Poll: Who Should Fly the Flag for Iceland?

Poll – As the deadline for song submissions fast approaches, Iceland are one of the countries having a national selection this week. Five artists are up for the prize. Four qualified from semi finals and one was a wildcard

The five songs can be heard by clicking on the link next to the artists.

Nina was named the wildcard after performing in Semi Final Two. The rules on the selection was that they had to perform in Icelandic but in the final, they could decide to sing in English instead% Iva and DIMMA will be the only performers to keep it in Icelandic.

Ísold & HelgaMeet Me Halfway
Daði & GagnamagniðThink About Things
Nína DagbjörtEcho
IvaOculis videre

Who would you like to see represent Iceland in 2020?

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526 comments on “Poll: Who Should Fly the Flag for Iceland?

  1. I like this year so far:

  2. Busy 4 days ahead with UK, Germany tomorrow and the release of the israeli songs, Belarus and first semi in Serbia on Friday, finals in Estonia, Moldova, Croatia and Iceland on Saturday and Greece, Romania and Serbia on Sunday.

    • I am very interested in what UK will offer this year; as well as Gemany; both being among my favourite ESC countries (historically; not so much in recent years).

      On Saturday I am mostly interested in Moldova and Iceland, but I will also peek at finals in Estonia and Croatia (although the outcome of that one is pretty clear; I think).

      On Sunday I will be busy, but anxiously waiting to see what Romania will choose; very good songs there.

      • I have higher hopes for Germany for sure. It is a bit or miss country with mostly hits.
        On Saturday I am watching Eesti Laul definately, it is one of my favourite nfs and has a good line up. Moldova apart from questionable song quality suffers a lot from bad streams as well so I ll see if I can follow.
        I don’t know what to expect from Croatia or Serbia so I am curious.
        And of course I am waiting for the Romanian NF anxiously – songs are indeed great !

    • Hoping the other big 5 redeem the others.
      Israel seems interesting on paper with fair amount of allegedly diverse entries
      Estonia eh
      Iceland, Dadi or Iva I’m fine, but more so for Dadi
      Moldova, we’ll see
      Belarus all for VAL
      Serbia, I’m obsessed with Oci Meduze, and it has a shot. Hurricane is too cheap
      Romania cannot get it wrong, I think Cherry Red is the way, but Disaster and Alcohol are great too.

  3. Lithuania already in early stages of planning to host in 2021. Vilnius and Kaunas are both willing to. They’re really trying to win this year.

  4. Benjamin Dolic rumored to be the German hopeful for Rotterdam:

  5. Getting ready to listen to the UK entry soon!

  6. James Newman is with ”My last breath” that has been posted above.

    • Totally forgettable again.
      Had to click 3 clips to find one that wasn’t geoblocked so also great job on promotions.

      • It is slightly better than last year’s but overall they are the same thing. It safe to say UK is again bottom 3-5.

        • Agree… at least the singer does not look as distractingly tragic as last year. Not trying to be mean there; the look and lack of styling are literally the only things most of my ESC friends here remember.

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