Sweden: It’s The Mamas to Rotterdam!

Sweden – It’s the most anticipated National Final within the Eurovision Fandom and it concluded tonight with the grand final. It was won by The Mamas, last year’s backing singers, with “Move“!

Twelve acts took the stage at the Friends Arena in Stockholm and competed for the chance to represent the country in Rotterdam. This was tonight’s running-order:


Then we got the juries, who had Mamas and Dotter tied in first place, Felix 3rd twelve points behind, Anna 4th. But then televote kicked in, in the esc reveal order (which makes it very hard to know what’s televote’s ranking). It appears that Hanna was 3rd there! Shocking reveal as The Mamas won televote by just 1pt with 72pts to 71pts!

What do you think of this choice? What are its chances in Rotterdam?

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101 comments on “Sweden: It’s The Mamas to Rotterdam!

  1. Great singers, a cliche song…
    Good luck

  2. I dreamt last night that Anna had won the close voting by one point, and we would be sending something really uptempo this year. Then I woke up and remembered that The Mamas did that instead, lol

  3. Hm, I didn’t like them much last year and they had a way better song back then. The next very mediocre package…
    I wasn’t exactly a fan of Dotter, but I would have chosen Anna, Felix, Hanna or Robin over her – not the Mamas… With this result, I wish back for a Dotter victory…
    At least, they won the televoting, so it doesn’t feel as unjust as Finland or Portugal…

  4. Where’s the chorus? ROFL
    Ok song elevated by very charismatic performers. That’s all!

    Another disappointing year in MF. They are not only recycling same artists and composers but songs are totally plastic and uninspired as well …

    Now that the season has just reached an end, here’s my ranking of all National Preselections :

    HaShir HaBa (ISR) : 6.75
    Romania Selects : 6.40
    DMGP : 6.30
    Vidbir : 6.06
    Australia Decides : 6.00
    Beovizija : 5.88
    UMK : 5.83
    San Remo : 5.71
    Söngvakeppnin : 5.70
    FiK : 5.65
    FdC : 5.43
    EMA : 5.42
    MF : 5.39
    Szansa Na Sukces Eurowizja : 5.33
    MGP : 5.28
    Pabandom Iš Naujo : 5.25
    Supernova : 5.22
    Dora : 5.06
    Eesti Laul : 4.75
    Eurofest : 4.17
    Depi Evratesil : 3.75
    O Melodie Pentru Europa : 3.63

  5. Lol my theory is that they went for the most consciously “non-competitive” package, the only one without the usual MF bells and whistles, just their voices, the performance and a death spot in the running order. Their parting gift to Christer… Other than that, it is an even inferior version of what Sweden sent last year, with a “chorus” of oh-oh-ohs and a guy in a tight T-shirt nowhere in sight. Like something out of a very cheap Motown musical… The fact that they go for “diversity” picking harmless gospel-pop every year smacks of racial tokenism as well. When they send an aggressive, edgy black hip-hopper, I might believe they are interested in actual contemporary black culture.

    My ranking:

    1. Lithuania
    2. Italy
    3. Switzerland
    4. Βelgium
    5. Ukraine
    6. Bulgaria
    7. Greece
    8. Armenia
    9. Germany
    10. Slovenia
    11. Belarus
    12. Serbia
    13. Georgia
    »» 14. Portugal
    15. Latvia
    16. Romania
    17. Albania
    18. Ιceland
    19. Ιsrael
    20. Norway
    21. Croatia
    22. Poland
    »» 23. Sweden
    »» 24. Denmark
    25. Australia
    26. Austria
    27. Netherlands
    28. Estonia
    29. Cyprus
    30. Ireland
    31. Spain
    32. Moldova
    »» 33. Finland
    34. UK
    35. France
    36. Czech Rep.

  6. Aggressive like this?

    Or what about a kiddie?

  7. Where are the remaining entries ? How long do we have to wait ? Always the same countries waiting until the last minute

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