Bulgaria: Listen to ‘Tears Getting Sober’ Now

Bulgaria – Victoria, who will represent her country in Rotterdam, has revealed her song, ‘Tears Getting Sober‘. The song is written by singer-songwriter and Borislav Milanov, Lukas Oscar and Cornelia Wiebols from Symphonix International, during a songwriting camp in Vienna in January.

Victoria says about ‘Tears Getting Sober’:

“I can’t wait to perform ‘Tears Getting Sober’ on the Eurovision stage on 14 May. The song is very personal to me because it tells a story about overcoming your fears and pain and moving forward. We don’t speak often about the mental health problems the our generation faces and this song aims to inspire them and to give them hope.”

In 2020 Victoria will be one of the official European ambassadors of Earth Hour on 28th March.

Bulgaria will compete in the second semi-final of Eurovision 2020 on 14th May. Watch the official video now:


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81 comments on “Bulgaria: Listen to ‘Tears Getting Sober’ Now

  1. I just heard it and it’s great? I don’t pick Billie whatever sound in this at all? Just a genuinely good song, that’s not trying to do anything esc, except that it has a very distinct sound and style (which is actually doing esc, but smartly). Love it!

  2. After Italy, the Netherlands and Georgia, this is the 4th song I engoyed listening to. All the rest is simply not for me and could not even listen until the end.

    • Finally someone else who makes me feel less picky hahaha! Apart from Italy we have different songs but I only have 4-5 I like and yes, a lot I couldn’t stand listening to till the end or was too bored to. And I haven’t felt compelled to DL anything yet either (other than Cicciolina, which may or may not be going).

      • What are your other 3 or 4? Italy and?

        • Lithuania, Iceland, Be,lgium and – don’t laugh! – Armenia.

          • Oh no… I think I would like Lithuania if it wasn’t in English… As for the other 2,i think I survived 15 seconds of Belgium, but only 5 of Armenia…

            • LOL I’m as sucker for Bondish ballads so I was predestined to like BEL… ARM starts off boring but gets better; the live was terrible of course; they’ll pimp it up I assume.
              Of your faves on the other hand I don’t get NL (nothing seems to happen) and Georgia (unpleasant bf)… BLG I don’t actually mind but it doesn’t captivate me either. So much is just kind of there this year which in a way is worse than the love-hate songs.

            • So let’s just “fare rumore” together! 😁

            • Certo, bello!

    • I’m surprised you could listen to Georgia til the end. Sure I like the rockish sound, but the lyrics were a huge turn off for me. Except it gave us good excuse to compare perfume. Anyway I’m the one you all want to smell like :p

      • I wasn’t paying attention to the lyrics 😂

      • It’s the toxic boyfriend song.. Acqua di gio or Armani Code for me btw; I had missed the Eau de CGN discussion.

        • I wore Rive Gauche by YSL for years. Now I’m at Spice Bomb lol

          • Eau d’Issey has some nice ones, too… and last time I was on Capri I bought a great one, it was a bunch of local flowers and some sandelwood – gotta look for that online, it’s pretty much gone and I’m just sticking with the bottle.

  3. I realised I never scored Bulgaria. I read so many comparisons btw (50s, 60s, La la land etc) but the vibe I get is fully Billie Eillish, really current and contemporary. It misses that tiny thing that would put it in my throne room for now but it’s on the doors knocking and the live may put it in – 8.9/10 and 3rd place on my list.

    Good luck !

  4. Beautifull, magical, emotional…
    With 9/10 it goes straight to first place on my 2020 list.

    No words…

  5. One of the better entries this season. Good luck.

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