Ireland: ELM to Rotterdam?

Ireland – Rumors are growing in the community that RTÉ is about to reveal (on Friday to be exact) that they’ve internally selected the band ELM to represent them in Rotterdam. The band’s new song, “Golden” is coming on on the 21st as well, so it’s a match!

We only got a few hints so far from RTÉ and from Philly McMahon, their creative director for the next Irish entry, but it’s a LGBT act and there’s four of them as dropped in this hint:

Dublin based band ELM fits the description perfectly. Moreover, broadcaster RTÉ is working with their radio station 2FM which has been promoting ELM a lot. The four member band got headline news with their hit “Concentrate” that tackled transgender issues. It was 2016 and celebrated the with the 1 year anniversary of the Gender Recognition Bill.

Now it is said around, and we won’t reveal our sources, that RTE is dropping the news this Friday, which is also the due date of ELM’s new song release “Golden“:

Is this a credible rumor? If so, what do you think of this choice?

711 comments on “Ireland: ELM to Rotterdam?

  1. Hanna Ferm stage descriptive:

    Two plexiglass walls with lights and smoke in them

    Music video feeling (?)

    Smoke from 4 sources


    Turquoise and purple

  2. Drama in Beovizija starts, this entry will probably be disqualifie.
    Autonomous Women’s Center Calls For A Disqualification Of An Entry In Beovizija!


  3. Donnie where are you? I am almost stalking you. Guess what :)

  4. The ESC YouTube channel has put out a recap of all entries so far

  5. Watching Armenia 2020 again.
    What’s it with the awful sound every year in Depi Evratesil?! :o

  6. Go East, go West, home’s the best. Grmpf!

  7. First reviews for Hanna Ferm’s “Brave” call it quirky pop, very “Ava Max or Marina and the Diamonds”. Staging is very video-esque.

  8. 3 more songs this weekend… Ukraine, Slovenia and Poland

  9. Im at the Comédie Française to watch Angels In America, in a shorter version approved by Kushner himself. Directed by movie director Arnaud Desplechin. Hope it’s good.

  10. According to the press Brave is “Eurovision-pop” with some unexpected twists.
    Aftonbladet also think international fans will like this, however they are not blown away by the song..
    The press is quite positive for Victor Crone – “Troubled waters”.. :O
    This is getting more and more interesting.. :O

  11. Just listened to Dadi Freyr for the first time. I wonder, should this win, if it will fight for the same voters as the Lithuanian song.

  12. The press on 4th MF heat:

    Frida Ohrn – it reminds of ‘Ashes to ashes”, generally a country song , it should be in the TOP 4 of this heat

    William Strid – bland song, weak

    Nanne Gronvall – mix of rock and schlager, it hardly can go DTF, but not boring, by any mean..

    Victor Crone – Fantastic EDM with country vibe Avicii-style, better than “Storm”, DTF is expected

    Ellen & Simon – very good song, reminds of ‘Shallow” AC is guaranteed, DTF is very possible Interesting is that Paul Rey is among songwriters

    Jakob Karlberg – a solid pop track, Nane Gronvall is a songwriter

    Hanna Ferm – great pop number, mix of Marina and the Diamonds and Ava max. It will be huge battle between Anna, Dotter and Hanna

    I really don’t see sometimes point of other MF contestants, those who are not hyped several months in advance.. :/

  13. https://eurovoix.com/2020/02/19/eurovision20-shorter-opening-ceremony-no-jokes-for-2020-contest/

    I read the original interview today, it is rather long with lots of details. There will be lots of old winners, live and in prerecorded clips. A.o. Lenny Kuhr, Getty Kaspers (Teach In), Anne-Marie David, Niamh and Ruslana. They will make sure that also the older contests will be represented.


    • And I was wondering how come we did not hear from Ruslana yet

    • So our hosts may be ad libbing.
      If done well, this can be great but it is by no means easy. If it doesn’t work it will fall flat. Mind you many of the scripts have been a bit flat anyways.
      Personally I like ad lib thrown in so am intrigued to see what does develop.

  14. I dunno why is my comment what Press thinks of MF 4th Heat under moderation.. :/

  15. Finally I got to watch and listen to the Vidbir 2020 finalists.
    My ranking:

    01. GO-A: 8.5/12
    02. KRuts: 7.5/12
    03. Tvorchi: 7/12
    04. Khayat: 4/12
    05. Jerry Heil: 2/12
    06. D. Axelrod: 2/12

  16. 1 Dotter – Bulletproof 18% 4 3.9 3.8
    2 Hanna Ferm – Brave 17% 4.25 4 4.4
    3 Anna Bergendahl – Kingdom come 17% 4.25 4.05 4.6
    4 Victor Crone – Troubled waters 7% 10 11 13
    5 Ellen Benediktson & Simon Peyron – Surface 6% 14 11 4.2

    Ellen and Simon jumped so much on betting odds after press reaction! :O

    Maybe they will go DTF instead of Victor Crone… goosh, who knows..

  17. Kasia Deren will have a song in Polish language in the final, title “Ufaj mi”!
    Here is the snippet:

  18. The tickets for the FdC 20 final are sold out after 10 hours of business. How things have changed. :)

  19. 8 former winners part of the show this year:

  20. I have just read this: ‘Britain is losing it’s marbles over Brexit.’ ROFL

  21. Moments of the 2016 contest. First time I saw some of that footage:

  22. Offtopic, Yael Naim (ETSC runner up) new song:

  23. This was the most entertaining debate I’ve ever seen. They were really going at each other, it was insane. From a completely non-biased perspective, Warren was the clear winner. She turned aggressive tonight, and I think it was totally what she needed. Every good moment I can remember came from her. She singlehandedly murdered Bloomberg tonight (she basically got him to admit that he was a sexual harasser on live TV, I mean), and proved that if we nominate him we are simply nominating another Trump.

    Buttigieg and Klobuchar seem like they really hate each other. I thought Klobuchar was going to punch him in the face during the discussion about her not knowing the President of Mexico’s name (“are you calling me DUMB, Pete!!!,” and then the ensuing screaming match). Both of them are in the danger zone considering non-white voters respond to each of them the worst, and they need to broaden their coalition. However, I don’t know if this is gonna happen now. They could have just canceled each other out, it seems they both got under the others’ skin just a bit too much and it exploded in both of their faces. Also interesting that Klobuchar is getting a lot more scrutiny for her upsetting record on race as the chief prosecutor of Minneapolis – refusing to prosecute any instances of police brutality and killings by police officers, locking up an African-American teenage boy for life with insufficient evidence, etc.

    Biden had one of his best debates yet, but it wasn’t even because he performed well. There was a new public enemy #1 in Bloomberg, and when they weren’t going for Bloomberg they were targeting the new frontrunner Sanders. Up close, that looks like a good thing for Biden, but looking at the big picture, it just makes it even more clear he is no longer the frontrunner. He had extremely low speaking time and faded into the background a lot, but when you’re as poor a debater as Biden is, that might just be a good thing.

    Sanders is another one who kinda faded into the background. Even though he’s the frontrunner, he wasn’t the major public enemy here. All the attacks that would traditionally be going to the frontrunner went to Bloomberg, and that probably helped Sanders a lot. When you’re #1 on the totem pole, you need someone to knock you down. If no one is knocking you down, you’re just gonna stay up on top.

    Bloomberg is gonna hope that nobody was watching tonight, because he was annihilated. Warren came at him extra hard, but he was attacked from all directions. It’s really just evident why he’s not the best choice: he enacted a number of racist policies as mayor, he is basically a confirmed sexual harasser, he hides behind his massive wealth, he isn’t even really a Democrat; he’s literally just Trump. I don’t think his campaign is over after this, but this was a big hit for him. He needs to hope that he thinks of ways to counter all the many emerging issues people have with his campaign.

    Major winner: Warren
    Minor winners: Biden and Sanders
    Minor losers: Buttigieg and Klobuchar
    Major loser: Bloomberg

    • French news are all over Bloomberg being destroyed. But they were nicer on all others. I think here in France, with most people not looking too close yet, it’s just “anyone but Bloomberg” for now, as it was “anyone but Biden” before…

    • Bloomberg was easy to stomp through given his baggage, the way he conducts his campaign which focuses on everything else but him and the fact that it was his first presence in a debate while everyone else knows how to work the stage with the same people at this point. I am not 100 % sure though his voting base cares about much that went on tonight.
      Sanders may have not been attacked that aggressively but Warren, through her attacks on Bloomberg was aiming more at Sanders’s voters rather than Bloomberg’s imo to come up as the better and more combative progressive alternative who is going hard after the billionaire.
      I am perplexed by Klobuchar’s and Buttigieg’s option to go for each other’s throats here tbh. Attacks on everyone else would make more sense if they want to make inroads with voters of colour and even more with moderates.
      Warren needed a good debate and if this one was a game changer will become visible in 2 days. Sanders has the momentum now though and she should have also been a bit more combative towards him

    • Here’s the best case scenario for me:
      1. Sanders wins the Democratic nomination and beats Trump in November.
      2. Late 2023 he announces he will not seek re-election.
      3. The Democrats elect AOC as their nominee.
      4. November 2024: AOC wins the presidential race.

      #sciencefiction :P :D

      • What a dream that’d be lol. I don’t have enough faith in my country though to elect a woman who is also Latina and left-wing though lol, too many checked boxes that scare people.

  24. Offtopic, finally caught up with Armenian lives:

    01 Agop – Butterflies: he seems like a nicec guy, it was one of the “better” songs (even if very repetitious) but this live was… not good? vocally awful and no directions on stage, nothing really to convey anything. In the end, they all had fun and they still seem like a nice bunch of people. But it wasn’t good overall.

    02 Karina EVN – Why?: everything about this makes you question your real existence as an esc fan. Unlike the first entry it had some directions, problem was it was so poorly executed in every way…

    03 Music Hayk – What It Is To Be In Love: both first ones were very amateurish but this reaches new levels and I thought the song would never start and I think he really forgot to “sing” the song and wanted way too hard to “perform” the emotions

    04 ERNA Tamazyan – Life Faces: the first decent singer of the night! it’s an ok song, it has its moments, but I think it needed more spunk in the performance. As is, it looks and feels amateurish, something’s lacking and the song’s slipping from her. She’s ok, the song’s ok and together it feels poor.

    05 EVA Rida – No Love: my fave entry in audio, but this isn’t really well performed or sung… not the worst of the night of course but she has trouble carrying the notes and her performance is lacking a lot of energy or sense of a purpose of some sort…

    06 Athena Manoukian – Chains On You: I get that I’m not fan of the genre to begin with, but fans of the genre seriously think it’s not subpar to everything it tries to resemble? it’s so cheap and tacky I’m surprised it’s not bottom of everyone’s list. Plus it looks very amateurish! I guess people are happy they got their slutty entry of the season. I could really go without

    07 Gabriel Jeeg – It’s Your Turn: you’re gonna say I’m crazy but I don’t hate this ahah! the song’s better than I remembered and he’s fun? or he’s having fun and manages to share that with us! sure it’s amateurish as all others, but in this one it feels less awkward!

    08 Sergey & Nickolay Arutyunov – Ha, Take a Step: if you’re looking for a definition of “smug”, this video will turn up! this was so immensely annoying, shouty and almost trying to insult me directly, insult us all by trying to watch this… I think the younger one (the song I reckon?) is ok on his own, but apparently he has a father who forces him to scream at you for no apparent reasons (he was much better by himself in the “Arcade” reprise)

    09 Miriam Baghdassarian – Run Away: Levante’s secret past lol. No seriously she’s pretty good vocally, and trying her best performance wise, also, one of the rare good looks of the evening! just a boring song that doesn’t know if it’s a ballad, raw, powerful or pop… overall an uneven package but not the most unpleasant one of the night

    10 Vladimir Arzumanyan – What’s Going On Mama: one of the most professional ones of the night, with a rather good and charismatic singer who thought out the entire look/performance… too bad the song’s awful

    11 Arthur Aleq – Heaven: Ireland mid-00s is that you? it’s a very irritating song overall but it has its moments (the chorus with “heaven” repeated is not one of them) he’s just so poor vocally and the overall feel is so amateurish, you giggle a little (also would think he’d be Oxi’s type)

    12 TOKIONINE – Save Me: another one that overall felt the most professional, which means here a decent performance, a thought out look and a match with the song. However, while this performance made me hear the song differently, in the end I still didn’t care for it much. The song’s one of the best ones on offer, but well I find him weak vocally and not charismatic at all in order to deliver everything he tried to…

    The best live of the night (which shows that Miriam is the best of them all):

    Well I would have gone for Erna or Miriam I think. Vlad, Eva and Gabriel are also above Athena for me in the end, so she’s my 6th of this very poor bunch, and my last so far of esc 2020! Good luck in Rotterdam.

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