedonia: Listen to ‘You’ by Vasil

North Macedonia – The official video for ‘You‘ has been released by North Macedonia. Check out the song by Vasil now…

Vasil was selected internally. Here’s the entry:

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418 comments on “North Macedonia: Listen to ‘You’ by Vasil

  1. The Netherlands will perform 23rd in the final.

  2. Even though, 2nd semi looks weaker 3 of the big favorites are here:

    • Other than that it does feel like an open semi though. Switzerland, Iceland and Bulgaria are most probably through barring any big surprises.
      Portugal, Georgia and maybeeee Moldova (?) are out and the rest is an open field.

    • Here’s a video recaping all the songs:

      Latvia really stands out in the second half

      • For better or worse. Lol

        • I like it :)

          The first half has a surprising number of retro uptempo songs – San Marino, Serbia, Austria, Iceland. Geece to an extent (reminds me a lot of the 2000s sound).

          • It does. Armenia is actually very lucky to be alone among the ballads in the second half. Even if they put her early, she has the last word on all the uptempo entries and with a much more contemporary sound.

            As for Latvia, I don’t think it stands out at all in this back-to-back and I say that even though I don’t mind the song. The only ones that really stood out for me were Bulgaria and Switzerland.

            • As its official bandwagon chauffeur, I may be overrating Latvia’s uniqueness in the line-up. Still, it, Armenia and Denmark are the only non-ballads in that half, but Armenia easily takes the cake for the most attitude. Latvia wins on zaniness at this point in time (though too much of it may prove to be its downfall).

              It’s a hard running order to make for both halves, and I sure am glad I don’t have the job! I agree on Bulgaria and Switzerland being stand-outs, as they should be. Perhaps my favorite two entries this year.

            • Malta got last with Triana Park

            • Latvia was last with Triana Park :)

              I never cared for that song. It felt six minutes long and very one-note.

            • that’s what I meant LOL (I was writing Maltese article at the same time lol)

            • We appreciate your hard work, Morgan :)

    • Re semi 2 – the night is dark and full of terrors.

    • Too many uptempo numbers to cancel each other out in the first half. Armenia is much luckier in the 2nd half.

  3. I read an interesting article earlier this morning on how bookies predicted the right winner ONLY in 2 NFs this year (NOR and ISL!)

    • In Vidbir especially Go-A were given only a 1% chance *last out of 6 entries !!!

    • However, the article only mentioned the NFs of ITA, NOR, UKR, EST, ISL, SWE, FIN and DNK (where Human was predicted as the winner after the live)

  4. Damn! I’m now in self- quarantine! :-(

    • Really? Why?

      • No worries, just immunizing myself against most of this year’s songs! :-( ! Must be PTUMKD!

        • LOL

          • U are known as toggie right? Then there is a guitar, Dimitri, Donnie?, a PJ, mermaid, just getting to grips with names here! :-)

            • Yes, and many more. :) And Marko is whatever nick he chooses for the season. Luckily, it is easy to spot him by the way he’s phrasing his comments.

            • Yes I think I got Marko, very passionate from Serbia?!, and a few Greeks?
              And Alex in NY, we seem to get on well! Mermaid is in Turkey? BTW I am known as Daf

            • Hello Daf. And don’t forget Avat, Elmar, Lina, Martin, Hjallis, the Penguin, Dom, NIklas, Goran, Xello, Razvan (where is he?), Shevek etc. and our lovely hosts Morgan and Hulluna. :)
              I hope to see some others back once the ESC season begins: Lina (2), Rosalina etc.

            • OK thanks, some of those names ringing bells here! I’m daf as in dafydd (David in Welsh) Welsh is actually my first language along with English of course! :-)

  5. I don’t remember Sweden so low in betting odds since a very long time (currently 10th).
    Also, Superg!rl, given the “Dream Team” behind, is relatively low, if we take into consideration how Greece 17 started as #3 (that was before the reveal of This is Love though). But the last 3 years, GRC is in #10-15 betting odds territory anyway…
    The only reason Germany is not higher this year is because of the singing voice/charisma of Ben which are BEL 19 level imo…

    • Plus we haven’t seen or heard the live yet…

    • Could Sweden finally be doomed?

      • I had a friend tell me today that we’re bringing a sound that hasn’t been heard that much in ESC before *facepalm*

        I immediately cited our entry from last year and AUT18, should’ve mentioned Netherlands this year as well…

        • Glad Mamas have whipped up some MF mass psychosis 😃 The biggest problem for me is that it’s diluted version of Too Late for Love and that’s easily pretty close to nothing. There really wasn’t much to copy and so we entered the territory of copyright free music in the sound banks. It’s really sad and I am gutted. I stopped watching after SF three, it has never happened before.

          • I prefer “Move” to “Too Late for Love” – it has a better melody and more real emotions from the performers. That being said, neither one really stands out for me.

            And now Malta has brought a better version of our entry! I could see us getting our lowest result since 2013 this year…

            • Yes, they have and yes you will. Auto jury love really must reach the end of the road now. Little bit of crash landing would only do Mello a favour. It has basked and lived mildly successfully with jury love for too long now.

          • Oh, and semi 3 was really bland. I don’t blame you. You have to check out “Carpool Karaoke” if you’re an old Nanne if you haven’t already. It’s petty bad in the context of a contest in 2020, but it’s a nice throwback as a Nanne song :)

      • They will stay in the semi imo.. The semi1 is already full

    • After being burned with Greece two years in a row I guess bookies are keeping well away. Recent history plays a big role in the odds.

      I do think that Greece is among the ambitious ones this year, especially since there is a lack of other entries in the “thunder and lightning, let’s bring the house down” department . On the other hand nobody can say that they will not flunk the whole thing (Getter Jani and her lame magic tricks comes to mind for the staging). Or perhaps there are elements of the package that really rub people the wrong way (that vuvuzela siren or the Degrassi High music video).

      • Can’t blame them, Greece has obviously lost it’s it factor they once had. Greece is just another country for now and don’t get any boost in the odds.

        • I agree it is just another country that carries no special “cache” (these things come and go and other countries do better based on recent record). What I don’t know is if that’s actually hurting their ability to measure the package’s chances this year or they have it about right.

          • Who knows. Odds tend to find contenders after whole line up is revealed, but Fuegos still happen when rehearsals starts. Can’t see that happening with school girl doing sexy woman’s song, but still wouldn’t read too much at the moment in lower half of top 20. They still got Finland there which kind of says it all.

      • As long as you keep sending boring women, this will continue – it’s the German model for failure!

  6. Hmm:

  7. I wonder what’s the story behind this: :(

  8. Regardless to my negative emotions towards our Beyonce wannabe…. some professional revamp and work on the performance – it can do quite well in it’s semi. Though deep inside I still want an asskick for Public TV, our Eurovision team and public TVs director.

    • Am afraid Armenia’s song is in my bottom 5 at the moment, only her boots save her from my bottom, I’m in UK and believe me eurofans here are equally frustrated with our national broadcaster ( well some will always scream for a UK win, Europe against us, brexit etc, they are mainly Scooch fans!)

    • I think she’s more of an Ariana wannabe – and I’m quite happy with the semi; this will def qualify with the right revamp, back-ups and choreo.

  9. Malta… bland, uninteresting but well polished and produced song. Overall it seems to be spiritual continuation of Sweden.

  10. Maltese song is like much better version of Sweden.

  11. Malta is a full on banger ! Really like it. And I can only imagine given Destiny’s capabilities what will happen live.

  12. I see that Malta has finally mastered the courtesy to let us commoners know their song. ;)
    First of all, I am happy that it isn’t the Disney ballad so many expected. Instead it’s a pleasant pop-gospel song that is extremely catchy and gives me good vibes galore. Considering the force of nature we know Destiny to be onstage, I expect Malta to be a jury favorite this year. It is a dead certain qualifier imo and I am 100 % sure that my parents will love it. Good luck!

    • Would u go so far as a potential winner? Some pity votes for Malta trying so hard all this time?!

      • I wouldn’t say no way to a possible win. Considering that the song is very catchy and that Destiny is a charismatic live performer with a great voice, Malta might do well in televoting too.

        • Tbh I don’t find the song catchy at all, don’t even remember it right now, now cicciolina…let’s not go there!

          • I have been humming the Maltese song ever since I listened to it. :)
            But of course nothing can compete with Cicciolina when it comes to being catchy …

            • You’re right but I now feel I may have been brainwashed into a Finnish concept I can’t escape from! BTW where is LuBu u mention in yr comments?

            • It’s the former residential town of the Kingdom of Württemberg: Ludwigsburg. We have a famous castle (plus 2 smaller ones), a strong basketball team and the only German city centre that is entirely in Italian baroque. We also have a Welsh twin town: Caerphilly. Where in Wales are you based?


            • Actually I work now in London for my job, for many years working in transport safety, I was born near here too, my name comes from my Welsh parents, who moved here but we always speak Welsh at home, to keep up welsh language!

            • Thanks for the link, I had the chance to work in Cardiff before London, I often visit wales to visit all my family, it is such an unexplored tourist destination, so many beautiful places to visit!

            • I visited Caerphilly on a 2 week school exchange in the 80s. Loved the West Coast of Wales. :)
              Btw, Cardiff is Stuttgart’s twin city.

      • Don’t see a win, but I think a Top 10 maybe even Top 5

  13. Where;s Russia? Are they aiming to be last?

    • Maybe they “got wind” that ESC will be cancelled this year so don’t care, I fear at the moment it will be with everything going on, why would they allow an event with people arriving from around the world congregating in one confined space when they are cancelling everything else with even fewer attendees?!

      • They should make plans for hosting the contest without an audience, not cancelling it and probably stop selling tickets. It would also be good if they brought the orchestra back for compensation, like in the danish NF. When things change, it is an opportunity to do them differently that what we’re used to.

      • Thank God Italy didnt win last year after all, would definitely be cancelled then. The whole north is in quarantine

        • Tbh I feel ESC will be cancelled, or so EBU don’t lose money, everything online

        • Completely insane hysteria – let’s collapse the global economy and kill millions of jobs because of a respiratory virus.

          • God’s wrath, I feared this was on the cards as soon as Raylee wasn’t selected for Rotterdam.

            All seeing all powerful being supposedly, well then lets give him something to watch!!!

  14. First draft of a Top10
    * disclaimer: from #5, and for the moment, I can’t honestly say I like the entries…
    1. Italy
    2. The Netherlands
    3. Bulgaria
    4. Georgia
    5. Malta
    6. North Macedonia
    7. Belgium
    8. Germany
    9. Lithuania
    10. Sweden (?)

  15. On Malta. What can I say. That’s a younger version of the Mamas. It is OK but it doesn’t deserve the praise people are giving it. Destiny will do really well with juries but the public may not follow suit.

  16. Grrrrr this Destiny is here just to ruin it for The Mamas, with worse entry.. :(

  17. So, it’s RUS vs AZE who made it to the super-final in the “Attention Seekers'” contest :P

  18. Germany at 16/1 odds to win 👀 👀

  19. Bulgaria now leading the odds to win. Iceland drops to 2nd place. Time for a second celebrity-tweeting wave?

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