Poll: Should it be ‘Freaky!’ or ‘Obsessed’ Performed in Rotterdam?

pollPoll – San Marino has now launched its online voting page to decide which song Senhit should sing in Rotterdam. You can vote for one of two songs; ‘Freaky!‘ or ‘Obsessed‘.

You can listen to both songs and vote HERE until midnight on Sunday.

Which is your favourite?

34 comments on “Poll: Should it be ‘Freaky!’ or ‘Obsessed’ Performed in Rotterdam?

  1. ET Twitter Poll has Freaky in the lead quite quickly but not by huge amounts: 53% v 47%

  2. They are more or less on the same level. I went for ”Freaky”.

  3. Obsessed.. Freaky is so annoying

  4. Voted for “Obsessed”. “Freaky” totally got on my nerves.

  5. I’m hoping for Obsessed. As I’ve written below the other article, it’s the kind of pop song, I was waiting for… unobtrusive and with a solid chorus…

  6. Freaky as expected is super annoying so I picked Obsessed. Both sound like something Britney could have sung 20 years ago – what a waste of a singer, too bad.

  7. I am not really interested in any of these songs; I voted for ‘Freaky’, because ‘Obsessed’ is even less interesting. Good luck, SM!

  8. :'(
    “Obsessed” has an Italian version since September:

  9. “Freaky” is catchy but utterly enervating.
    “Obsessed” is more mainstream and maybe a tad boring but I prefer it for sure. Voted for “Obsessed”, I expect “Freaky” to win easily.

  10. And now Mikolas Josef in his insta stories is promoting the icelandic entry in what really seems a payed promo. He hasnt even talked about listening to any other entry this year.

    I hate this. I totally hate this.

    • Richard Armitage the actor was tweeting about it the other day. That’ll be Richard Armitage that is currently promoting his latest series The Stranger on Netflix….

      I’m sure some people jumping on the Iceland bandwagon genuinely like it, I can see the attraction, but I’m sure lots of them are getting to hear of it due to the Netflix push. Hmmmm.

      • If Iceland wins televoting this year we are entering very murky waters if more people start going down that road imo.

        • Iceland won’t Serbia will.
          Just as Norway did last year.
          Fans want real Eurovision back.

  11. Two very safe songs. I voted for ‘Obsessed’ even though I believe that ‘Freaky!’ might be the better choice result-wise. Good luck!

  12. Did anyone post NED2020 first live ?

  13. Freaky is catchier and will be more memorable in May so best chance to qualify

  14. Freaky is very obnoxious and the obvious Italian accent makes it sound even worse. Obsessed is better but still it’s pretty much just a mass manufactured pop song that would’ve been a deep cut on like a 2010 Lady Gaga album. Don’t like either of them really.

  15. I really can’t decide which song is more irrelevant. :(

  16. Could she throw English translation into the bin and sing Freaky in Italian. Anyways nothing interesting here aswell

  17. Think she will represent them in 2021 as well. On her site after you vote it says

    “Sign up here and you will receive an exclusive gift voucher for the San Marino “”2021″” kit – YES WE SEN”

  18. Can’t decide.
    Freaky is more distinctive, Obsessed has a cool electro bridge…

  19. Both a great :o I prefer “Freaky!”

  20. Mehhh.2 rather anonynous entries.

  21. “Freaky” is really annoying. “Obsessed” is nothing exciting but a nice listen. Wish she would send the Italian version instead or at least make a bilingual version.

  22. 24 hour ET Twitter poll result:

    Freaky! 46.7%
    Obsessed 53.3%

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